Yesterday I wrote how we often marry our blogs, by becoming consumed with blogging.

Today, I will share time saving tips I use on a daily basis which streamline my blogging activities..

Today’s Lesson

1) Install a good spam blocker. I use Akismet, however, there are others available which will alleviate wasting time deleting spam comments.

2) With WordPress, use the post timestamp. Write when you are feeling creative, and use the post timestamp to schedule the publishing times.

3) If you have a particular aspect of your blog you want to track, check to see if there is a plugin available to do the job. A good plugin can save tons of time.

4) Check statistics no more than once a day. Less frequently is better. Stat checking can put you on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, thus affecting your creativity.

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5) Set a realistic blogging schedule based on your daily work load/home life. If need be, use a timer.

6) Subscribe to you favorite blogs via an RSS feed. Catch up on them all at once. I use Google Feed Reader and it works well for me.

7) Refrain from Stumbling or Digging posts if you are under a time crunch. Social networking can become very time consuming

8.) With WordPress, take time to watch or read tutorials. There is a great list of them published on Business Blogging 101. Understanding your blogging platform, along with all of the available shortcuts will save you many hours of frustration.

9) Set a specific time to check your comments. Use that time to answer new arrivals.

10) Leaving comments on other blogs is important, however, do not feel obligated to comment on each post. Your favorite bloggers know you have a life too, and don’t expect daily comments.

11) When researching for posts, use your bookmarking feature to save a page you may link to in the future. I often use the RSS feed for this purpose, although that’s not what it’s intended for.

12) If you are signed up for Google AdSense, use the AdSense Notifier, available with Firefox. Your earnings will show on your task bar, thus eliminating the need to check your AdSense account.

13) Use your center click (on your mouse) to open a web page in a new window. I like using the “tab” feature Firefox offers, a center click will open new tabs at the top of your screen.

14) Use a split browser to grab links. I use the one that is available with Firefox. It takes a little practice, but is a real time saver.

15) Use the Firefox split browser when answering comments. Open your blog on both halves, answering comments on one half, and use the other half to view each comment. This saves time from continually scrolling up and down the page

Today’s Assignment

What time saving techniques do you use when blogging?

Care to share?

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  1. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – these are great tips. Leaving comments is time consuming. I think when you first start out, you do need to do this more. But, nowadays I barely leave any comments – aside from on those blogs where I feel part of a community, or if I have something to add to the original post.

    You see so many comments that just say “great post” that it’s a complete waste of everyone’s time. When I first started reading blogs there were so many that I thought it was some sort of voting system.

    I do read a lot of posts, but I try to schedule a set time to do this and read them in the reader, rarely visiting the actual blog. And I only read the ones that sound as though they’re going to be interesting.

    Social networking is something that I only recently got involved in. And I think it’s important to pick only one or two networks to join. Trying to use anymore would just dilute efforts and waste time.

    I put a lot of work into StumbleUpon initially and I think once you’ve done that – eg. voted quite a few posts, got to know people and added friends, you don’t need to spend as much time on there.

    Another tip that I read on Skellie’s blog yesterday is important. Cut down on the amount of self improvement posts you read. If you read less you’re more likely to put the advice into action, instead of reading the same old stuff again, written in a different way.

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Are You Too Perfect For Your Customers?

  2. That AdSense Notifier thing sounds pretty cool! I wonder if we can sign up to receive text message alerts for when we’re away from our computer. 🙂

    Hunter Nuttall’s last blog post..Treading Water Only Delays Drowning

  3. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Getting a blog off the ground can consume a lot of time, and we tend to try and do it all. Saving time is essential.

    Aren’t feed readers great? You can scan the titles, and the first few words and decide if you want to read them or not.

    Hi Hunter,

    The AdSense Notifier is a real time saver. I haven’t checked into text alerts. Even though I have it installed, I often forget it’s there. Then I will glance at it, and realize my earnings have increased. 🙂

    Barbara’s last blog post..15 Time Saving Tips For Bloggers

  4. what statistics on #4? you mean from the hosting company to see who’s accessing your blog or how many hits you get? hmm, i never check my stats. is there a good reason to check stats? thanks. enjoy your blog.

    Natural Woman’s last blog post..We?re Not In Kansas Anymore

  5. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Natural Woman,

    Thank you for the compliment.

    Yes, the statistics from you hosting company, or from any other source you may have added.

    You’re probably one of the smart ones not to be a stat checker.

    Although stat checking is often addictive and time consuming, much can be learned from checking them, i.e., search strings used, popular posts, where your traffic is coming from, search engines, referrals or direct, just to name a few.

    Barbara’s last blog post..15 Time Saving Tips For Bloggers

  6. Ian DennyNo Gravatar says:


    As ever, you get the brain churning and thinking.

    I’ve been looking at my stats going south the last few days. Which is stupid.

    You see we all have ever-changing motivations to blog. And as I’ve said before, mine was to reach a specific audience. And because those who find me digg into the site but don’t comment, I have a challenge – lack of feedback from the intended audience.

    So I have adapted what I have started saying to suit those who visit my blog – the successful people!

    I have a business blog too, and I am passionate about that. But not as much as the one I sign my name.

    That’s personal. And I want to find people who will benefit from it.

    But I’ve changed my mind. As I do more often than most who have a clear direction and goal.

    Tonight, and I may not last (!) I have decided to be “me” far more.

    That doesn’t mean I’ve been deceptive in any way – it’s still me.

    But I’ve been reading tips on SEO (which I need to know for my day-job) and stuff on social marketing, which is all great.

    The problenm is I’ve been doing too much. That means I’m writing for Google rather than for me and others I get on with.

    So at least for the time being, I’m going to switch off, and say what I think.

    But still come back here for the wisdom and camarderie!

    Ian Denny’s last blog post..Snooker – Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

  7. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Ian,

    That’s a pretty powerful statement you’ve just made, and it also sounds like an awakening.

    Now I’m waiting to see the re-unveiling of Ian. I’m headed to your blog.

    Barbara’s last blog post..15 Time Saving Tips For Bloggers

  8. Terry FinleyNo Gravatar says:

    I like the idea of checking the statistics
    no more than once a day.

    It WILL drive you crazy.

  9. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Terry,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Yes, stat checking will drive you crazy. It’s easy to get caught up in checking stats often, then you realize they are what they are, and checking them every hour, will not change that.

    I checked out your blog, and will be back later to read more. It looks interesting and informative.

    Barbara’s last blog post..15 Time Saving Tips For Bloggers

  10. Barbara, good tips. I really like the split-browser tip, very effective. Thanks for the info!

    sterling | bizlift’s last blog post..Go Big: Free Enterprise Tools For Small Biz

  11. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Sterling,

    I love the split browser. It saves me loads of time.

    Barbara’s last blog post..And You Say You Are Not A Gambler

  12. JodithNo Gravatar says:

    Some really great tips here, Barbara. I need to go out and get the AdSense Notifier. That will be a great help.

    I’ve found that using an RSS feeder is a huge time savings for me. I have so many blogs that I follow, it’s great not clicking on them one by one. The only problem, is Google Reader keeps recommending new blogs. I have to really watch myself about subscribing to so many blogs that I don’t really take in the content of any of them.

    Jodith’s last blog post..Casual Friday

  13. John HoffNo Gravatar says:

    I’m still somewhat new in the blogoshpere. I appreciate these kinds of tips and I like to be very efficient in everything I do.

    I think I’m going to try out the Google FeedReader. It seems that’s what everyone’s using. I’ve been using FireFox Live Bookmarks for RSS.

    Also, I’m going to check out the Post Time Stamp. I don’t write articles everyday so it’s probably not as important right now, but I want to be ready.

    Thanks for the info.

    As for what I do that’s efficient (blogging or otherwise), I tend to make a list the night before and schedule what it is I want to accomplish and try to give myself a schedule (ok, let me scroll up, I think something like that was mentioned in the post — Yep!).

    I try to schedule the most daunting task or mentally challenging thing first, as that is when I’m the most “fresh.”

    John Hoff’s last blog post..The Art of Persuasion (Part 3 of 3): 7 Tips To Sharpening Your Persuasive Skills

  14. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi John,

    I use the Google Feed Reader, but now realize I have subscribed to way too many blogs. Currently I have over 200 new posts to read. There’s no way I can keep on on all of those blogs…time to start “skimming” post names.

    List making is a great way to stay on top of all of those “to dos”. I, too, tackle big projects at the beginning of my day.

    Barbara’s last blog post..NBOTW Author Exercises By Lifting Cows