Good Day Class!

What a wonderful surprise I have for you today. Our substitute teacher (guest writer) is none other than the famous singer, song writer, Ms. Jannie Funster.

You all know her as the bra flinging blogger from Jannie who will write about anything she sees, and maybe even turn it into a song.

For her lesson, Jannie provided me with a photo of herself as she studies more about blogging. Isn’t she cute?

Please take your seats and have a listen as this won’t be an ordinary lesson.

Hello Ms. Funster.

Welcome to the Blogging Without A Blog classroom.


Hello Class,

It’s wonderful to be here.

Let’s do something a little different today.

Let’s shake it up.

Since I love music so much, I’ve posted the words to my lesson on the chalkboard, so you can sing along with me.

Barbara, can we have the music. please?


Let’s go!

Today’s Lesson

Yes, I’m a blogging girl
takin’ round the world
Surfing every day
in the Internet way.

For me a schedule
is good – like vegetables.
So how about you?
Is it something you do?

To get your blogging done
are you following one
— a schedule, I mean
to keep it clean and lean?

Should you plan your posts,
so you can make the most
of your blogging time
with your peeps so fine?

Or do you let it fly
with your gals and guys
with not even a care
of when you’re posting there?

Today’s Assignment

Are you planning your posts
to make your time the most,
or do you let it slide,
or do you you let them ride?

Raise your hand and speak.
Come on now don’t be meek.
Wanna hear what you say
What is your blogging way?
What is your blogging way?

jannie.jpegJannie is the author of Jannie as well as a singer songwriter. She recently released her first album, titled “I Need A Man”, which showcases not only her beautiful voice, but her original lyrics.  When she’s not blogging, commenting, writing songs, singing and being a wife and mother, she can be found on Twitter.

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Look Who's Talking
  1. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    {Raising hand}
    Ms. Funster, can I go to the bathroom? I have to blow my nose. And no, I didn’t plan for that to happen again today during music class.

    I’m a mix here, Jannie. My Sunday posts are always planned. This seems to work well. And I think regular visitors have come to know there will be something then, on Sunday morning – and have a pretty good idea of what it will look like.

    Beyond that, I try to post maybe once or twice a week. It really varies though. This week, with a lot of other stuff going on, there were no other posts. I’m at a point where I’m okay with that, for me. I’ll work with what feels right. Does that mean readers don’t know exactly what to expect? Sure, it may mean something like that. It comes down to, though – for me – that what I write has to be meaningful to me. And meaningful doesn’t always happen on a schedule. Sure, it would be nice if it did – but I’ll take what I can get, when I can get it. And that works for me…

    (I like your picture Jannie! You’re the smiley-est music teacher I’ve had!!)
    .-= Check out Lance´s awesome post: Sunday Thought For The Day =-.

  2. […]  I’m over at Blogging Without A Blog —  your blogging classrooom on the web, in a little guest-post rap.  So y’all hop on over there, m-kay to show your little Jannie some bloggng support.  […]

  3. RibbonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara and Jannie…
    Great photo!

    I’m learning new tricks all the time and to allow myself to keep learning new tricks I need NOT to have a strict blogging schedule…. more of a go with the flow.
    As soon as I feel under unreasonable pressure to perform I try to take a step back from it and reconsider what I’m doing.
    It’s a creative journey for pleasure and knowledge… for me at this point in time.
    Six Word Saturday is my only sure bet, though I generally post threeto four times a week.

    Thank you
    Best wishes

  4. Mike GoadNo Gravatar says:

    I try to blog regularly, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I have a tendency to procrastinate, as well, so if I’m engrossed in doing something else, the blogging lags.

    What I am doing right now to make blogging more of a habit is to post every single day. I’m up to 20 days in a row right now. I keep track each day with the number of sequential days in the lower right of the post.

    My posts are not always textual. As my tagline says: “Sharing some of my photos, vintage images I’ve discovered, and — occasionally — commentary and thoughts from retired life.”
    .-= Check out Mike Goad´s awesome post: Eyes of the Great Depression 031 =-.

