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When I landed on this blog a few weeks ago, I assumed it was an older blog as the archives has posts dating back to 2006.

But when the author commented the other day and said she was celebrating her third month of blogging.

I was confused, so I made time to dig through her archives. It wasn’t until I read the post, Meet My New Baby Bloggling that I understood.

You see, she had been writing and posting privately, but hadn’t let the world see her work until the end of March (2009).

One of the first things that drew me into this blog was something I found in her header. There is a page titled, “Desiderata”. “Desiderata” has been a favorite poem of mine for many years. To this day, I have a copy of it on my bulletin board as a gentle reminder of how I’d like to live my life.

It starts out,

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others,
even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.

To read the rest of it, just click on the link to her page.

The author of this blog weaves stories of her everyday life with lessons from which we all can benefit and identify with. In her post titled, Guest House she starts off by explaining how she was ill and hadn’t been able to post as often as she wanted. She then goes on to share,

Writing helps the soul breathe, but blogging is a different beast. It makes me feel like a madwoman most days, swinging between highs of connection, learning, new friendships and self expression and lows of paranoia, frustration, exhaustion and queasiness at the underlying hypocrisy and unmentioned stalking and plunder that goes on in the shadows.

Isn’t that a great description of how blogging can affect us? We all have our highs and lows, days of frustration and mixed emotions.

When I read her post titled, How to Harness the Power of Authenticity in Your Writing and Your Life, the last part hit home for me. She wrote,

Be brave, be vulnerable.

Be brave enough to explore the depths, to find a way out and shine a light for others to find theirs. Don’t be scared to live, to hold out your heart in both hands like a trembling bird and say “Here I am, love me as I am or leave me.” Be more afraid to die with your song still in you, to cheat your loved ones, your readers and the world of the greatest gift you have to give. You.

What a true statement. As much as us bloggers question what our readers want from us, this is the perfect reminder all they want is US. They want us to be authentic and to share our soul. By doing so, we open our hearts and show others our originality.

On that note, I’ll break the suspense and share the blog I’m showcasing this week.

Please join me in welcoming Janice of Sharing The Journey to the Blogging Without A Blog community.

Welcome Janice. It’s a pleasure to have you here and it is a joy to read your words.

Enjoy your reign!

signature for blog post.

P.S. While there, don’t forget to download Janice’s free ebook, “Coaching Moments”

Photo Credit: Per Ola Wiberg (Powi)

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  1. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you!! I slipped into the back of this classroom late, and have been really happy sitting at the back, taking notes, learning from you and all my other classmates, so this is a huge surprise as well as an honour. And I mean that, because I’ve checked out the other folk you welcome here and think this is a great showcase spot.

    It was through you I discovered Lori’s new blog and I subscribed that same day. (She has a spot on my blog right now!) I met you through Sean and subscribed here the day I read your post about blogging addiction. I started off blogging in a great community that had already been built by people like you and your readers.

    The monthly coaching column I write for wasn’t in blog format until recently and my favourite part was always the connection I had with people who sent emails after they’d read a piece. I got myself temporarliy ‘fired’ last year (long story – integrity clash with an editor who didn’t stay long) and I was hysterical at the thought of losing that connection with readers without being able to say thank you or goodbye. That’s when I decided to dabble in blogging – for the chance to write, but also to connect, heart to heart. It took me nine months to go public!

    Thanks again, Barbara; I appreciate this. And I adore those tulips!
    .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Think Like a Black Belt =-.

  2. Chania GirlNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been following Janice for several months now and I love her! This is credit she undoubtedly deserves, and I am so pleased to see her blog highlighted here. It’s a lovely place … with a lovely owner. Janice, you are wonderful. Congratulations, my friend!
    .-= Check out Chania Girl´s awesome post: Go Ahead, Live a Lot =-.

  3. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    @Chania Girl,
    Thank you. I’m glad our paths crossed, too!
    .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Think Like a Black Belt =-.

  4. Sharing the Journey is a WONDERFUL blog and I’m so happy to see it highlighted here!! 🙂
    .-= Check out Positively Present´s awesome post: 5 ways to leave your fingerprints on the world =-.

  5. Taking the more simple and beautiful aspects of life for granted is one of my biggest problems when life starts to get busy. I just looked over at our two sleeping puppies and got a much needed warm-fuzzy boost!
    .-= Check out Kevin Sandridge´s awesome post: Florida Mortgage Update: Home Prices Improve in Tampa and Miami Markets =-.

  6. Lori HoeckNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara and Janice,

    As Janice writes, we discovered each other because of you Barbara — what a great community you honor, nurture, and build.

    Janice, I’ve mentioned to you that I find your writing fluidly engaging, and now I’m glad you will get more exposure through Barbara’s showcasing of your blog! Congratulations!
    .-= Check out Lori Hoeck´s awesome post: How our intuition warns of danger =-.

  7. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    @Positively Present,
    Thank you for this, and for your regular visits and support!
    Glad you took that moment to glance!
    Thank you – I do so love your “fluidly engaging” 🙂 .
    .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Think Like a Black Belt =-.

  8. CarolineNo Gravatar says:

    Yea for Janice! She has a beautiful, soulful blog! I discovered her a few weeks ago and it’s so nice to see here highlighted here! Thank you Barbara!
    .-= Check out Caroline´s awesome post: Blog vacation =-.

  9. TumblemooseNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Janice,

    Welcome to the fold! I can tell that you are an inspired person, and you really seem to have the ability to pass that on to others. What a great gift.

    Thanks for another great find, Barbara!

    .-= Check out Tumblemoose´s awesome post: Is your writing blog a success? =-.

  10. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    I have been reading Janice’s blog for awhile and enjoying her writing and she is originally from Scotland so that was an added bonus…congratulations Janice

    another grand choice Barbara – Thank you so much..
    .-= Check out Patricia´s awesome post: The Magic WANT! =-.

  11. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Brilliant choice Barbara. Welcome Janice! Blogging IS a much different beast than writing. I love how you have described this.
    .-= Check out Davina´s awesome post: Guest Post: Three Shades of Happiness =-.

  12. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    > Be more afraid to die with your song still in you.
    I like that a lot and it resonates. I have a lot of songs to share, but I haven’t found a way to flow them just yet.

    Welcome Janice and great introduction Barbara.
    .-= Check out J.D. Meier´s awesome post: Crucial Moments =-.

  13. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Janice – You’re very welcome. It’s been a real pleasure to not only showcase your blog, but to have found your blog. I am honored to have you as part of the BWAB community.

    The tulips. I chose them just for you. I read how you hand picked your header and are using a photo of tulips in your garden. 🙂

    To Everyone,

    How can I ever thank you enough for being here week after week as I showcase more blogs. Some days I think you’ll tire of me asking you to visit yet another blog, but each week you all show up and welcome these new (and sometimes old) bloggers with open arms.

    I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful community of devoted and caring readers. I am forever grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.

  14. What a wonderful blog to follow! I’ve added it to my feedreader, thanks!
    .-= Check out Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s awesome post: Thursday Creme Brulee Oatmeal! =-.

  15. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    A wonderful choice Barbara!

    Janice, I love your writing, and it’s so great to see you highlighted here! Congratulations on this, it’s so awesome to see you as the NBOTW!!
    .-= Check out Lance´s awesome post: Set The Rebel Free =-.

  16. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    I found your wonderful photos through someone else – blogging is really the gift that keeps on giving!
    Thank you. It’s nice to ‘meet’ you! I always feel gifts will make themselves known, either through sadness, if they don’t get shared, or joy if you find a way to do something with them. Then you have a lifetime of exploring them!
    I still AM in Scotland – that’s why I was so happy to hear you’re investing your time and money to visit my homeland!
    I’m glad I found your blog recently too. Although I’d seen you around, it was Lori who told me to go there. The only downside of this community is so many good blogs, so little time! That’s why I’m glad Barbara does this; it helps break down the overwhelm and you get the feeling that everyone will have their day in the sun.
    @JD Meier,
    I’ve read your comments in many places. Your songs will all come together and flow someday because you’re not afraid to share your voice with us and that longing to connect is the key.
    @Barbara Ling,
    I’ll never forget you were the first person to tell me you’d Stumbl’d one of my guest posts, over at Marc’s. I felt famous for a day!
    Thank you. I like how we quietly visit each other’s sites and smile, even if we don’t comment. I like knowing you’re part of my life and this friendly community we’re both blessed to be part of.

    You made my day yesterday; logging on and finding these comments strengthens my commitment to contributing all I can to the caring comunity you’ve done so much to nurture and create. Thank you.
    .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Holidaying at Home =-.

  17. Barbara,

    I was taken with this line you left in a comment, “How can I ever thank you enough for being here week after week as I showcase more blogs.”

    It is us that thank you for your ability to spot the unique and special…and then share these blogs with us. Many of the blogs I follow came from you. So, I thank YOU.


    I have recently visited your blog and am very pleased to see that Barbara has spotlighted you. It is so well deserved and I recommend anyone to come visit your site because I know they’ll love it:~)
    .-= Check out Sara B. Healy´s awesome post: The Second Chance =-.

  18. Barbara,

    p.s. Did you take that lovely picture of tulips?
    .-= Check out Sara B. Healy´s awesome post: The Second Chance =-.

  19. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you! I’m really enjoying this chance to meet new people and learn from the feedback.
    .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Holidaying at Home =-.

  20. BunnygotblogNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you Barbara,
    You have again, brought another wonderful blog into my reader.
    .-= Check out Bunnygotblog´s awesome post: 17 Sexy Commercials: Advertising Towards Dummies =-.

  21. ElizaNo Gravatar says:

    Wow! Talk about serendipity! I just discovered Janice through another route, and here she is a New Blog of the Weeker!

    Hello, Janice. Long time no chat to *grin*
    .-= Check out Eliza´s awesome post: Understanding weight gain after 40 =-.

  22. AdrenalynnNo Gravatar says:

    I love finding new great blogs to read, and your choices are always so excellent! I can’t wait to check out Janice’s blog – from what you’ve shared I’m absolutely certain I’ll be captivated too.
    .-= Check out Adrenalynn´s awesome post: Random thoughts on a Saturday night that nobody’s going to read anyway because everyone’s too busy having a life. =-.

  23. jan geronimoNo Gravatar says:

    Yes! Another awesome find by Barbara. I’d be checking out what Janice is up to. She’s got me on this:

    “Be brave enough to explore the depths, to find a way out and shine a light for others to find theirs. Don’t be scared to live, to hold out your heart in both hands like a trembling bird and say ‘Here I am, love me as I am or leave me.’ ”

    I so wish I had said that. OMG.
    .-= Check out jan geronimo´s awesome post: How Do You Squeeze in the Time for Blogging? =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jan – Isn’t that a beautiful quote. She got me with that one, too.

      I think you’ll really enjoy her blog. I find it a real joy to read.

    • janiceNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you both! Can I confess something? When I read that quote, I got a surprise and a lovely feeling seeing it there, standing alone. I remember writing it, but it was from one of those posts that just came out fully formed and flowing. I almost couldn’t believe it was mine when I re-read it. I recommend everyone goes back through their own posts every couple of weeks to find phrases that glow like authentic banners for who we are and what we’re hoping to express and achieve.
      .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Rapt Attention,Gifts and Rain =-.

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