Unless you are keeping a personal, shopping, or photo blog, most visitors are on your site for one reason.

Think about this………

A visitor really doesn’t care about the “name” of your blog.

Visitors to your site, don’t care if your “theme” reflects your message.

Most visitors don’t care if you’re site shows pictures of movie stars, or your Momma.

Your visitors certainly don’t care, that you’re trying to make money with affiliate marketing. And…they’re not likely to click on the ads that you do show.

Probably none of your visitors concentrated on keyword density, to find your site.

Most visitors to your site, have no way of knowing that your site has 1244 incoming links, and/or 987 comments. Does it really matter?

Your visitors could care less about your Google page rank, or your Alexa rating.

Unless you tell them, a visitor won’t know if you’ve written one post, or 923.

And…are you fooling yourself into thinking, your visitors really care that you have 3244 visits a day, with 8298 page views? Not!

Some of your visitors can’t tell if they are on a “website”, or a “blog”. And…they don’t care to know the difference.

Many of your visitors will never take the time to learn about Technorati, Del.icio.us, Digg, Fark, Stumble Upon, etc…and/or RSS feeds.

Let’s face it…..the majority of your visitors are readers. Readers who want to read what you have to say.

Your visitors end up on your site because of a search, or a referral. What do they find when they get to your site?

Do they find a bunch of flashing banners ads? Do they find pictures of who visited you last? Do they find a page filled with Google skyscraper ads?

Chances are, your visitors did not do a search for “flashing banner ads”, “Flickr photos”, or “Google skyscraper ads”.

That’s not what they came to your site for. They came to your site, as a result of searching for something to read.

So, the question of the day is, “Is what you write credible?” “Is what you write, factual?” A lot of people trust what they read online. Have you done your research?

When you’re writing your blog posts, you know it’s all about “content”. But…..

…..remember, without readers, your blog is nothing,

Are you giving them, what they’re looking for?

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