Good Day Class,

Today I am honored to introduce Hulbert Lee as our substitute teacher (guest writer). Hulbert, author of the fabulous blog From Bottom Up will lead the discussion on how we gather information for our blogs.

Please join me in welcoming Hulbert to the Blogging Without A Blog classroom.

Hello Hulbert.

The floor is yours.

Hello Class.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Most of us here own blogs and get our ideas to produce content from different resources.

The traditional way of getting information is from old-fashioned books. But ever since the rise in technology in the last few years, blogs have become so popular that many people have started putting their books down and turning over toward reading blogs.

We all work differently though.

Some people enjoy that feeling of having a paperback in their hands. They like to flip through actual pages and jot down ideas from each individual chapter. Once they have an idea down, they might close that book and go through another book to find an idea, until they have a list of ideas to write about for their blog.

Others function differently. They will leave their books on their shelf and those books will never touched again. Instead, these are the people sign on to Google, open up their reader, and flip through the titles that appeal to them. They will go down the list reading each blog entry that appeals to them and jot down any ideas that inspire them. At the end of reading many blog entries, they will have obtained some ideas in which they can write about in their own blog.

Today’s Lesson

There are pros and cons when it comes to reading books or reading blogs.

The pros to reading books are that the ideas are usually more in depth mainly because of the sheer size of the book, compared to the shorter length of a blog post. It is also easier to read text on paper than it is on a computer screen. This allows us to read for longer periods of time without having to take breaks in between, compared to having to looking away from the monitor from time to time.

Because books are usually more in depth, they usually contain a message that teaches us a more thought provoking lesson about humanity. Reading plays like Shakespeare’s Macbeth or Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms draw the reader into the story where he or she then becomes a part of and wishes to explore until the end. Both of these books bring us lessons of life – one of which murder is never justified, the other of which war is always futile.

I personally read a lot of self-help books because I wish to help myself grow as a person, as well as use this knowledge to influence others in a positive way.

But even with reading books, time doesn’t always allow this. Some of us have full or part-time jobs, some of us have to take care of children, and some of us have different errands that we have to do throughout the day like buying groceries or washing laundry. That’s why reading blogs such as this blog can teach us different lessons on up-to-date information like tips on social media, lifestyle design, and of course, blogging.

Today’s Assignment

Is reading books nowadays less effective than reading blogs for getting ideas?

Which method do you use more often and like better for gathering ideas and creating new entries for your blog posts?

Raise you hand and share your thoughts.

This has been a guest post from Hulbert Lee. He writes about personal development and success at his blog, FromBottomUp. If you haven’t already, make sure you follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his RSS feed to get his blog updates.

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  1. Books, all the way, that supposing we aren’t speaking about a book written using a blog platform, which can be done.

    Blogs are better to gather fresh snippets of information, to discover new interests and to communicate with others, but when I need deep information, then it’s still books, whether on paper, ebooks, audio or what you will have, but books 🙂
    .-= Check out Miguel de Luis´s awesome post: In the beginning, Iapetus was a beautiful world lush with life…. =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Nice reply Miguel. I agree that if we want small bits of fresh information, than blogs would probably be a better, but if we’re looking for deep information, then books are the way to go.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  2. Hey, nice to meet you, Hulbert!

    Since I am in more of an “entertainment” niche, where I am “selling myself” and sharing my creative wanderings, my writing inspiration usually comes from inside, and is fueled by my blogging friends’ support and good energy.
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: The Blog Party (a poem) =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jannie, nice to meet you too. That’s really cool that you find inspiration that comes from inside and is fueled by your friends and energy. I can kind of tell because your blog shows this!
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  3. HulbertNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me a chance to share this article on your fantastic blog.
    .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  4. Sam LiuNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Hulbert,

    I find that when looking for facts and getting an general overview, reading blogs is usually best. As you point out, they’re easily accessible and not as long and time consuming as books. Also, if I want ideas to help me write a post about blogging or blog related topics, the Blogosphere is definitely my first destination.

