If you’ve signed up for the free Google Analytics for statistic reporting, you may have noticed they now have a new beta version for reporting statistics.

I received an email from Google, notifying me of the change. When I clicked on the Google Analytics Bets Version, I was immediately confused. What did they do? But, the more I moved around the new Google Analytics beta version, the more I’m finding how easy it is to navigate.

I’m not sure if I like the “heat map” which shows were the visitors originated. That’s going to take some getting used to. Having a new site, I actually like seeing the “dots” on the old Google Analytics version. Since I like geography, it’s fun to see where my visitors are coming from. Now, until you have a lot of visitors from one state or country, the sections of the heat map are pretty light in color. But, for those who have thousands of visitors, I’m sure the old map looked like one big blob. It does seem like you have to do a lot of clicking, to get to the actual numbers by state (unless I’m missing a shortcut). But, I do like how you can pass the mouse over the map, and it gives you a read out by state or country. The information is in report form just below the map, so that’s a nice feature. Plus, I can always go back to the old version to see my “dots”, until they, too, become a blob.

All in all, I think the new Google Analytics, beta version is a big improvement. Google gets credit for listening to their users and addressing their concerns. Thank you Google!

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