As mentioned in my previous post, I installed Google Analytics. I now have two days of stats and am very impressed with the results.

Google Analytics gives me beautiful bar and line graphs, information on my visitors and pages views, a “geo map overlay”, and a ton of reports I can generate. I’m glad I added Google Analytics so early in the game.

Keep in mind, the stats start when you add Google Analytics. I don’t believe they can give you stats for dates prior to adding Google Analytics. That appears to be the case for any stats that you activate, as my Awstats and Webalizer stats only give me information from the date I activated them.

For a new blog, or website, my stats are pretty low, but I will definitely find it exciting to watch the numbers increase as time passes.

Hint: Remember to add stats to your blog as soon as you set everything up. They will give you comparative figures as your blog grows.

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