    However, as my blog focuses on literature and poetry, if I want to be inspired to write, say, a short story or a poem, I would opt for books. Although blogs showcase some amazing writing, nothing beats an in depth novel like Orwell’s “1984” and Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I find that these literary masterpieces are very effective in inspiring one to write fiction. Yes, they take much longer, but to truly be moved and deeply changed by a piece of writing, one must return to the old-fashioned library.
    .-= Check out Sam Liu´s awesome post: The Midnight Sky of Nicosia – A Story =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      I have never read 1984, but I have read To Kill a Mockingbird and that was a great book. I find it really cool that you write a literature and poetry blog; I think there are only few of those out there but that’s probably because in order to create one that truly moves and changes people, you would probably have to spend more time digging through the past books of libraries like you say. Thanks Sam.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  5. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hulbert, Barbara.

    Is reading books nowadays less effective than reading blogs for getting ideas? I wouldn’t say less effective, but I would say it takes more time and effort to fish out the information; more thinking… That is a good thing. Ideas drop in from out of nowhere even when I’m not looking for them.

    It doesn’t really make a difference if I’m reading blogs or books. I do prefer reading books over blogs however; it’s a more intimate experience and a nice change to be away from the computer. I tend to get lazy reading blogs because I scan and skip over information in a rush to get to the next.

    I think the disadvantage of using blogs for research is that a lot of the information gets duplicated (cut and pasted) and mixed up a bit. Bloggers then tend to read a lot of the same ‘stuff’. There is less creativity involved.
    .-= Check out Davina´s awesome post: Book Review: WordPress Defender =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Davina, I like you described reading books a more intimate experience. I feel the same way too as I’m not so much in a rush when I’m reading books, compared to reading one blog to the next. It is also somewhat of a disadvantage using blogs as research because blogging content gets mixed up often like you say, making it difficult to find something fresh. I think knowing this make it more important that we should more emphasis on using using creativity to find new ways of producing good content. Thanks for your reply. 🙂
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  6. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    I use lots of resources for my writing – including interviewing folks for perspective and other suggestions. I love reading books because they are often more detailed and I often find blogs quoting other bloggers on information that is popular knowledge not so often researched knowledge.

    I have found Documentaries to be a great source of information gathering and idea development too…

    I find that my brain processes the different sources differently and that my KINDLE makes the best of books and computers work even better.

    I think that my style of writing and younger folks reading patterns are going to be changed dramatically in the future. Whereas 40 years ago I had to write 50 page term papers, all my kiddos have never done more that 15 pages ….

    Change is good as long as we find new ways to keep the brain working at optimum available power…
    Good ideas shared here and made me think to reply
    Thank you
    .-= Check out Patricia´s awesome post: Book Review and Cookbook Giveaway: The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Patrica, I also use different resources when finding information like listening to audio. I agree that reading books are often more detailed so you can get down to more specific personal examples, which is something that I enjoy reading about. I’ve never used documentaries for research but that sounds like a good idea. I’ll have to check that out.

      As for term papers – 50! Whoa… what era was this? I’m an English major and I think the highest amount of pages we had to do was about 12. Even I thought that was kind of long… 🙂
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

      • PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

        I graduated from college in 1967….and I had to write a 50 pager to get out of High School. In graduate school I have 5 classes a semester and each class usually had a 3 pager per week and a 25-50 pager per semester. Old school…I think it scared me right out of getting a Doctorate…
        .-= Check out Patricia´s awesome post: E-Book Review: Narcissist: A User’s Guide =-.

  7. I still like the quality and depth of information more in books than in blogs. I think the writing in most books is better and more well thought out. But I don’t read for ideas to post about. My posts are inspired more often by my actually experience coaching and by my own challenges.
    .-= Check out Tom Volkar / Delightful Work´s awesome post: Courageous Individuality =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Tom, it’s always good to find inspiration from our own experiences because they can often be more personal to the reader, and I think that’s pretty cool that you are able to share these types of experiences in your posts. Thank you.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  8. Hi Hulbert and Barbara,

    Great post on a great topic! Personally, I find my inspiration comes from reading books, magazines, newspapers and going outside into the world. You can learn a lot by being out in the world. Sit in a coffe shop for an hour and man you can learn tons! 🙂

    Reading other blogs provides me with insight as to how others think which I love because it is great to see different points of view. It is such a great education. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and each one has such a beautiful way of looking at the world.

    Sometimes in seeing those different points of view it causes me to expand my awareness when writing a post. Meaning it causes me to see what other ways my ideas can be interpreted or explained. However, inspiration always comes from books, magazines, newspapers and observations made from being out in the world.

