Sitemeter is one of many statistical data reporting services for bloggers and webmasters.

When one of my “Blogging Buddies”, mentioned they were using Sitemeter, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasently surprised at the detailed information Sitemeter provides.

Sitemeter contains:

1) Updated stats which shows “who’s on”

2) A map of where your visitors are coming from

3) A traffic prediction based on your current traffic trends

4) Recent visitors, by details, referrals, location, out clicks, entry and exit pages

5) Visits for the current day, previous 7 and 30 days, and previous 12 months

6) Visits and page views for the current day, previous 7 and 30 days, and previous 12 months

7) Page ranking of entry and exit pages

8.) Navigation trends, location tracking, visitor tracking and web browsers

Sitemeter has great maps and graphs, and is a superb tracking tool to help, in watching the growth of your site.

To download Sitemeter to your site, inserting HTMl code is necessary. Once inserted, you’ll see the Sitemeter logo. (You can see mine at the bottom of this post). By clicking on the logo, you will be directed to Sitemeter.

Once you have installed Sitemeter, you can change the privacy level. If set to high, and a reader clicks on the Sitemeter logo, they will be directed to Sitemeter’s home page. If the privacy level is set lower, your readers will be able to see your stats when they click on the logo.

For a free download of Sitemeter, go to or click on the Sitemeter logo. Sitemeter also offers a “premium service” which offers additonal data reporting information, for a small monthly fee.

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  1. j2rNo Gravatar says:

    I use sitemeter, but I think I like looking at GoogleAnalytics Reports better.
    They’re free (if you’re not using them yet)

  2. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the input JR2,

    Yes, I also use Google Analytics. They’re quite informative.

    I like to experiment with different stats, however, I mostly rely on AWStats for my daily figures. I think they include my feed readers, which I don’t know if Google Analytics or some of the other stats include.

    I try not to get too hung up on the numbers, but try to learn from different features of the stats, such as what keyword phrases, or referrers are being used to find me.