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If you were to bet a blog would make it, chances are you’d lose.

The life of most blogs is short. Some claim 95% of blogs fail.

If the only reason someone starts a blog is to make money online, I can understand why they quickly give up.

But, aside from making money with a blog, it makes me wonder why bloggers not only decide to start a blog, but what inspires them to continue when the failure rate is so high.

Today’s Lesson

Like many others, one of the reasons I started blogging was to *hopefully* make a passive income. After experimenting with several advertising platforms, I quickly realized a blog wasn’t a venue I could get rich with.

But by that time, I was enjoying all of the elements of blogging, so I just kept posting.

Traffic built s-l-o-w-l-y, as did comments.

In the process, what happened was, you, my fellow bloggers, let me know I  wasn’t alone in how I felt about blogging and blogging issues.

I felt validated. Inspired to continue on.

The odds weren’t in my favor, but I have your support*.

That, is what keeps me going.

What about you?

Today’s Assignment

Why did you start blogging?

With such a high failure rate of blogs, what keeps you going?

Care to share?

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Thank you to all of you who continue to not only read my blog, but share your thoughts in the comment section. I am truly grateful. 🙂

Many people enter the blogosphere with hopes of making big money FAST. They’ve seen the book titles and claims online where others are making a six figure income blogging so they think, “why not me?”

Truth be told, it can be you.

All it takes is hours.

Lots of hours.

Today’s Lesson

In the book, Outliers: The Story of Success*,one of the items Malcolm Gladwell (the author) credits for the success of many, is how 10,000 hours of practice appears to be the magic number needed to reach our full potential.

Obviously the more time we spend practicing anything, we should get better at it.

So what about blogging?

Does it take 10,000 hours to become a blogging phenomenon?

To get a better perspective of what 10,000 hours looks like, let’s do some math.

If we work 40 hours a week (full-time), by year-end we will have worked 2080 hours. Thus, in approximately five years (5 x 2080 = 10,400), we hit that 10,000 hour mark.

If 10,000 hours is the secret recipe for success, the same should hold true for blogging.


Personally, I think it depends how we spend our blogging time and how we define success.

If we have a game plan, focus on providing quality content, have determination as well as a good grasp on our topic, know how to drive traffic to our site, are willing to experiment and learn from our mistakes, understand the workings of the internet and get our name “out there”, I think we can see success sooner.

Not only that, but if we’re told we won’t see success until we’ve banked 10,000 hours, we’re apt to give up before we start.

What say you?

Today’s Assignment

How long have you been blogging?

How many hours would you say you’ve blogged thus far?

Do you think a blogger can fast track their success or do you think a blogger needs to put in their time just like everyone else before they’ll be a blogging phenomenon?

Care to share?

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Photo Credit: Cookieater 2009

*Affiliate link

In the business world, we love receiving referrals. In the blogosphere, it’s no different.

With blogging you’ll often hear the words, “link love”, but the technical term is “referral”.

In fact, if you look at your statistics, you see a category under the same name. Click on the links and you’ll see who and how someone is linking to your blog. (These are also known as “inbound links”.)

Today’s Lesson

With traffic coming to our blogs from a variety of sources, referrals could have the biggest impact. After all, these are fellow bloggers announcing our blog, product or services are worth checking out.

These inbound links can bring us more traffic and increased sales.

Being listed in the blogroll of a fellow blogger is another way we get referrals.

Being tweeted or Facedbooked about, helps too.

Personally, I like linking to others in my posts, but let’s look at what a few other bloggers are doing.

Here’s a small sampling of bloggers who use a blogroll:

  1. Chase March of Silent Cacophony shows “Blogs to Check” in his sidebar.
  2. The Farmer’s Wife lists “People I Read”
  3. On Tammy’s Studio, you’ll find a category named “links”.
  4. Susan Deborah, over at Meanderings and Reflections, titled her blogroll: “Let us go then you and I…”

You’ll also see bloggers doing extensive (and time-consuming) list posts:

  1. Praveen of Geeks4Share wrote a post titled, “List of 60 High PR [page rank] Do Follow Blogs That Use CommentLuv

Other examples include:

  1. Gail at Grow Map, who uses Twitter to “tweet” or “retweet” the blog posts of others.
  2. Betsy at Passing Thru, includes the names of “Online All Stars” (bloggers) on her “Services” page and provides short write ups, as well.
  3. Wendi and Deb of Blue Sun Studio include links to fellow bloggers in their ezine (newsletter).

Although some bloggers feel if they link to others they’ll lose readership, I’ve found the reverse is true.

It’s all about karma and good things will come back to us tenfold.

How sweet is that?

Today’s Assignment

Do you fear linking to others will negatively affect your readership?

If not, what is your favorite way of promoting the work of fellow bloggers?

Care to share?

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P.S. This is the perfect opportunity for me to thank all of you who include me in your blogrolls, link to my posts and help to promote my blogs. I am truly humbled and honored to not only be mentioned, but to be your online friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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