    For example, the current project I am working on came from events that happened while out in the world. So inspiration has a unique way of apearing. We just have to keep our eyes open.
    .-= Check out Nadia – Happy Lotus´s awesome post: The Re-Invention Progress Report =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Nice analysis Nadia. It’s not only books or blogs that can inspire us, but the simple things in life like sitting in a coffee shop and being aware of what’s going on. Life experience is definitely another source of education. When it comes down to blogs, I agree that you can get more of a perspective from different people in a faster amount of time. This is not always a good thing but it can be fun to see a different point of view from different bloggers. Thanks for sharing!
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  9. WalterNo Gravatar says:

    Books will always be the best. It is comprehensive, well thought and much more exciting to read. 🙂

  10. Alien GhostNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hulbert,

    I believe books and blogs cannot be compared as two alternatives of the same. Books take time, thought, research and development to write, while blogs are more a spontaneous thing made for speed publishing. Both are important in their specific area but not interchangeable.

    About your questions:

    “Is reading books nowadays less effective than reading blogs for getting ideas?”

    I don’t think is the book or the blog what is more effective or gives you the idea but the person reading it who can get inspired or not by it. Some people get ispired by a classic book, othres suffer the reading of that book in school.

    “Which method do you use more often and like better for gathering ideas and creating new entries for your blog posts?”

    Ideas can come from anywhere for me; reading a book, a blog, a coversation, watching TV, standing in a street and looking around. If my mind is up to get an idea, it’ll come from anywhere, if is not, it wouldn’t matter what and where I read, no ideas will come up 🙂

    .-= Check out Alien Ghost´s awesome post: Linear Living =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Alien Ghost, I agree that that it often depends on who is reading the writing. As long as you can produce content that provides value to the reader, they would not notice if you were using information that came from a book or blog. Like you say, ideas can come from anywhere. Thank you for sharing yours here. 🙂
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: Jay Leno and Nice =-.

  11. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hulbert,
    It depends…

    Books are a great resource if I’m looking for really understanding some topic, or want to dig into this in much more depth.

    Blogs are great when I’m looking for something really current, or maybe just a short snippet on something.
    .-= Check out Lance´s awesome post: RAOKA: Passion =-.

  12. Hi Hulbert. 🙂

    Books take and effort. Blogs are “easy.” Right now my focus is on blogs, but I do miss the quiet concentration of reading a good book.
    .-= Check out vered | professional blogger´s awesome post: THIS Is Why I Persist With (Occasional) Feminist Blogging =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Vered. By “easy” I’m assuming you mean they are easier read right? If so, I think it’s true because most books provide more in depth information which make it a more valuable resource. On the flip side, I also like the quietness of reading a book compared to the fan sound of my reading from my laptop.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: Jay Leno and Nice =-.

  13. I get inspiration for my blog articles from the books that I read and from the blogs that I read. I leave a lot of comments on different blogs and sometimes my own comments on those blogs are lengthened into articles on my blog. I love to read whether it is a book, magazine or blog. As an incest survivor, books have always given me a way to escape the abuse that was going on in my childhood home. As an adult I read non-fiction for information and research and I read novels for pure escape from life’s stresses. I usually am reading 2 to 3 books at a time, usually on unrelated subjects. Right now I am reading a book on homeopathy, a romance novel and a daily meditation book for people who are recovering from codependency. I usually read at least 3-5 blogs a day as well.
    .-= Check out Patricia – Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker´s awesome post: FEAR =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Wow, you have a lot on your hands. It’s good that you get resources from all different areas including books, blogs, and magazines. I’m sorry you had to go through that type of pain when you were younger. Have you ever thought of writing it in a book? Maybe the times were too difficult to explore again, but at least you have had some unique personal experiences that you can draw from and teach to other people about. Thanks for sharing this, Patricia.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: Jay Leno and Nice =-.

  14. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Good day, Mr. Lee,

    In the past I loved reading books, but when I started blogging, my reading time is now spent on reading blogs or doing research online. Although I personally prefer books (if I’m going to relax and read), time for that usually escapes me.

    A lot of my inspiration for blog posts come from comments here on this blog, and from surfing online and/or reading other bloggers works of art. However, if I post something that needs to be accurate, then I will head to those sites I feel are reputable. For my posts, books rarely come into play.

