If you’re a newbie to blogging, who is using WordPress, finding the right information can be difficult. Searching for information about blogging with WordPress, can produce millions of results.

The best source for WordPress, is in an obvious place. It’s at WordPress .org. By clicking on the following link, you will be directed to a page named WordPress For Beginners.

This site takes you step by step through WordPress. Each subject has it’s own link, letting you progress at your own speed. It’s a lot of reading, however, if you plan to create a blog that will stand the test of time, it will be time well spent.

Some of the subjects that are covered are, learning the jargon, where to start, blog design and layout, themes, using images, HTML and XHTML, just to name a few.

For WordPress newbies, this is page worth bookmarking. It contains a wealth of information.

Happy Blogging!

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