niche vs non niche blogging

Blogs are considered either “niche” or “non-niche”. That is, we’re either writing for a specific audience, or not.

When we start our blogs, we don’t care who reads them, we just want visitors. After all, it’s not a lot of fun talking to that empty hole called cyberspace.

But, it’s actually before we start blogging we should be asking the question, “WHO do we want our readers to be?” “Who are we writing for?”

In “Part 2 – Interview With Lorelle VanFossen – The Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make”, Lorelle mentioned bloggers often fail to plan.

One area we need to plan for is our target audience.

Today’s Lesson

When I started this blog I knew I would not attract technologically talented, well versed bloggers who knew all of the tricks of the trade. New, transitioning and, as Scott puts it, “pre-bloggers” became my target audience.

Hence, that’s who I write for. YOU.

As I travel around blogosphere I stop to analyze blogs. Often the title gives it away, as does the tag line. It’s obviously a niche blog.

However, some blogs are not so obvious. They’re definitely “non niche”. The author is writing for anyone who will read.

To grow a blog and become an expert in our niche, we must know who we’re writing for. To grow a blog while writing for the masses, becomes much more difficult.

It’s never too late to change. A revision of your tag line, and changing the topics you write about can make your blog more niche.

Today’s Assignment

Who are YOU writing for?

Are you attracting the audience you’re targeting?

Or is it time to make some changes?

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  1. HarmonyNo Gravatar says:

    Good job! Hmmmm.
    Okay I will take the plunge.

    Writing for: People of any and all faiths and cultures who seek to find a deeper place and purpose for themselves in this life experience.

    lovers of silence.

    lovers of life.

    Am I attracting them? Mostly I think.
    I am starting a blog on A Fresh Start to A Great Life. All about those people who have had to start over; after divorce, illness, job loss, bankrupcy etc.
    Another one of my blogs is about the THINK TUB for people who are looking to find break throughs in business and personal satisaction.

    I am interested to read the comments you receive.

    Thanks for the discussion.

  2. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara.

    You have definitely hit the bulls eye with your blog (loved the title BTW). As a relatively new blogger, I have appreciated your posts and enjoy the community you have built here.

    I like to create a place for adventure and self-reflection on my blog through sharing ideas. I aim to invite inspiration and quite often use metaphors or comparisons to nature to get my point across.

    In hindsight, I hadn’t planned who my audience would be, but like seems to be attracting like.

  3. HarmonyNo Gravatar says:

    PS…do you recommend asking our readers if they fit the criteria and sending them packing if they don’t? 🙂 Just kidding!

    Harmony’s last blog post..The Eclipse

  4. Cath LawsonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – I used to write for folk who wanted to start a business. Then I began to change with my blog and realised that you couldn’t be successful in business if your life sucked. So I switched to blogging for those who want to start a business and improve their life.

    It’s difficult to know if we’re attracting the right people. I guess I am getting found for some relevant keyphrases. But, because not everyone comments, I find it so easy to forget that I’m not just blogging for the audience I can see in the comments section and that’s when I go off topic.

    You will laugh at this, but Donald Trump just linked to the post I included him in. I doubt whether he really needs my advice but it was a nice gesture.

  5. Writer DadNo Gravatar says:


    This is part of what I wrote about today. Great minds, right?

    Writer Dad’s last blog post..Let’s Put Ourselves Together

  6. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Harmony,

    I visited you earlier. It’s good to see you blogging again. I’ve missed your writings.

    So are you saying you will have three blogs? If so, please share all of the links. I’d love to read them.

    Haha! I like your second comment. 🙂

    Hi Davina,

    Thank you for your kind words. You’re right, like does attract like. Keep doing what you’re doing and success will follow.

    Hi Catherine,

    DONALD TRUMP linked to a post of yours? Oh, you do have to share that with us. That’s pretty cool.

    Unfortunately we can’t tell if we’re attracting the right audience by comments alone, especially when fellow bloggers come by to show their support.

    Hi Writer Dad,

    Yes, great minds do think alike.