  5. LynnNo Gravatar says:

    (hand wildly waving – me, me!)

    Hello Ms. Funster!

    My posts are somewhat planned. They usually begin with a photo – I keep my camera with me all the time now for photographing things that strike my fancy. Then there is a related “good things” post.

    When something good is sited or happens I often jot them down on scraps of paper so I will remember, then transfer it to my blog. I usually post Monday-Friday in the 5am hour. And if I am organized enough, I have it mostly done the night before so I can quickly get it together in the morning.

    So I like to post three good things that happened the day before. Often something late in the day supercedes something else. The third thing on my post today was the last thing that happened before I settled in on the couch with dinner, glass of wine and kitty staring at me. 🙂
    .-= Check out Lynn´s awesome post: Infinite Summer, lyrical and dance =-.

  6. LisaNewtonNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, how fun is this. 🙂

    My blogging plans extend the where I’ve been and where I’m going. I usually plan a location and have a few posts in mind that will go along with those. However, as it often happens, other ideas spring from the initial one.

    For example, my Metro Mondays idea came for my love of using the LA Metro system, and the lack of good information about the great places you can actually go to via Metro.

    I usually have a weeks worth of ideas planned via my travels, but I don’t usually write them up too many days in advance.
    .-= Check out LisaNewton´s awesome post: Hollywood and Vine: Where Old Meets New =-.

  7. Jannie, I love this!!! So creative! As for post planning, that doesn’t really work for me. As organized and plan-focused as I am in life, I just find that whenever I plan for a post, something else happens or I read a great quote that brings on a new idea. I tend to write (in a round about way) about what’s going on in my life and that is ever-changing. However, I do think if you’re not writing a life-related, personal blog, it’s probably a good idea to stick to a schedule. Excellent post!! Barbara, thanks for sharing this “substitute teacher” with us today. 🙂
    .-= Check out Positively Present´s awesome post: 3 simple steps for conquering unhappiness =-.

  8. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    Ha! Love it! I’m aiming for posting twice a week during the summer but I’m pretty casual on what days those post come, and if I want to make it 3 or 1 that week I will.
    .-= Check out Tracy´s awesome post: Why do people eat too much =-.

  9. I used to run
    free and fun
    but scattered I got
    and clients not

    Now I have called
    all my posts until Fall
    And clients and fun
    will come at a run.
    .-= Check out Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome´s awesome post: The Right Kind of Action =-.

  10. Hey, everybody
    just popping in
    but motherhood calls
    So I’m gone again

    I’ll be back in
    an hour or so
    so tell it to me, tell it to me
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  11. TalonNo Gravatar says:

    Good morning, Ms. Funster!

    When it comes to blogging
    I am wild and free
    letting whim and fancy
    carry me

    But I almost always
    post each day
    because I hear it keeps
    the blogging blues away

  12. MarelisaNo Gravatar says:

    I love this Jannie! I need to create a blogging schedule for myself but life has been kind of frantic lately (actually, that’s even more of a reason to keep a blogging schedule, right?). I’ll get to it, thanks teach. 🙂
    .-= Check out Marelisa´s awesome post: Six Things to Do When Life Throws You a Curveball =-.

  13. Hey there, Lance!
    We all know
    your blog’s a sunny
    place to go

    And if we have
    to wait a while,
    we know your posts
    will make us smile.

    Your Sunday quotes
    lift everybody high.
    Yes, we all agree
    you’re One Swell Guy.


    Hey there Mike,
    we’ve all heard
    a photo’s worth
    a thousand words.

    And 20 of them
    is as many days
    is settin’ this
    bloggin’ world ablaze.

    So, keep on postin’
    those pics and such
    ’cause we who dig them
    dig them real big- much.

    Hey there Lisa
    of travelin’ fame
    where keepin’ it local
    is the name of the game,

    your blog is a
    constant holiday
    to me in Texas,
    so far away.

    So keep on bloggin’
    doin’ what you’re doin’
    And maybe I’ll get to
    travel with you soon.


    Positively Present!
    What up? What up?
    Hey, you’re the girl
    with the overflowing cup.