    P.S. It’s great having you here as our substitute teacher. I hope you’re enjoying it as well.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Good night to you (I’m going to sleep soon), Mrs. Swafford. 😉

      It’s interesting that ever since you started blogging, the time for reading books has escaped you. I feel the same way too. I think blogging takes up a lot of time and you’re lucky to have a blog like this that gives you various ideas for every post!

      P.S. Thanks, I think all your students have such a cool attitude. I would never give anyone here a detention. Besides that, I’m just glad we were able to solve our “little problem”.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: Jay Leno and Nice =-.

  15. Hi Hulbert – I rarely visit other blogs for inspiration, and instead find it in books, movies, newspapers, art, music, magazines, nature, animals, personal thoughts and experiences, and archetypal stories. Or perhaps I should say, it usually finds me, because I don’t often go looking for inspiration. Funny how that works, isn’t it? And of course, if I visit a favorite blogger and discover their topic is similar to something I’m working on, I always link to their post.
    .-= Check out Patty – Why Not Start Now?´s awesome post: Please, Bore Me! =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Patty, I like how stated that inspiration finds you. Maybe you’re one of those people who constantly have ideas flowing to them. I think that’s really cool. Perhaps inspiration is better found in places like books, movies, newspapers, art, music or in other words, “things that are not in the digital world.”
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: Jay Leno and Nice =-.

  16. HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara and Hulbert – I love the topic and the answers – so interesting. I think it depends on your blog .. Barbara’s here sums it up well .. blogs and the net for research, and inspiration from us lot! Books to read and relax by. That for this blog is exactly right.

    Mine too came from questions raised by my mother and my discussions with my uncle when I realised I was pretty ignorant about things and if I could amuse my Ma with information that I’d found that was so important to me and to her, as therapy.

    So my eclectic posts are from my head now or readers comments – I still have socks to do for Jannie! – also from perhaps a news snippet – eg the Severn bore yesterday .. coming soon .. and two films Invictus and Alice in Wonderland the film, documentaries (and we have good ones here) .. then I’ll add my own take – usually via Wikipedia, sometimes the net for specific things I already know about (but have forgotten the exactness of it – phrases, or old poems or songs – and my reference books – which I do dip into .. as the eclectic brain takes me off there. (I only have terrestial tv .. so I don’t go searching for items on the history channel, or geographical channel .. I just take what I see .. or what amuses me and I think may entertain others, while learning something at the same time).

    Barb Hartshoek said she wondered about my mind and the road it took along its path and the ‘sort of’ summary I put in for the post .. – it muses and collates what it feels like .. terrible isn’t it?!

    I love your topics .. and Hulbert I must pop across and meet you .. have great rest of the weeks ..
    .-= Check out Hilary´s awesome post: The Middle Ages of the web – ancient pathways, monastic steps, St David yesterday, St Chad today and lines of communication … =-.

  17. HulbertNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hilary, yes there have been some interesting responses so far. I think your right that it really depends on the type of blog. A blog like this is definitely capable of pulling information from other blogs, while more specific blogs like cooking or personal finance will probably have to get information from other resources.

    It’s good that you get ideas from many different areas including a news snippet, films, documentaries, films, and songs. They seem to come from all over the place! I like your style. One question though… how does your TV only gives you terrestrial channels? That’s a pretty unique TV. 🙂
    .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: Jay Leno and Nice =-.

  18. I like to do both. Books can provide more in depth information than a blog, but blogs get right to the point. Finding time to both is what is challenging. I almost always have I book that I’m in the middle of, but I check my google reader a few times a week also.

    For me, I just hate limiting myself. I’m an information junkie. lol
    .-= Check out Heather Villa´s awesome post: “What Should I Do?” – Advertising =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Heather, I agree that finding time to do both can be challenging. I think with reading blogs, you get the feeling like your getting something done because you can at least interact with other people. But with reading books, you may be taking a risk of reading a book that doesn’t give you the information you want and this can be feel like a waste of time. So there are definitely pros and cons between both, but finding a good balance between the two is the best way to go about it in my opinion.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  19. Kelvin KaoNo Gravatar says:

    Right now, most of the reading I do is online. I read a lot more blog posts than actual print. It’s useful for being exposed to lots of snippets of info in a short period of time. However, if I were to learn a topic in depth, I still prefer finding a good book on the topic. This is because it’s a more organized stream of thought, and also the author is keeping track of what information was already presented and what was not. This was only possible with a book. With blog posts, you end up sifting through a lot of information to find what’s important, without the aid of the author. So when learning a topic in depth, I still prefer books. Most of the other cases, I’ll go with blogs.
    .-= Check out Kelvin Kao´s awesome post: When a Gnome Meets a Wizard =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Kelvin, I think most of us bloggers here are like you – going through one blog after another to find quick snippets of information, but if we ever need to find really in-depth info, we’ll more likely head towards the bookshelf. Thanks for your response!
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  20. Tony SingleNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hulbert. Good to meet you. 🙂

    I don’t favour one over the other to be honest with you. In fact, I’ll go one further and say that I get my ideas from… well, everything that comes to my brain via all my senses.

    I read a lot, so I’ll get inspirational sparks coming off the page of a book, magazine or pamphlet. And I’ll get them from blogs, road signs, store signage, and the “signs” in nature.

    I’ll get ideas from a story someone tells me. I’ll get them from observing people at the mall. I’ll even get them from someone’s facial expression.

    Ideas come to me through music and television, through the smell of food or the bitter taste of defeat. A stubbed toe may open up new possibilities for me, as might stretching under the clouds on a boring day.

    Yup, they come think and fast, and it’s all I can do to keep up with them… and to sort “the wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

    I’ve learned to keep a notebook handy! 😛
    .-= Check out Tony Single´s awesome post: In the Wildwood Air =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Tony, it’s great that you get your ideas from your senses as this was a different response. Mostly books and blogs require just using our eyes, but the other four senses are also good ways to help our mind pick up ideas to write about. Thanks for your reply, and yes, keeping a notebook around is a smart thing to do. 🙂
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  21. Hi Hulbert.

    I’m a reading junkie. Show me a library or a book store ( maybe in an old, brick-road part of the city) with a coffee shop, and check back with me tomorrow. (I have to limit myself. Haha.)

    Now that I’ve become part of the blogging world, my laptop goes with me too. My days can disappear as I read. I really do have to be careful.

    But you asked where the stuff for my blog comes from. And the answer is: from life, whether in books, blogs, out amongst folk, from within me and my experiences.

    I keep a journal with me wherever I go, and I write down whatever questions occur to me, whatever Ah-Ha!s strike me as I read or observe human dynamics.

    I process most of life’s experiences as metaphor…

    Interesting question. Glad you asked it — I’ve nodded in agreement several times reading the responses. 🙂


    P.S. Ahh — just saw and read Tony’s response. I could have just dittoed what he wrote and been done with it. 🙂
    .-= Check out Barb Hartsook´s awesome post: Learning Changes Us… or Does It? =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Haha… no your response is good too. Both of you guys keep writing materials around you and take notes on life. I think that’s pretty cool, and I agree that much of what we think and write about comes from our daily experiences. It’s nice to meet someone who’s so passionate about reading. I feel the same way too when I am absorbed in a good book that the day can just pass by without me knowing.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  22. Hi Hulbert and Barbara. Great, thought provoking post and as always, a gazillion post-worthy comments!!

    I wish I could write this in a small whispery font. If I had to choose, I prefer books. Books inspire and affect me much more deeply than blogs do, and as I tend to be a translator or filter and passer-on of life and what I read – I love reading books with my quotebook and pen handy. It’s odd, but I rarely jot down quotes from blogs. I don’t seem to connect with the actual writing in the same way, no matter how good the blog is.

    I get my deepest inspiration from life, people, nature and family interaction, but there are always three or four books in my bag or on my bedside table. I love escapist fiction, or beautifully written books which feel like art that transforms. I’ve devoured personal development books for decades as I enjoy them and they’re part of my professional continual development as a life coach.

    But I learn loads from the blogs I choose to learn from, like this one. :). I like how blogs are current and keep me connected real time. (It takes me days to work through a quality newspaper.) I also like home design eye candy blogs because they’re like flicking through a magazine over coffee. Blogs like Hilary’s always make me smile because of the surprise element; it’s like watching an interesting news magazine/documentary where you don’t know what to expect!