  7. Alex FayleNo Gravatar says:

    I recently did that exercise and decided that I’m writing to my generation – Gen-X. Those of us in our early 30s to late 40s who have been working for a while (10-25 years) and are realizing that there’s a lot more to life. We’re not the Boomers with a desire for more of everything (things in the 80s and now spirituality). We weren’t going to live the life of the generation before us (and certainly not the lives of our parents) but somehow we ended up doing just that and have decided it’s time to change it.

    Of course, I write for people outside that group – as there is enough value in the content to appeal to anyone who wants to rid themselves of “someday.”

    How’s that? 😉

    Alex Fayle’s last blog post..Introducing the Lab-Rats

  8. JayNo Gravatar says:

    Hmm .. well, I didn’t plan my target audience, I worked from the position of ‘write what you know’. I asked myself what I could offer in the way of a unique viewpoint or content, and what I would be able to write about best. I came up with what you see: a blog about life, my views on it, and the inspiration I take from my *ahem* obsession with Johnny Depp.

    Looking at it critically, I guess my target audience would be people like me, but isn’t that always the case, unless you’re a ‘teaching’ blog? I write for women with a sense of humour and similar interests to me – Johnny Depp, greyhounds, reading, writing and nature.

    A lot of my regular commenters do fall into that broad category, though some will like most of the content but not be too keen on one aspect, whether that’s Johnny or bugs or dogs.

    It’s been interesting to ponder that one!

  9. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments on the audience they target.

    Obviously I can’t yet speak with much first-hand experience.

    From what I’ve gathered though, it seems to be good if you can adapt your view of your target audience as your blog develops.

    The audience you have at the start may not be the same as you have now.

    I’d think that if a blogger is always aware of their readers’ needs, they can evolve their blog to continually satisfy these.

    With that, it’s more likely that one’s content will appeal and a blog will thrive.

  10. SpaceAgeSageNo Gravatar says:

    I’m not sure who is “out there” reading my blog. I write as if I’m talking to my searching self at various ages in my life. I hope to give readers insight and perspective or to stir their questioning, questing heart so they can jump start their personal growth. Why go through “the school of hard knocks” when you can learn from others who have tried that route?

  11. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    I try and write for my particular niche (except for today!) and I believe I hit the mark. I also try to teach or explain the subject I am writing about.

    So do I need to change. No, I need to expand more! LOL

  12. Not sure if mine is a ‘niche’ blog but I tend to target a number of audience types

    – New bloggers and those who want to create a blog
    – Those who are seeking work from home options
    – Experienced bloggers and those who want to analyze things (technical/otherwise/ads) in detail…

    Well, now I would like you to tell me if it’s a niche blog 😆

    PS: My comments are sitting under akismet spam as somehow akismet is yet to learn since I last changed the email ID in my profile

  13. I’m not sure where to draw the line between niche and non-niche, because many different levels of focus are possible. Vered’s blog for example is quite broad, and you could say it’s non-niche. But you could also say it’s targeting people who are interested in mom stuff from someone who tells it like it is (and apparently that includes me). Mine is also pretty broad, though it has a focus if not a niche.

    People also create a niche by having their own voice. Barbara, by being community-oriented, I think that gives you a different niche than if you were tech-oriented, if you were mean to people, etc. And things like post length, vocabulary, use of images, etc. all play into it as well. I think even non-niche blogs tend to attract people having certain things in common…for example, someone’s target market could be people who like reading about what other people had for breakfast!

    Hunter Nuttall’s last blog post..Mister Rogers Addresses The U.S. Senate

  14. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    This is good Barbara.

    You make us think.

    I struggled with this before I started. I had originally planned to write a personal finance type blog. It’s an area of interest for me. But what I found after a couple of weeks of blogging, was that as much as I like personal finance, I didn’t like blogging about it. What felt “right” was to blog about life, and specifically, how to have a great life. Spoken (er, written) through experiences. This is what made blogging come “alive” for me.

    So, I started with a plan, but quickly realized my plan was not right for me. I changed my direction, and it’s been a wonderful experience so far!

  15. I’m writing for anyone who enjoys my writing.

    I think the niche should choose the writer – not the other way around. You write at what you’re good at, what interests you. Period.

