My blog theme doesn’t include a “description” tag line, so I just added HTML code to create a “description” tag line in my sidebar. Since I’m not familiar enough with CSS to start messing with my stylesheet, adding the HTML code to my sidebar was much easier.

Since my blog is about how I learned how to set up a blog, I have added the tag line “Blogging 101”.

In order to insert the code, I first opened a Firefox “split browser”, see my “Blogging Just Got Easier” post. Then I went to (HTML Tutorial) , and found the section on “fonts”. I read about fonts, and started experimenting. I made a few mistakes, by not nesting the code correctly, however, after several attempts, got the code to work.

This is the HTML code I entered: <h2 style=”font-family: Bradley Hand ITC; color: maroon; font-size: 150%”><u>blogging 101</u></h2>. I added the <u>; </u> codes, as I wanted “Blogging 101” underlined. The results of this code can be seen at the top of my sidebar.

To add the above mentioned HTML code to my WordPress blog, I went to “Presentation”, then “Theme Editor”, then “Sidebar”. I studied the HTML code for the sidebar, knew I wanted “Blogging 101” at the top of the sidebar, so placed the code just below “<div id=”Side”>” Keep in mind, your sidebar HTML code may not be the same as mine, as theme developers oftentimes use coding differently, and still get the same results.

As a reminder, remember to copy, paste, and save a copy of your original HTML code , before making changes.

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