    I know what you mean
    about the best laid plans,
    sometimes they veer
    into foreign lands.

    I guess what really
    matters most
    is feel what’s real
    when you hit that “Post”


    Hey ya Tracy
    say hey, say hi!
    Thanks a bunch
    for dropping by

    I know what you mean
    about twice a week
    — lately that’s the bloggin’
    language I speak.

    Blogging in the
    good old summertime
    a little bit less —
    hey, it ain’t no crime.


    Alex you got it
    going on.
    You got the brains
    and the bloggin’ brawn.

    The “Someday Syndrome”
    and your acumen
    keeps your peeps
    coming back again.

    In fact, I think
    you wrote The Plan
    on how to be
    an Action Man.

    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  14. While I was writin’
    That comment above
    Marelisa slipped in
    with some bloggin’ love

    Girl, do what you do.
    Blog what you will.
    Just make sure you’re
    keepin’ it chill.

    ‘Cause every blogger
    in the blogosphere
    Has a “Real Life” 🙂
    And maybe a career.
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  15. Cath LawsonNo Gravatar says:

    LOL Jannie is there anything you can’t turn into a song or poem? I haven’t been blogging much this year due to health reasons etc but I’m beginning to get back into it now.

    I varied my schedule. Most days I would write that days post early in the morning but sometimes I would write a whole bunch of posts ahead of time. It really is hard to get it all done. I don’t think I will go back to seven days a week again.

  16. AimeeNo Gravatar says:

    “For me a schedule
    is good – like vegetables” – You are one funny lady. I love your poems. As for the question, I’ve been thinking about planning my posts more. I think I’ve become sloppy with my offerings. Time to get “lean” 🙂

  17. Very cool post. But, I want the music and hear you sing 🙂

    I’ve been on and off with my posting frequency lately, mostly do to work load and family time balance. It is important though to remember how important blogging is not only for myself, but our company.

    I’m working on a new routine and have split up my day into time periods. So far so good.

    Creative post. I liked it 😉
    .-= Check out John Hoff – WpBlogHost´s awesome post: Time For A Rant About Poor Customer Service ( =-.

  18. PaigeNo Gravatar says:

    Ms. Funster, I confess I’m one of those “planners”. I can write in advance and pre-post for a certain day. This enables me to slip in more on the minute happenings as they happen yet I still have a stand by post. (if I’m not being my usual happy go lucky persona)
    I usually post about once every 5 days at Paradise Valley …2 Hell’s Mountain (a plug for me). I guess that’s about once a week, but some weeks it is more often. I’m doing better at replying to my dear internets that leave me comments. Time being a big factor when one works among the other countless things we humans do.
    I try to visit my regular blogs at least once a week and I try to visit new ones. I like to click on the links my regulars have and some of their commenters as well. I love being able to be “social” at my convenience, which is one of the things the www is good for.
    Now at my 365 Views By Me, a photo blog where one takes a photo a day for a year, I post more often sometimes even every day. There is little text there, just the day of the shot and a brief caption / explanation.
    Thank you for asking and have a nice day, I really must be going as the short bus is fixin to leave without me.

  19. For once, I can say OH YEAH! ME! ME! (raising my hand in the classroom like Vinnie on Welcome Back, Kotter…. am I dating myself? lol… OK, so YES.. I am actually following a schedule, blogging daily because I am part of Connie Ragen Green’s 30 Day Power Blogging Challenge! It has been a great challenge for me to write daily.

    How fun to find the Funster! Sounds like you live up to your name!

  20. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    I love vegetables and music…and you really wrap it up here in this lesson!

    I am on a schedule and I have a theme for different blocks of time.

    I can bend and I can shake so the theme I am on is not getting a break,
    Flexible I can be so am on to something new for you and me…

    almost all my bags are packed and I am ready to go, looking forward to a Scottish Show….

    I don’t need to worry ’cause Blogger Dad is my sitter and with Jannie and JD guesting no one will miss me on Twitter…

    Once a week I am writing until 10 are prepared and by autopost on two blogs will be shared.