    If you try to force writing on a subject you don’t resonate with, your writing won’t be as good.

    Bamboo Forest’s last blog post..The Frightening Truth about Bloggers

  16. VeredNo Gravatar says:

    Great questions.

    I don’t write a niche blog. In fact, MomGrind is decidedly NOT a niche blog.

    I write about stuff that is interesting to me. I don’t do SEO. I don’t write with a specific audience in mind. I don’t write for social media, or for search engines.

    I’m sure my blog would grow faster if I were more mindful of all these things, but then I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

  17. Oh we’re on the same page this week, Barbara, aren’t we (see my last blog entry)?

    This might seem like backwards logic, but despite what many people tell you, I believe being too focused can hurt you just as much as it can help you.

    There’s a reason why people subscribe to so many blogs – and most of those blogs people subscribe to have something to do with one another, like marketing.

    If you’re into marketing, you need to know what constitutes a successful website (your best marketing tool). If you’re into designing a great website, you should know a little about copywriting. If you’re into copywriting, you should know a little about solving your customer’s problems and persuasion . . . etc.

    I agree with Hunter in that it’s hard to draw that line because there are so many different levels of focus.

    On the surface, I don’t think people who quickly stop by and check out my blog will be able to see that in reality I am very focused.

    I write about being an entrepreneur and to simply write marketing articles wouldn’t suffice.

    It’s hard to tell if I’m attracting my target crowd, I only have a few comments here and there. One thing I do know, I can always look forward to my girl Barbara to be there! Thanks 😉

    John Hoff – eVentureBiz’s last blog post..The Continuity Of My Blog – Putting It All Together

  18. My blog is for creative people – artists, writers, etc. – who are also interested in spirituality & self-improvement . Admittedly, this is a bit broader than I’d like. But I’m passionate about these topics, so be it!

  19. I really enjoyed BambooForest’s idea that the niche chooses the writer. That’s certainly how it felt for me. Nothing else ever clicked, or came naturally, until I wrote a short piece on simplicity. From there, the ideas just keep coming, and I knew I’d found my topic at last. It wasn’t about choosing a profitable or popular topic, just one that I could enjoy and do well with.

    I write for anyone who’s trying to live a simpler, easier life. The age, economic, and gender barriers are pretty nonexistent. (Although I do think there are some pieces that more women will respond to than men; it’s not on purpose, it’s just how I write.) With my audience, it’s more about an overarching lifestyle, which I love. I can be macro-niche (a specific topic that can relate to tons of other topics or angles) instead of micro-niche.

    Wow–clearly you got me thinking on this one, Barbara!

  20. Linda AbbitNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, I think my niche chose me as well.

    I am a classic sandwich generation/baby boomer and have been caring for my aging parents for about 10 years. I realized friends and acquaintances around me were asking questions I could answer as they are first hitting the stage when their parents are needing help. I believe that through my blog I will be able to reach more people than in just my immediate surroundings — and that there is a need for this information and perspective in the blogosphere.

    So my targeted readers are baby boomers like me, or those who know people who can benefit from reading my blog and refer me. I think many of the BWAB community (through their comments) are younger than my targeted audience, but they seem to relate to what I’m writing about based on their experiences with their grandparents and what their parents are (or will be) going through. I didn’t expect this audience, and my hunch is that it’s because of your comments and support Barbara! So, once again, thank you!

    (At this early stage, every comment is greatly appreciated — doesn’t matter whether they’re part of what I thought my target audience would be or not!)

    I am struggling with this issue: I want to visit blogs that also share my niche topic (and I know there are many out there to explore), but that means I would most likely have to cut back on reading & commenting on my BWAB friends’ blogs and that makes me unhappy! But there’s only so much time in the day. How do you all manage to comment on blogs in your niche vs. outside your niche that you really like to read. I can probably keep reading most of them, but just not leave comments — and that bugs me, too!

  21. Avani-MehtaNo Gravatar says:

    I write on personal development Although I wonder would that now be considered a theme or a niche. Lot of people are establishing niches within personal development – focussing on happiness, simplicity, slowing down etc which I have not been able to do so far.

