I can’t believe how many papers I accumulated over the past few weeks as I was setting up this blog and www.observationmountain.com. Every time I signed up for something I would get more information I needed to keep track of. i.e. User names, passwords, procedures, emails, printouts of information I want to read at a later time, etc… the list goes on.

What I did today was grab a handful of plastic sheet protectors, and a 2″ three ring binder. I sorted through all of the papers and in each plastic sheet protector, inserted information pertaining to each company I have been dealing with. I also inserted extra sheet protectors, as I know the mountain of papers will be growing as I expand into blogging.

My next step will be to get page dividers and then sort the information by “section”, and by my blogs. By the looks of it, I will probably end up with ever more blogs, so I feel it’s best to get a handle on the paperwork now. I had been jotting down alot of notes also, so as time permits, I will transcribe those notes and add them to my binder. By setting up my binder, my desk looks alot neater, and finding information is so much easier.

Hint: Do yourself a favor, before you start blogging, get yourself a three ring binder, some plastic sheet protectors and page dividers. As you print off information, place them in your binder so that you don’t have to shuffle through mountains of paper to find what you’re looking for. Also, keep all of your hand written notes in the binder as well.

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