    Thank you Jannie for stirring up fun and making a lesson after a run!
    .-= Check out Patricia´s awesome post: Stop Packing Your Suitcase =-.

  21. A poem!

    Loved it. 🙂

    The more professional work I do, the more planned my personal blog becomes. I am planning and writing weeks in advance.
    .-= Check out Vered – MomGrind´s awesome post: Friday Links =-.

  22. Cath, my affliction
    of this song addiction
    has been with me
    for an eternity.

    And, hey Miss Cath
    You’ve done the math
    — seven post a week
    that’s a lot to tweak

    So I’m glad to see
    you’re playin’ it chill
    and doin’ your postin’
    when it fits your bill


    Aimee, Aimee,
    you singing girl
    I’m glad your giving
    this post a whirl.

    You know me
    I like funning around.
    Hope I pick you up
    when you’re feelin’ down.

    If gettin’ it lean is
    your number one choice
    I hope we’ll still hear
    your beautiful voice?!


    Hey there John
    I will sing for you.
    You know that’s somethin’
    that I love do to.

    Maybe some day
    I’ll post this rap
    on my humble site
    wearin’ my bloggin’ hat.

    Splittin’ your day
    into blocks of time
    — now that’s a plan that
    sounds mighty fine!


    Hey, Miss Paige
    Miss Blogger Sage,
    your posting plan
    I fully understand.

    When I write me a post
    somethin’ good in advance
    I jump right up and
    do a bloggin’ dance.

    And I commiserate
    ’bout bein’ late
    for that shortie bus,
    so I’m hoppin’ on it, Gus!
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  23. Well looky looky
    looky here
    three more comments
    in the blogosphere.

    Amy Jewel,
    I watched Kotter too.
    I loved that show
    and the Brady Bunch crew.

    Sounds like you’re
    in a blog-a-thon.
    I’m gonna check you out
    when I’m done this song.


    Patricia, Patricia
    I’m really gonna miss ya
    When you fly away
    to the Great U.K.

    10 posts ahead
    — you rock with bloggin’!
    You got the right stuff
    inside your noggin.

    I’m sure glad that
    you and I met
    and I know the best
    is ahead of us yet.


    Hey, Vered.
    You are “Bloggin’ Cool.”
    You’re always at the top
    of this class in school.

    To me your blog is
    a tightly run ship
    with just the right mix
    of hip, hip, hip.

    When I grow up
    can I be you,
    so I can earn
    bloggin’ dollars too?

    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  24. Jannie, Jannie, Jannie (I just sang that outloud…thank goodness nobody could hear me),

    Where oh where do I run during the day. Schedule, what schedule? Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and now texting (I have to keep up with my teen so I have scouts in the field reporting on a hourly basis, mmmmm mainly girls) then to throw in my small business ….I have no plan which is why everyone sees me typing with …. added to everything because I am one continuous stream of thoughts.

    I gave up on a schedule long ago. I speak the truth and nothing but the truth on my blog. It is what it is and I like it. I tweet my wrecks, I Facebook my travels, I blog my inner thoughts, I ichat with those close, I text to keep up. I’m sure I’m leaving something out.

    There you go. My life in a nutshell. I wonder where I got my nickname?

    Love you Jannie!
    .-= Check out Cricket-Tammy´s awesome post: In Hiding…that’s all =-.

  25. Sorry Talon.
    How did I miss you there!?
    Please don’t think that
    I do not care.

    You know how it goes
    with brand new glasses
    — my eyes are as sharp
    as slow molasses.

    And you know I LOVES
    your daily post.
    But YOU is what
    I loves the most!
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  26. Hi Jannie –

    If I didn’t blog certain
    My brain would be hurtin’.

  27. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jannie,

    Oh, how fun you have made this lesson. Thank you so much for not only the great lesson, but for your fabulous answers to the comments. You have me humming along…..

    With regard to a blogging schedule, the only thing I schedule is when I post – MON-WED-FRI. and what the posts will include.

    Monday- A lesson from me
    Wednesday – Showcasing another blogger
    Friday – A guest post or another lesson from me.

    One thing I did was post my publishing schedule on my “about” page. I find it holds me accountable to my readers.