    Avani-Mehta’s last blog post..Breaking Someone’s Sugar Habit – Gandhi’s Story

  22. NaturalNo Gravatar says:

    i did change my tag line a few months ago, but other than that most everything stayed the same.

    i write for anybody who likes to read, think, question and laugh. i think i’m attracting those people, somehow. bless them. 😉

  23. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Alex,

    I think you last sentence nails it as I don’t know of too many people of any age, who don’t have (or had) the “someday syndrome”. Hence, the demographics for your blog will expand further than the Gen X.

    Hi Jay,

    Your blog reminds me of what Lorelle talked about, how we leave a legacy behind, for future generations to read. Although it’s not niche, it’s filled with you, your life and your perception of things, Johnny Depp included 🙂

    Hi Scott,

    Yes, the answers will be interesting. You are correct in saying our audience will evolve. Those who visited our blog in the beginning may drift away (often because they got out of blogging or their interests changed), and as new visitors arrive sometimes they do nudge us in a new direction.

    Hi SpaceAgeSage,

    I love it. “The school of hard knocks”. I was raised hearing that and to this day it sticks with me. It was a favorite saying of my mothers. 🙂

    Hi Linda,

    You do a great job of teaching about living green. Each time I visit you I pick up another bit of knowledge.

    Hi Ajith,

    I see all of your subjects fitting under one umbrella. A lot of people working from home are starting blogs, and they then become experienced bloggers who start analyzing their the statistics. It’s like a one stop shop.

    Hi Hunter,

    I read your comment earlier and have been thinking how to describe Vered’s blog. I got it! She is like the “Kool-Aid Mom of the Block”. You know the one. The house where all the kids ended up at because the Mom was so cool. She always had good treats, welcomed everyone into her home, would listen intently to stories from each of the kids and never talked down to you. In fact, little boys often had a crush on her. 🙂

    Your blog, to me, is “Hunter’s blog”. I don’t care what you write about, it’s always well written, interesting and often educational. You never let your readers down.

    Yes, I do concentrate on building community. Not only on BWAB, but on other blogs as well. I feel it’s one of the most important things about blogging – sharing and supporting others. It always warms my heart when I see other bloggers linking out to new blogs or to another blogger’s posts. THAT is what gives a blog a strong foundation.

    Hi Lance,

    I agree. Just because we enjoy a subject, doesn’t mean we will enjoy writing about it. When people force it, it shows and the blog soon becomes b-o-r-i-n-g.

    Hi Bamboo,

    I’ve never heard it put that way, but it’s true. Just like Lance said, he didn’t enjoy writing about personal finance, often we do end up somewhere other than where we started.

    Ironically, this blog was born out of what was going to me my main blog. On my Observation, I was writing to a large audience, by doing product reviews, showcasing news worthy “stuff”, etc, then I started getting more joy out of writing about my blogging journey, and started getting comments from other bloggers. I was hooked. Now, I don’t update my OM blog too often, but it continues to slowly grow (with 200 posts), but my time is spent here, with my community. Who knew?

    Hi Vered,

    No, MomGrind is definitely not a niche blog, but it’s a blog that is steadily gaining popularity, and I think is has a lot to do with what I wrote to Hunter.

    Your blog grows because you are so popular in blogosphere. For anyone who has never seen you in the comment section of a blog, they are living under a rock. And speaking of rocks, you ROCK in blogosphere.

    Hi John,

    You’re welcome!

    You’re right! Writing about entrepreneurship is more that one topic, and your blog posts cover many aspects of it. Having them under one umbrella may confuse some, but for those who take the time to dig, they”ll find tons of value.

    Hi Mark,

    Creative people love to visit your blog, plus you always serve fresh coffee and scones. I always sit at the little table by the window and people watch. 🙂

    Hi Sara,

    Isn’t that amazing how that works? That one post lead you on a path you never expected. It couldn’t have gone better if you had planned it.

    Hi Linda Abbit,

    Thanks again for your kind words.

    It’s obvious your niche topic hits home with everyone. Some may be younger and not concerned with being care givers to loved ones, but your blog reminds us to treasure the time we now have with those we care about.