    Friends’ blogs I enjoy in the same way I enjoy phone calls or going to a café, where you always enjoy the connection and learn surprising things as conversations unfold. I’ve cut my blogs down so that I can always tell you exactly why I enjoy someone’s blog. Sometimes it’s the writing style, sometimes the humour, the unusual viewpoint and take on life or the depth of the connection.
    .-= Check out janice | Sharing the Journey´s awesome post: Writing Snow =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Janice, I like how you described this font as “whispery”. That’s kind of funny when I thought about it. I think books do a better job at inspiring people because it can give a more intimate experience to the reader. I think the reason you may not jot down quotes from blogs is because most of the famous writers are authors and not bloggers. Like you say, the writing style is just different and it’s hard to connect in the same way.

      Life experiences go beyond books or blooks because they are the things that we can connect the most. We may be able to read a good, inspiring book from someone’s biography, but in the end, it’s still their life. We’re not experiencing it first hand. On my table right now, there is a stack of books. I look at them and realize how incredible the writers’ stories are and I wish to have an experience in my life that can be as incredible as theirs. Most of these are personal development books because that’s what I like to write about.

      I do also learn a lot from blogs. This blog here teaches us the different aspects of blogging that we encounter on a daily basis. Somehow, the nature of blogging is just a collection of our thoughts and I love how blogging lets us share our thoughts with one another. I also like blogs that have a home design style to it because they make you feel like your at home, sort of like this welcoming feeling of this blog.

      I, too, read a lot of blogs and you can aways find something that you enjoy about a blog, whether it’s the content, tone of voice, design, simplicity, or genuine feeling you get from it. Thanks for sharing this epic comment with us as I had fun replying to it. Now, off to lunch. 🙂
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  23. My vote: books.

    Nah: blogs

    OK: books and blogs.

    Forget it.

    I’m going to vote later. Right now I have to blog something.

    😉 JB
    .-= Check out Julie @ jbulie’s blog´s awesome post: Introducing my mom. =-.

  24. Lori HoeckNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hulbert & Barbara —

    Books hold deep treasures that spark a flame and can take awhile to build into a comfortable fire. Blogs slap me in the face and say, “Hey, look at this cool and new thing.” I learn from both.

    As for most of my current blog posts, they come from years of experience in the martial arts and in teaching self defense. How I write them comes from reading blogs on blogging.
    .-= Check out Lori Hoeck´s awesome post: The black belt journey now comes with a guide =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      I like those comparisons Lori. It does take a while to get going with books, while blogs get into to it more quickly. I think it’s cool that you get your ideas from previous martial arts and teaching self defense. This is why I enjoy blogging because you never what kind of experience people have gone through to be where they are right now. Thanks for sharing your story.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  25. Hey Hulbert….I’m kind of i deja vu land right now…cause i just finished commenting on your blog…and here you are sharing your lovely insights on my favorite blog 🙂
    I actually very very rarely research through other blogs to write my posts. My inspirations come from things that touch my soul …be it books, newspapers, magazines, an event, a person, a movie….just about anything that leaves me thinking….
    But i still do love blogs…they pack so much info in a small post..that its more like my daily dose of whats new and happening. I love blogs cause they are current the point…and informative. I like staying updated on everything…yay twitter 😉
    BUt my research….still the old fashioned ..things that touch my soul way 🙂

    Darling teacher Barbara, Lovely guest lesson 🙂

    Much Love to you both,

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Haha… maybe you are experiencing deja vu? 😉

      I like how you mention that your inspiration comes from things that touch your soul. I haven’t heard that in the responses yet, and I think that’s good way to express it as anything out there can be something that touches us deeply, allowing us to write in our blogs. Thanks for sharing Zeenat!
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Hulbert Lee =-.

  26. Keith DavisNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hulbert
    I must admit that I love books. They are solid and you can highlight the important bits. Makes it easy to find them later.
    You can also take them on the train and have a good read.

    For quotes and short facts, I like to use the internet. There is so much out there, you can always find something.

    When I’m looking for info for a speech I use the internet exclusively.
    For info on Public Speaking technique I use books.

    Looks as though I’m a bit of a mixed bag!
    .-= Check out Keith Davis´s awesome post: A helping hand… =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Keith, you’ve provided some good points here. Books are good because you can highlight important lines in them and quickly look back to find them; you can’t really do this with the internet. But the internet is probably better for getting little things like quotes and facts. It’s a “mixed bag” like you say. 🙂
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Kim =-.