    As for the other parts of blogging, I fit it in when time permits and on some days, I have little to no time for blogging activities.

  28. My turn, my turn…Jannie!!!!

    I write what I write.
    Sometimes it’s not so bright
    And sometimes it flies high as a kite.

    I get what my muse gives me
    If I choose to not agree
    She will make my life a misery.

    This is my blogger’s tale
    Compared to Jannie, it is pale
    But poet I am not…so what the hale!

    Thank you teacher Jannie…You made this lesson very FUN:~)
    .-= Check out Sara B. Healy´s awesome post: I’m a blogger and a winner! =-.

  29. Mama ZenNo Gravatar says:

    I fling posts like they wuz bras, Miz Jannie!

  30. Hey there, Lynn!
    You wonder where I bin?
    I wasn’t hesitatin’
    You was in moderation.

    But here I am.
    And there you are.
    So don’t you fear
    — you’re my bloggin’ star!

    I love your site
    as you well know.
    It’s a daily haven
    of a place to go.

    And so that you know
    you’re one I adore
    you’re extra-special
    with verse number four!

    And if you think
    I’m giving you jive,
    Sweet Lynn I give you
    verse number five.


    Cricket, Cricket
    I love your truth
    and the way your
    heart just bursts with youth.

    I know your life
    is plenty busy
    — just to ponder it
    gets my head all dizzy.

    I’m a bit of a twit
    and slow to tweet
    but you are always
    more than sweet.

    And when you comment
    at Funsterland
    my heart goes bibbity
    bobbity bam.


    Hey, Miss Besty
    in your bucket so cute
    pretty little baby in
    your birthday suit,

    You may be just
    “Passing Thru”
    But I hope you’ll
    stick around like glue.

    ‘Cause sure as I drive
    a good used Honda,
    you’re one blogger
    I’m sure getting fond a


    Hey there, Barbara
    YOU are the one
    who instigated all
    this rappin’ fun.

    To let me in and
    rock this blog
    is makin’ me happier
    than a corn-fed hog.

    I’ve said this before
    but I’ll say it again
    you’re my bloggin’ guru.
    Your blog’s a TEN.

    And I very much
    wanna say a BIG thanks
    for allowin’ me this
    rap-it up chance


    Now Sara you get
    an A-Plus grade
    for that there rap
    that you just made.

    I like that you post
    when you want to write,
    answering only to your
    inner blogging sprite.

    As as far as your
    muse is concerned
    sounds like she’s got
    creativity to burn!

    Hey, Mama Zen!
    Friends, check her out!
    For a very funny blog,
    I’m giving her a shout.

    Every comment she
    leaves is pithy.
    (She musta picked that
    up in New Zen City.)

    She flings great posts
    Yes, one every day.
    Flings them in her own
    special Maidenform way.

    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  31. EvitaNo Gravatar says:

    LOL Jannie, more laughs today! This was such a great idea! And Barbara thanks for having Jannie 🙂

    I love the way you put a lesson in the form of a song – that is so neat!

    So in terms of my blogging habits. Up to today, they have been fly the wind and surprise, surprise, surprise. There was no routine b/c I have (had) a full time job – that is until today (YAY I am free) and hence had to work around that and just enjoying life minus the computer too.

    But after today, I don’t know if I will have a rigorously set routine although I kind of do like that – we’ll see! But on my one blog Evolving Scenes, readers can always depend on a photo and inspirational message each day of the typical work week (mon – fri)
    .-= Check out Evita´s awesome post: SkyWatch Friday – Top of the Sky =-.

  32. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    I like the sing along approach.

    What works for me is factoring writing from publishing. I write on the weekend, then post during the week. I will also end up doing opportunistic posts. This way, I have a steady rhythm, but I don’t let chance pass me by.
    .-= Check out J.D. Meier´s awesome post: Information x Focus = Personal Reality =-.

  33. Jannie,
    Love the pic and I have the same book except mine has tabs on every other page!

    I like to have 3 extra posts ready and waiting. Right now I’m writing one for simple marriage.