    Expanding your reach by visiting others in your niche is important as you can all learn so much from each other, so as far as frequently commenting on blogs outside of your niche, I say do the best you can. We know you care and when time permits, you’ll drop us a comment. In the meantime, many of us will continue to visit you.

    Hi Avani,

    One thing about writing about personal development, it covers a variety of topics. That leave the door wide open for a range of articles.

    Hi Natural,

    Your blog is always full of surprises, and that what I love about it. You almost always make me laugh, and for that I thank you. Laughter is good for the soul.

  24. Who are YOU writing for? When the Lion and I started out, we just knew that we wanted to write about relationships, and to demonstrate that fundamentally we are all the same. Same ups, same downs. This definitely has a focus, but a bit broad.

    Are you attracting the audience you’re targeting? I assumed that we would get people in relationships. We have, but we are also getting a lot of single people. The common thread seems to be the age category. Without really knowing (need to to do a poll?) on the average our readership is 35-55.

    Or is it time to make some changes? Funny, the Lion and I were just talking about this very thing this morning. I read the 10 things to consider for an awesome post on ProBloggers site, and we think we can make some tweaks to improve our posts. Again, all part of our facts gathering for a potential website redesign.

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Who is the Panther anyway?

  25. JodithNo Gravatar says:

    My main blog is a niche blog. Writing for administrative professionals is a very small niche but with a large potential audience. One of my other blogs is for women who are discerning religious life, a slightly larger blog niche, but with a rather small target population. I seem to always hit the extremes *laughs*.

    My personal blog is not very active (yes, I have 3 blogs), but I’m looking to change that, writing more about my spirituality, sustainability efforts, and politics. Pfft…I can barely keep ahead of my other two. Who knows when I’ll get time to work on that one.

  26. RitaNo Gravatar says:


    Again, an excellent, thought-provoking post! I came over here directly from “Writer Dad,” who certainly had much to say on “finding a niche.” For once, he and I agree.

    I have not found my niche, nor do I think I ever will. What I have found, however, is a voice. That voice is the same daily, but the topics will vary from moment-to-moment. I believe that those who read my blog KNOW that – and I find it much more interesting for myself – and my readers – to keep the “suspense” there, so they NEVER know what to expect from me. If that keeps my”numbers” lower, I really don’t care.

    I write for myself. I write for those who wish to see what I’m thinking that day. And though I may be “all over the place,” and though it may defy the “rules of blogging,” the freedom of NOT having a label is quite liberating and, I believe, makes me a better writer.

    Thanks so much for your ideas. As always, you have given me pause for thought about just what it is I AM doing by blogging!


  27. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Rita,

    Just like so many others, you are a voice from today for the future generations to read. Although your blog is not a niche site, it becomes one as it’s “all about Rita”. Such a joy to read!

    Hi Urban Panther,

    One thing when you write about relationships, everyone can identify. They’re either going to say “I remember when”, “Me, too”, or for the single ones, “Thanks for teaching me”. It’s a great subject that has tons of possibilities.

    Hi Jodith,

    From your administrative blog, I leaned how to set up the tasks (in Outlook) that you wrote about. Every time the reminder shows up (and I hit “snooze”), I think of you. 🙂

    Three blogs would be a chore to keep up on. I find I only have time for this one. You’ll have to share the links to your other two blogs.

  28. Al at 7PNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – that is indeed a great question, and I really like reading how some people responded regarding niche/non-niche, intended audience, etc… My *intended* audience are simply anyone who are looking to achieve goals and to get what they truly want out of life. Pretty ambitious and open, so my intended *motive* is to also make people thing and grow.

    However, when I write the article, in my mind I’m writing the article to my previous self, someone who thinks like me and might be able to benefit from what I write. It helps me to answer the question, “Is this interesting enough for me to read if I wasn’t the author?”

    Al at 7P’s last blog post..The Hero with a Thousand Jobs

  29. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    I definitely have a niche, a tiny, tiny niche. 🙂 I don’t just blog about a raw food diet – it’s a specific way of doing the raw food diet.

