In an effort to increase traffic to my blogs, I came upon Google Analytics. It appears to be a well designed tracking mechanism. It apparently can analyze what improvements can be made to your blog to continue getting a good traffic flow, plus possibly increase your traffic flow. It also shows how visitors move around your blog (or website), and will alert you to problems your visitors may encounter as they’re navigating through your site.

I added Google Analytics to my blogs today and found it to be quite easy. I went through a few steps, and was then instructed to copy and paste a code to all of the pages of my blog I wanted tracked. They state to past it immediately before the </body> tag of each page you want tracked.

In my WordPress blog, I went to my “Presentation” section, and then to “Theme Editor”. I found every page that contained a </body> code, and pasted the code as they directed. (I found the </body> code at the bottom of the respective pages.) Some of the pages did not contain a </body> code, so I ignored those. I then went back to Google Analytics and “tested” it. On my first test, I got a warning that Google Analytics wasn’t installed. I double checked my pages, found I had missed a page, added the code, and then it tested fine. I should have my first reports in about 24 hours. It’s now showing “receiving data”

Google Analytics is also available in many foreign languages.

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