    Go go girlfriend!
    .-= Check out Tess The Bold Life´s awesome post: 51 Tips for Living The Good Life =-.

  34. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    Is the song to be sung along to the song Barbie Girl? I was just playing it yesterday as it was the background music selected for a fashion show, that my kids were in. How creative you are, Jannie. I’m thinking that you should do a Youtube Video and actually sing it…LOL!!

    I usually stick to a publishing schedule but in the last few weeks, I’ve gotten so busy with other work that I just could not get round to any writing. I hope to get back to it though. Writing is an activity that I enjoy doing. With reading J.D.’s comments, I am thinking now that it may be helpful to set aside a “fixed” day weekly for all my writings.
    .-= Check out Evelyn Lim´s awesome post: Holiday with Happiness =-.

  35. CarolineNo Gravatar says:

    How original and creative! Wish I had something cleaver to come back with…but I don’t!

    I have 3 blogs now and I am getting in too deep…
    time to put one to sleep…
    but just for a few weeks…

    OK…that was kind of creative…lol
    .-= Check out Caroline´s awesome post: Blog vacation =-.

  36. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Barbara, hey Jannie,
    this rhymin — it’s uncanny!
    This bloggin thing’s the most,
    every time I make a post.

    Not as often as I’d like,
    cause I gotta sleep is right.
    Once a week, sometimes twice,
    a schedule would be nice.

    Till then I’m bloggin on the run,
    kickin round and havin fun.
    Though I’m in a fog,
    makin time ta blog.

    Oh, this was soooo much fun. Thanks Barbara and Jannie. I’m in awe of your way with words Jannie. Even the comments and replies are a rappin’. What a cool school this is Barbara.
    .-= Check out Davina´s awesome post: It’s All About Me — Or Is It? =-.

  37. SnaggleToothNo Gravatar says:

    Some post are planned,
    Some post are not.
    The majority of ESR
    is made up on the spot!

    BBrrriinnnggG! …
    There’s the bell- gotta go
    Hope I don’t get detention
    For late commenting -Doh!-

  38. SnaggleToothNo Gravatar says:

    No schedule- whatsoever.
    If time allows n machine boots,
    I post whatever I wanna.
    Blog Freedom a big hoot!
    .-= Check out SnaggleTooth´s awesome post: New Moon Jette =-.

  39. Now it’s morning
    yeah, the sun’s just up
    I got my java
    in my favorite cup.

    And who do I see
    but our own Evita
    making the morning
    just a little bit sweetah.

    Glad to hear that
    Evolving Scenes
    will keep on lighting
    our computer screens.


    Ribbon, Ribbon
    I know I know!
    It feels so freeing
    to go with the flow.

    I understand exactly
    when I hear you say
    you want to keep the
    blogging “pressure” at bay.

    I too want to blog
    for fun and pleasure.
    — to reach that state is
    the ultimate treasure.


    J.D. Meier
    Hey, Rising Star.
    1000 subscribers!
    You have come so far.

    And sounds like you
    got the super plan
    to remain one
    inSightful bloggin’ man.

    Writin’ by weekend
    and postin’ by week,
    those reSourceful tips
    the Internet seeks.


    Hey there, Tess
    now, you’re no dummy.
    You fly by your soul and
    pick a comment every Monday.

    Your shedule sounds
    a lot like mine
    Keepin’ three posts ahead
    in an organized line.

    I love your site
    with your nuggets of gold.
    You livin’ up to your name.
    You keepin’ it bold!


    Evelyn, yo
    what’s goin’ on!
    No, I’m not familiar
    with that Barbie song.

    As I’m spewing this out
    and gettin’ kinda wiggy
    I’m thinking a rap like
    “Keepin’ It Jiggy.”

    I know what you mean
    when life encroaches,
    so we gotta hit bloggin’
    with new approaches.


    Hey, here comes
    our Caroline
    opening up her
    creative mind.

    Three blogs, that
    does seem a lot.
    I hardly keep up
    with the one I got.

    But where there’s
    a will there is a way
    So keep on kickin it’
    and learing every day.


    Hey Davina!
    What’s up in Van?
    Girl, I’d love to
    have you in my band!