    I have attempted to broaden it just slightly over the last 6 months to reach a slightly wider audience and I believe I have succeeded to a certain point, but sometimes I’ve sensed that my initial audience (the ones who were most interested in me talking specifically about the type of raw food diet I’m on) were getting a bit tired of that.

    Interesting topic, Barbara!

  30. I began my blog to connect with other people struggling with physical clutter, feeling disorganized and the anxiety that often accompanies both. I had found that most “professional” organizers couldn’t or didn’t understand the emotional side of being disorganized (I think that’s starting to change).

    I tried a few “how to” posts but my heart just isn’t in it; I don’t want to be an expert. But I do like to share things that work for me in terms of getting my life in order.

    I think my readers are a combo of people like me who are striving to change, and people who aren’t struggling with this particular issue, but read my blog anyway (you know who you are!).

  31. Cath LawsonNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara – I’ve been thinking. You do also attract bloggers who have quite a bit of experience. I have been blogging a good while now, but I learn so much from your blog. There is always more to learn and things change so often.

  32. Chase MarchNo Gravatar says:

    I write topics that interest me and hopefully others as well. I haven’t really thought about who my audience is or who I should be writing for. I just think open and honest writing with passion can draw people in. It isn’t necessarily all about the content.

    I’m not sure if I reach my audience. I mean, how may hip-hop, running elementary school teachers are out there? But I do seem to be reaching some people. And to me that is huge.

    Chase March’s last blog post..We’re Coming Up Short

  33. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    When I first started out, I was hoping to attract two target audiences in mind: women with low self esteem and bloggers who are having a hard time making money due to their negative beliefs. I’m not sure if I’m doing a great job so far, because most of the bloggers who comment on my posts do not seem to have these issues….LOL!!

  34. Am I a niche blogger or not? I am not sure. I still haven’t really worked who I am writing for either. I suppose I am writing for anyone who likes the challenge of thinking differently, seeing things from a new perspective, and to provide encouragement as well as this can be the catalyst to change. I also want to attract people who like a bit of fun and lighthearted stuff too. Based on the comments I have had I am roughly on track.

    I think it is time to make some changes – just not sure exactly what that means for me. A few that come to mind. Firstly my RSS feed is only partial and I hate that. I am home from work today and thought I could fix up one of the immediate problems. This is going to sound ridiculous …. I have spent over 3 hours today trying to change my RSS feed from partial to full and I can’t work out how to do this. I actually cried a few tears of frustration and have given up (for now)….. HELP………. Can anyone help me with this?

    Secondly I don’t have a tagline as such but do have some words in “ About this Blog” under the title and I feel it needs tweaking. I think the current the words sound a bit pretentious and over the top yet I am struggling to come up with something succinct to capture the essence of Forever Change and capture something that tells people a little about me too. The word quirky which I only added in about a week ago is a good start.

    Thirdly I sense within myself that I want to come across as a more natural me through the blog rather than hide behind a veil of pretending to be an “expert”. (the term expert used very loosely here) Not sure if that last point makes sense to anyone it does to me though.

  35. Dr. CasonNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you Barbara for putting that out there. I have come to realize I do have a niche. I don’t quite know how to describe it but it’s there.

    Because of you I made a phone call and redefined some of my professional relationships. So I can let be my creative outlet and be my professional one. The two will overlap and needn’t be exclusive but I felt that I didn’t need to give up something I had spent many many hours writing!

    I appreciate the probing questions. If we don’t ask and thus answer then we’ll never know. And then really what is the point?

    My gratitude to you.

    Dr. Cason’s last blog post..A Few of My Favorite Things

  36. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Al,

    I love how you put that, “Is this interesting enough for me to read if I wasn’t the author?”. That’s a great test to give ourselves before hitting the “publish” button.

    Hi Sarah,

    Writing in a small niche can be challenging. Expanding it, sounds like it’s helped. Even though I’m not on a raw food diet, I often find treasures in your posts. So whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.

    Hi Ann,

    I find that interesting how the professional organizers weren’t recognizing the emotional side of clutter. If we look at a person as a whole and the habits that are ingrained in them, theres’ usually an underlying reason for their actions.

