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On February 1, 2008, it was announced Microsoft wants to join forces with Yahoo. Some are calling it a merger, a marriage, and/or a takeover

Whatever it’s called, it appears Microsoft wants a bigger market share, and if you read this post, it reveals how Yahoo made some mistakes along the way, making room for Google to grow larger than it already was.

It’s reported that Google already holds 62 percent of the world wide search market share, a market that’s expected to more than double in size within the next three years.

Today’s Lesson

I find these figures interesting.

If the world wide search market is expected to more than double in the next three years, that will undoubtedly generate more traffic for blogs.

Google continues to encourage bloggers to write for their readers, not for the search engines.

With Google stressing the use of writing style, could it be possible, they are on the brink of placing more weight on content, in their algorithm “secret sauce” recipe?

In order to stay in for forefront, Google knows they must provide it’s “searchers” the best results possible.

Multiply the number of current online searches by 2 or 3, and the numbers will become massive.

If Google could improve on search engine results pages (SERPs) their market share could become astronomical.

Even if this Microsoft/Yahoo merger/marriage/takeover never becomes a reality, it could motivate Google to take a look inward.

Today’s Assignment

What do you think?

Should Microsoft be allowed to takeover, or merge with Yahoo?

Do you think this could “put some fire” under Google to improve the SERPs

Which is your primary search engine?

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  1. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – Great post. I really don’t think Microsoft and Yahoo are worthy competitors on their own. And a merger would definitely encourage Microsoft/Yahoo and Google to provide better search results.

    But, what will they do? Their page rank system has serious flaws. They’re trying to get rid of paid links, but I really think they’d be better scrapping page rank altogether. It just doesn’t encourage people to link out naturally and those of us who do link out a lot are penalised.

    The only thing that worries me – re the Internet, is the fact that Google makes more money from advertising. And I really hope that we won’t wind up with only sponsored links on the first few pages in the future.

    They would be mad to do that, as the results would be poor quality, and it would be a move in the wrong direction – eg back to old fashioned advertising, instead of reviews, opinions etc of real people.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Do you think a Microsoft/Yahoo merger would stand a chance against Google – Barbara? Or have Google got too far ahead in the game for them to catch up?

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Want To Get Rich Quick? 7 Reasons Why It’s Dangerous

  2. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Catherine,

    This issue has been boiling all weekend. I just read another interesting article filed by the New Your Times titled : “Google Works to Torpedo Microsoft Bid for Yahoo”

    I don’t know if a merger of Microsoft and Yahoo could compete with Google, but they would probably give Google a run for the money.

    If we did end up with another huge search engine, it would be those that are searching who would ultimately decide who the “winner” is, based on who is offering the best “product/service”.

    At this time, it’s still very speculative, but this will be a great story worth watching.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Will Bill’s Bucks Result In Better SERPs

  3. Ian DennyNo Gravatar says:

    I think the key battleground is relevance.

    It frustrates me to see Google results constantly showing the results of those who have the skills and knowledge to scam the system.

    I can’t see Google or the others going too far down the road of maximising advertising.

    If search traffic is going to double, then pay-per-click will simply make more money naturally through relevance.

    My blog on our comeback story is a personal passion. I do get a fair amount of traffic from people searching for answers because they are struggling, but if doesn’t find enough people.

    It forces someone like me who wants to just spread a message to seek financial support to get the “back end” of the blog more business-friendly.

    I’ve spoken to the head of marketing from the insolvency practitioner I used to ask for sponsorship.

    I’ve made it clear that editorially I can’t be swayed. But because I would personally recommend their company, and do genuinely want people to seek help earlier, I will write articles along those lines.

    The point is, the voice of the small individual should get naturally louder through search engines. Not quieter as the secret formula they use is manipulated by those with the cash.

    For me, the winner will be the one who gets the relevance count higher. And if content is the answer, then I’m all for it.

    Having to adapt what you say so you’re almost writing in a programming language for a piece of software rather than a person reading is not exactly what people have in mind when they hit the search button.

    Ian Denny’s last blog post..Business Cashflow Nightmares Solved Within 10 Days

  4. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:


    I totally agree with what you’ve said. As an example, in my mission to find my “new blog of the week”, I conduct dozens of searches, and also click on comments on other blogs. My problem remains the same, “where is the content”.

    Your personal blog is such a great resource for those who have failed in, or want help in a business, it’s a shame it’s not getting more recognition than it does.

    Although a blog may be maximized for SEO, and receive top billing, it frustrates me when I waste my time, trying to find the correct (and current) answer to the question I am asking.

    To me, content should be the first ingredient in any search engine’s secret recipe.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Will Bill’s Bucks Result In Better SERPs

  5. I hope that Microsoft and Yahoo together can make Google just a little nervous. We hear so much about how people lose half their Google traffic overnight, or get penalized for selling text links, as if that were a bad thing. If Google had a stronger competitor, they might stop acting so crazy.

    What about Are they getting bigger? I’ve never seen any other search engine advertise on TV.

    Hunter Nuttall’s last blog post..Anger Management 101

  6. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hunter,

    I would almost believe that even just the “talk” of a merger will open Google’s eyes. Google is my preferred search engine (habit, I suppose), but if someone marketed a new search engine and it got my attention as being reliable (providing better SERPs), I would consider trying it.

    I have heard nothing about, however, often during these public battles, those with a lower positioning can gain popularity by using the bad press to their advantage.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Bloggers Are Missing Huge Opportunities