    You got the rhythm.
    You got the rhyme.
    You can groove with us
    Girl, any old time!

    I know what you mean
    about the need for sleep.
    — without it we ain’t
    any good for our peeps.


    I LOVE your Gravatar!
    Girl, you are one
    Technology Star.

    Holy cow, that
    gorgeous unicorn
    makes me riverdance
    on this lovely morn.

    And glad to hear that
    you’re bloggin’ free.
    ‘Cause you know you’re
    super-special to me.


    Friends, I’m gonna make
    another half cup of joe.
    Then surf my peeps,
    so I’ll stay in the know.

    Y’all be good and
    I’ll see you tonight.
    Or maybe tomorrow
    On this excellent site.
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  40. JeanneNo Gravatar says:

    Ms. Funster… I mean Grannie Jannie… I mean Lumberjack Lady… aww shucks, what am I supposed to call you anyway??

    You keep changing like a chameleon before my eyes. This never ceases to surprise……

    (Jannie, please picture Amy Poehler of SNL singing this with a Southern twang and a rappy rhythm . Unlike you, my pipes are broken. If I sang this out loud, the local wildlife would be injured from the sound waves emitted. No animals were hurt in the production of this blog comment).


    Your music is a true delight. The sight of your blog always a cool sight.

    As soon as I have a name for you, you switch personas again… I swear you really do!

    Whatever you’re called, you’re ALRIGHT. Your witty words show you’re so bright.

    You can always make me laugh… even with a simple typo gaffe.

    (Sometimes with the boundaries Jannie pushes, it’s no wonder the paparazzi are hiding in her bushes)!

    After all, her new CD has caught on. Now she has to keep her shades and wig on.

    (I’m actually surprised you were able to snag her to guest. I guess that Jannie never does get to rest).

    Well, class, Jannie wants to know your plan. Blogging randomly or something “canned”?

    Did you maybe write way ahead? Formulate while stepping out of bed?

    Either way, it’s all good! Will either way work? I think either could!

    So blog away to your heart’s content. Once you publish, you’ll feel spent.

    The good news is you’ll still feel good. Just the way all bloggers should.

    After all, it’s nice to get… our ideas out there, cool people “met”.

    In closing today please let me say, thank heaven Jannie Funster came my way!

    If she had not found my humble little blog, right now I’d be out splitting a log.

    Instead my friend Jannie splits wood for me. Eternally grateful I will be.


    .-= Check out Jeanne´s awesome post: RESOLVE Advocacy Day =-.

  41. RelaxNo Gravatar says:

    Yes teacher.
    I blog every day
    without fail 🙂
    and never let it slide! 🙂

  42. YayaNo Gravatar says:

    You are too much! Great post! And now I’m intrigued by what that Blogging For Dummies book says. Lol!

    I usually jot down my blog fodder in my cellphone and then when I have time I typidy-type it up for a post! 😉
    .-= Check out Yaya´s awesome post: Friday Fragments/Focus Friday =-.

  43. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    LOL! what a great topic and the author is a hoot! Thanks for the enjoyment of reading all. I have post ideas ready but just have to fluff ’em up and then they are ready to go. I try and do one every other day if not less.
    .-= Check out Linda´s awesome post: Have you seen Blu World? =-.

  44. Jeanne, Jeanne
    my blogging queen
    that’s the longest comment
    this post has seen.

    Girl, you’ve gone
    above and beyond
    in resonse to this
    wacky blogging song

    It’s a 2-way street
    and plenty sweet.
    That you came my way
    was more than neat!

    Yes, where would I be?
    Maybe up a tree,
    if you hadn’t responded
    to the likes of me,

    back when I was
    surfing ’round
    to lure more peeps
    to Funstertown.

    Oh — I cut your wood
    as much as I could
    and I’ll deliver it soon,
    like a good friend should.

    Well, gotta go now,
    take a break from rap
    yep, Grannie Jannie
    needs a nice long nap.