    What I like about your posts is that they make me stop, look around and say, “hey, I can organize THAT, too”. I also like the humor you thread into your writings.

    Hi Catherine,

    You’re right. This blog isn’t just about NEW bloggers, but for bloggers who like to share, learn more, contribute and be a part of the community. I often laugh, as even though I’m “teaching” per se, I learn many things each day from those who comment.

    Hi Chase,

    The thing I like about blogging, and I think you’ll agree, even if we help only one person (in some way), our words hold value.

    P.S. I believe Rita is also a teacher. Whether she’s a hip-hop running elementary school teacher, only she can answer that.

    Hi Evelyn,

    You’re probably helping more people than you know. Many of our readers don’t comment, but do come by to pick up the information. The rest of us visit as we love the content.

    Hi Leanne,

    Re: your feeds. I see you’re on WordPress. Go to your dashboard, and under “Settings”, “Reading” is a spot where you can change from partial to full feeds. (4th item down). Let me know if you need additional help.

    As far as the “essence” of “Forever Change”, take your time and ask yourself what you’re trying to project. Write it out, type it out, and as the words flow, so will your “essence”.

    Hi Dr. Cason,

    You’re welcome.

    I agree, don’t get rid of your writings on MommyMD. You’ve worked hard on them, they hold value, and a they are a part of YOU.

  37. YAY – I have changed my RSS feed from partial to full. It was so easy once I knew where to look.

    Thank you so much Barbara.

  38. RitaNo Gravatar says:


    This Rita? Sorry Barb, but you are SO very close.

    I teach Middle and High School Students. The subjects I teach are History and (DO NOT LAUGH!) Ethics.

    I also teach a college course on the WWI-WWII years, with a focus on the Holocaust, using original source material.

    My favorite class is the 7th graders, as they come to me 1 year out of Elementary School and leave me 1 year away from High School. It is a pivotal year for the students, who begin class looking and acting one way, and leave me as early teenagers whose bodies, mental capacities and hormones undergo a HUGE change in those few short months that we are together.

    I have already written about missing teaching (it happens around Bastille Day every year – don’t ask me why), and I’m sure that in a few short weeks you’ll be hearing about my students.

    I do not run. I do NOT listen to Hip Hop – though I use it as a tool for instruction, when appropriate. Finally, when I did my student teaching, I taught first graders and did NOT like the fact that I was spending as much time wiping noses and tying shoes as I was teaching.

    Other than that, you’re totally on the money! What Chase and I have in common is our love for what we do. If you read what he wrote, he wants to reach people. To me, that’s Step 1 in being able to be a good teacher. But it can’t be rushed…it takes a lifeime of being willing to learn in order to be able to teach effectively.

    I’ll be visiting tomorrow, Chase. As soon as Barbara’s chin can be lifted from the shock. 🙂


  39. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Leanne,

    Glad I was able to help. You’re welcome.

    Hi Rita,

    You sound like a wonderful, caring teacher. Am I shocked? No! Even though I call you feisty (on your blog), I know there’s a good soul behind “Rita’s Digest”.

    I love how you put that, ” it takes a lifetime of being willing to learn in order to be able to teach effectively.” So true, for everyone. After all, aren’t we all teachers in one capacity or another?

  40. […] at Blogging Without A Blog (BWAB) we had lots to think about this week. We talked about our target audience, giving our readers eye candy, and how our online image is projected through our […]

  41. Sunil PathakNo Gravatar says:

    When I started my blog 2 month ago I was writing for my forum members and my self
    I never believed I will ever have stranger reading my blog (until I discovered BWAB 1 and half month ago) for me blogging was a time pass hobby. I was blogging just because I had nothing else to do. But know I am blogging because I want to blog, now I am blogging for a person who wants to explore different aspects of blogging. I am blogging because I want to learn different ideas of blogging.

    And I am really thank full to all those great who thought what blogging

    Sunil Pathak’s last blog post..How To Write Great Content That You Reader Can’t Ignore.

  42. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Sunil,

    Isn’t it amazing how a blog can be born in the strangest of ways. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the journey. It will be fun to watch your progress.

