Today I decided to begin learning HTML (Hyper Test Markup Language).  I searched on the internet and found a great, free website,  They have a quiz you can take, which I like, so I know if I, indeed, learned something about HTML or XHTML.   

Having looked at my “presentation” – “Theme Editor” pages on this WordPress blog, I had an idea of what an HTML page looked like.  I’ve also clicked on the “code” tab when I’m posting, and noticed how that page looked different than my “visual” page.  So, after spending almost a month, both in setting up my blogs, but in micromanaging them, I wasn’t a complete novice when I started to learn HTML. 

I was getting halfway comfortable with HTML, only to find out that HTML is eventually going to be replaced with XHTML (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language).  I took at look at the XHTML online course, but after spending over two hours on HTML, I decided I would save that lesson for another day. 

From the beginning, I knew I was going to learn HTML, and now will add XHTML to my list.  The website also has lessons for CSS and JavaScript, so I’ll eventually take time to learn those as well.  Having looked at all they have to offer, I can see that to be totally proficient in computer language, it won’t happen overnight. 

Hint: If you’re like me, and want to expand your knowledge on computer language, check out the website.  It appears to be a good one. 

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