  27. DotNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, Hulbert, nice to meet you!

    So many responses, I’m not sure there’s anything to add, except to record my personal preferences. I don’t really want to get ideas, though I sometimes do, from other blogs, because the blogosphere is a very small part of the world and it would make things too narrow.

    Being a personal blogger, most of my ideas come from my own experiences and feelings, which I hope are sometimes universal and if not, at least relatable.

    You’re a lively and fun writer in your responses to the comments, and I’m going to check out your blog as well. Thanks for the guest post, and thanks to Barbara!

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Dot, nice to meet you too. 🙂 Yeah, I agree that the blogosphere can appear small especially if you’re in a small niche and you’re looking at the same things over and over again. You would probably get more out of the personal experiences and feelings as this gives us a broader spectrum of ideas to write about. Thanks for you comment! I’m glad I able to share this guest post here.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Kim =-.

  28. Chris EdgarNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for this — for me, blogs and books are pretty interrelated, because a bunch of blogs I’ve read have pointed me to books that I’ve found inspiring and informative — and when I find an author whose work I like, I usually appreciate what they have to offer on their blog as well (because nowadays they all have one).

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Chris, no problem. It’s good that some bloggers point out the books in their posts. I see a lot of people do this and I can see how you think books and blogs are interrelated. It’s not surprising that many authors have blogs now as blogs provide an easier way to interact with your readers and vice versa.
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Kim =-.

  29. Hulbert is awesome to see you hear as I’ve lurked around your blog recently. =)

    I used to read books for everything I needed but as the internet become more populated with ideas I’ve found myself turning towards blogs for the help I used to get from books. It’s more condensed and gives me much more time applying what I’ve read.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love a good book in my hands and am reading one now. But that’s for pleasure. I “hold” my pleasure books and read blogs for knowledge sharing ideas. It also helps in getting to know the authors of the blog and creating online friendships which you can’t do with a book in your hands.

    I guess I see the good in both methods and apply them accordingly! Thanks for the thought provoking post.
    .-= Check out Tammy’s Studio´s awesome post: Chick it out … =-.

    • HulbertNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Tammy, I really like how your response here. I also agree that books (good books) can be seen more for pleasure where we read on our spare time. But bloggers offer something that books can’t really do, which is share knowledge to each other quickly. Being able to share ideas with each other lets us build good relationships and create a nice community of bloggers. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
      .-= Check out Hulbert´s awesome post: By: Kim =-.

  30. HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hulpert – yes we can get other channels – it’s just I don’t choose to. We have enough for me to cope with on BBC and our Channel 4 News and some documentaries .. I hate soaps, and reality shows .. I’d like the Sport – so I can watch good sport sometimes, or have it on in the background eg the tennis Opens, and cricket ..!! but I won’t pay extra .. it’s pretty non-descript most of it!! News is negative I know – but I use that time to have some supper as I’m rather tied in at the moment being around my mother .. Our tv is pretty unique a great deal of it!! Yes – my ideas come from everywhere .. just got to control that creativity!! And bring it back to a post ..
    .-= Check out Hilary´s awesome post: Fussbudget .. a bore, or a boar … =-.

  31. George AngusNo Gravatar says:

    For me, when I’m stuck for a topic for a blog post, I always turn to my writing books. It is much quicker and I’m less influenced by what I read. When I look at blogs, there is the added concern of putting a different “spin” on the topic.

    Great lesson today.

    .-= Check out George Angus´s awesome post: Read An E-Book Week =-.

  32. John G.No Gravatar says:

    I actually still look at magazines the most. I should say read, as I don’t just look at the pictures in them. After that it would be blogs and then books. Books can still be the most in depth reading and you can get plenty of ideas from them also.
    .-= Check out John G.´s awesome post: John Cena Moves – Finisher Moveset etc. =-.

  33. I engage in both (reading books AND blogs). Whenever I’m traveling, I most often have a book in my hand. And whenever I’m near the computer, chances are that I have a tab open for my Google Feedreader. In terms of effectiveness, I’d say that I often find some good ideas (things to write about) from both sources. I hi-light text in books that I want to revert back to and I link to blogs when I do a write-up. Then, every now and then, you find some really good treasures in the comments to other blogs as well. Always great for inspiring new conversations!
    .-= Check out Ricardo Bueno´s awesome post: Start With the Basics =-.

  34. Blog as book says:

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