  43. Barbara

    I have written about this a couple of times already on SHE-POWER – for better or worse I don’t have a niche.

    I have had reasonable success without one, though I am sure I would get better traffic from search engines and maybe even more subscribers if I focused more. But like Vered, I do this for fun and I am a woman of many interests so I wouldn’t enjoy it so much if I stuck to one niche.

    My audience has grown organically and is anyone who is interested in the funny side of life, adventure, travel, relationships, and my simple take on personal development. I also have a popular interview series and post short fiction, so it’s a real mixed bag over at SHE-POWER. I like to think people come back because I’m a good writer who can spin a yarn and has a fresh voice.

    I do think I need a tag though and I’m working on that now. I’ve always liked the title of your blog; it’s very memorable and I think you serve your audience very well.

    🙂 Kelly

  44. Sunil PathakNo Gravatar says:

    yeh blogging is really fun you learn lots of new stuff as you blog and today i have learned bigest lesson of my life

    follow my letest blog post in to know what i have learned and at what price 🙁

    Sunil Pathak’s last blog post..Never Mess With Things You Don’t Know

  45. I write about my spiritual journey through life as an incest survivor and beyond. Some of my articles are about incest. Some are not. I write to share hope and to inspire others to become more than victims of life. I share to let others know that we all have choices. I write about the wonder of spirituality and how it has changed my life.

  46. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Your blog does everything you’ve set out to accomplish. It gives people hope, and teaches others to have compassion for those who are suffering from incest and other childhood abuse.

    Choice is so important to learn. By example, you’re teaching others it’s possible. Great job!

  47. VeredNo Gravatar says:

    I am so blushing right now!

    I’m a cool mom. 🙂

    Thank you, Barbara. You made my day. 🙂

  48. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Oh you’re very welcome “Cool Mom Vered”

    Have a wonderful weekend. All of us “kids” will come over when we hear you have some new “treats” for us.

  49. RobinNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara

    I’m writing for anyone who is alive, really (?)

    All along I’ve had to just write and hope, because my material is going to be very strange and different to most people. Some posts I have been really scared to set free – I got quite sick when I did one of them (the is death natural one).

    Having said all that, I guess I’m going to naturally write for people who are similar to me… sophisticated, intelligent, talented… hehehe.

    Robin’s last blog post..Letting Creativity Just Slip In

  50. Barbara, thank you for your praise. It made my day.

    Patricia – Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker’s last blog post..Protecting Our Children From Sexual Abuse

  51. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Robin,

    Exactly, we do write for those like us, and for you they are the sophisticated, intelligent and talented crowd. Must be why I read your blog, too. 🙂

    Hi Patricia,

    You’re very welcome! Have a wonderful weekend.

  52. @Robin – anyone who’s alive….too funny.

    @Robin and Barbara – sophisticated, intelligent, talented… AND sexy. Never forget that part *grin*

  53. You’re right, your blog must be based upon a niche and it reflects in your writing style.

    Before I jumped into the details let me say this, you must have to have a defined niche so as to who you’re going to write to and then try to find ways to present your blog that makes it a unique.

  54. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Codrut,

    As discussed in the comments, a blog wouldn’t necessarily have to be niche to be successful. Each blogger is measuring success by their own standards. Those who have niche blogs do benefit from knowing who their target audience is.

  55. C RicheyNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara makes a good point. It doesn’t have to be a niche blog, but it would be easier to gain an audience by specializing.

  56. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi C Richey,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    Yes, niche blogs are easier to market, however a niche is not necessary for success.

  57. AaronNo Gravatar says:

    As was mentioned in the comments above, I write for people like me – mostly because I understand this audience the best 🙂 More specifically, I write about things I have learned in the past so that people who are facing the same challenges I have faced may benefit.

  58. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    Writing about things we’ve learned is a great way to teach others, thus helping to create a blog that often becomes a terrific resource.

    I checked out your blog and can see it’s well written and each post is filled with value.

    Great job!

  59. […] article reminded me of when I wrote my “Your Audience – Hitting The Bullseye” post, and replied to Hunter Nuttall’s comment by saying, “this is how I visualize […]