    But before I lay
    me down to sleep
    I’m sayin’ “Yo” to Linda
    with her words so sweet

    She writes her posts
    then gives ’em a fluff
    — I bet her blog’s
    full of awesome stuff

    So now I’m away
    to Linda Land
    then to take that
    little nap as planned.
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Guess where I am today?! =-.

  45. Thomma LynNo Gravatar says:

    Long ago and far away
    I bloggety-blogged every day
    Started in June of 2006
    I had to have my blogging fix.

    Writers blog, don’t ya know
    Maybe so, but even though
    Comments were in short supply
    “I know no one online,” I sighed.

    Three years later, I’ve made friends
    I don’t just blog, I Tweet and send
    Updates to Facebook – Goodreads, too.
    Alas, I have too much to do!

    So these days, I prioritize
    Storytelling reigns most high.
    Still for my blog I make some time,
    And so concludes this bloggy rhyme.
    .-= Check out Thomma Lyn´s awesome post: Happy Summer! =-.

  46. JeanneNo Gravatar says:

    Jannie Funster, you funny lady you,


    Jannie, Jannie
    my blogging queen
    the likes of which
    I’ve never seen

    So modest calling me blogging queen
    When her rhymes are the best we’ve ever seen
    Talking of going above and beyond
    Jannie’s readers have a very loyal bond

    So why do Jannie’s readers love her so?
    She makes them LAUGH. Don’t you know?? To her blog they want to go!
    Her creativity so fine. She knows just how to push the line.
    Words she knows just how to mine. Her genius? We can see the sign.

    So, it’s really nice to know. Genius Jannie’s also like you and me.
    She shares with us her daily story. Not all of them are filled with glory.
    The postal delivery story goes to show. Jannie’s just your average “Joe”.
    It could really happen to anyone. How Jannie tells it makes it fun.

    So visit Jannie on her blog. We loyal readers cannot hog.
    The more the merrier there I say. Jannie brightens up my day.
    Thank you too to Barbara here! For hosting a guest blogger I hold dear.
    Blogging Without A Blog is cool! I enjoyed Jannie teaching school.


    .-= Check out Jeanne´s awesome post: RESOLVE Advocacy Day =-.

  47. BunnygotblogNo Gravatar says:

    This article is great for a new comer such as myself. I have tried to schedule more often. Work usually gets in the way. So I guess my grade today is an F but I will improve.
    Thanks for the tips.
    .-= Check out Bunnygotblog´s awesome post: Advertising Towards Dummies: Celebrities, Movies, Role Models, Money =-.

  48. JenniferNo Gravatar says:

    Great article, i love reading it as well as the comments, very educational and fun, I was able to learn something from you guys, as for me I don’t really plan what to blog, I just blog what’s on my mind and incorporate the best picture I have to it. Looking forward for the next topic, I really enjoyed this..thanks..

  49. I just had to come back to catch up! This was great Jannie.

    Thank you Barbara for inviting so much fun!
    .-= Check out Cricket-Tammy´s awesome post: In Hiding…that’s all =-.

  50. Yo, yo
    thank you all.
    Doing the rap
    was sure a ball.

    Jeanne, you The Best!

    Bunny Got, Jennifer, Cricket — Thanks.

    Barbara — more than thanks. Double-thanks. 😉
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Five Little Lightbulbs =-.

  51. Petra NorrisNo Gravatar says:

    I find that my blogging efforts go in bursts. As such, one of the things I try to do is to use the publish window in the WordPress blog post editing area to schedule posts to “publish” a few days out from one another. I don’t always have time to write multiple posts at one sitting – but spreading out the post dates for when I do helps keep things natural as far as Google is concerned.
    .-= Check out Petra Norris´s awesome post: Lakeland Florida – A Great Place to Live =-.

  52. Ching YaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey now, what do you know,
    I am starting to love this show,
    Jannie’s making us go ‘yo, yo’,
    and I need to get this stumbled, so there you go!

    haha.. obviously, not everyone got the talent for that. Apart making myself look silly, Jannie, I still need to give you credit for spicing things up a little in this blogging arena. I do schedule my posts, but at times I do change and replace the coming post with another. It depends with the current mood and instinct. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker