To change your WordPress theme, is actually quite easy. All you have to do is find one that fits your needs, and also fits the theme of your blog. If you’re not sure where “your blog will take you” (subject wise), I think it would be best to stick to one that’s plain and simple, until a “theme” develops.

On my other blog, I just changed my theme. And, you guessed it, I now have a theme which starts out with a beautiful photo of Denali (Mt. McKinley). As mentioned in my previous article, I went to my favorite website WordPress Theme Viewer and found this one. It fits the name of my blog, plus suits my needs, Prior to today, I was using one that was nondescript.

I also switched from a three column theme, to a two column. I did some minor tweaking, but all in all, I am now satisfied with the results. I had to reload my Google Analytics, and a few other plugins. Fortunately, it was all fairly simple, as I didn’t have too many plugins or widgets installed.

The question I had asked myself was, “Should I change my theme, knowing I have loyal readers who are used to my old theme?”. I contemplated that for some time, then decided that since I was switching to a more streamlined format, my readers will hopefully find my site easier to navigate, and won’t be upset. After all, I think readers come to your site for it’s content, not how it looks.

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