As I continue to learn, I find that I’m constantly tweaking my blogs. The latest addition to my blogs is the “WP Notable” plugin from Cal Evans. By searching, I found his site at

The instructions on his site are quite self explanatory. I followed them, but did run into a few problems when I went to activate the WP Notable plugin. The problem ended up being that I wasn’t pasting the code onto the correct page, nor in the correct spot (within the “loop”).

What I did to assure that I was pasting it into the correct spot, was to go to www., and revisit the story about the “loop”. It details how the loop starts, and where it ends. The WP Notable plugin must be put in the “loop” in order for it to work correctly. Plus, it must be entered onto your “index.php” template page.

Now, I have the WP Notable plugin installed on both of my blogs. I currently have listed five of the social bookmarking sites, not knowing how my readers like to save articles they read online.

I liked the ease of installing the WP Notable plugin, and feel it’s a good addition to my blog.

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