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Welcome to Blogging Without A Blog’s “Blog Registry”.

As a blog author, I love to find and promote other bloggers. Additionally, I love to introduce bloggers to each other. For that reason, I’ve created a “Blog Registry”.

This post will remain open indefinitely. If you are a blogger, leave a comment and introduce yourself to other bloggers telling them why your blog is worthy of visiting.

Remember, this is a great opportunity to “sell yourself”.

For hints on what to include in your introduction, I would suggest:

1) Your name and a brief description of who you are
2) The name of your blog
3) The subject of your blog
4) What others can expect when they land on your blog
5) One link to your blog is acceptable. If you have more than one blog, leave two comments.

If you haven’t done so already, a “welcome” post (on your blog) might be a good idea. In it, tell new visitors more about your blog, list your favorite posts and/or most commented on posts, etc. Upon completion of your “welcome post”, leave your comment and link to that post.

Here are the Blog Registry rules:

1) Only one link is permitted within your comment (CommentLuv may be providing a second link)
2) Each blog must have written content – No “advertising only” blogs are permitted
3) No nudity or obscene language is allowed
4) No spamming or duplicate entries will be approved.
5) For this post only, it’s essential your introductory comment(s) stay on topic.*
6) Your comment may go into moderation or my spam folder. Please be patient while I sort through the entries as I will be visiting your blog prior to approval.

*For additional questions, comments and/or concerns about the Blog Registry, please follow this link to: “Blog Registry – Open Mic” and we can discuss this further.

This is a great opportunity for all bloggers who hope to meet other bloggers, grow your blog communities, and increase traffic to your blogs.

Spread the word and tell others to join in.

I’m looking forward to seeing your name on the list.


P.S. Want to follow the ever growing list of bloggers? Either subscribe to email alerts for this post, or subscribe to my comments.

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