When we start blogging, chances are we’ll find other bloggers who are sharing the same information we want to write about.

Some may see these fellow bloggers as competition, whereas others see the similarity as motivation to be better. To be different.

Sadly, some will be discouraged and not start blogging because they think they don’t have a chance.

Today’s Lesson

Blogs are like books.

We find dozens, if not hundreds of books on the same topic.

Each one appeals to a different audience.

In a lot of cases, the popular books are written by well-known authors or someone who’s well-positioned, such as the daughter of a prominent business man or maybe a politician.

Sometimes….a new author is discovered and becomes an overnight sensation based on their skills alone.

Starting a blog isn’t much different than writing a book.

We can find hundreds of blogs on the same topic. Some more popular than others and like books, some are authored by well known individuals, too.

For the blogger, this can be intimidating. It takes confidence to compete.

But, like books, each blog will appeal to a different audience.

Think about the books and blogs you currently read. A book and/or blog can resonate with one person, but doesn’t for the next, even though the information is basically the same.

It’s not necessarily one author writes better than the next; it’s how it’s presented. How it’s worded. And how the reader and author identify with each other.

Due to the massive amount of blogs online, some hesitate to start and may be thinking, “Do we REALLY need another blog about blogging? Writing? Poetry? Photography? Parenting?”

Truth be told, yes we do.

Considering how many blogs won’t appeal to everyone, a new blogger has as good a chance as any to succeed.

It’s all up to you.

Today’s Assignment

Even though there are many blogs similar to yours, written on the same topic as yours, why did you decide to jump into the blogging pool?

Care to share?

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Since blogging basically has no rules,
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