If you have had a blog for any length of time, you may begin to feel like you and your blog, have become joined in cyberspace matrimony.

In one sense, you may feel like you are married to your blog.

New bloggers..be forewarned, this could happen to you.

Today’s Lesson

Picture this scenario: A wife is distraught because her husband has become a blogaholic. She blames it all on the blog, and attempts to sue the blog,for alienation of affection.

In court, the questions to the husband, go something like this:

Do you check your blog stats before saying “Good Morning” to your children and/or wife?

Do you get out of bed in the middle of the night to work on your blog?

Do you close the door to your “room”, so you can spend one on one time with your blog?

Do you check on your blog via any type of telecommunications device that’s available, many times a day?

Do you take your blog with you, where ever you go, via laptop/notebook?

Do you check on your blog, one last time, before retiring for the night?

Do you find yourself checking your blog, in between your normal work/home duties…maybe sneaking in a comment or two on a friend’s blog

Have you claimed “I have a headache”, only to retire to your office to post to your blog?

Do you feel such an urgency to answer comments on your blog, that other duties, or family members, become less important?

Do you give others your blog address (URL), before you introduce them to your wife?

Do you show others your blog stats, but don’t have any pictures of your wife?

The husband answers “yes” to all questions.

The judge rules in favor of the wife.

She gains control of all of the blog’s proceeds.

Today’s Assignment

Have you been reading this, and answering yes to some of the questions?

Do you think you are becoming a blogaholic?

Did you remember, blogging is a hobby? Not to be confused with living life

Is it time for an intervention?

As much as a blog can become like a lifetime partner, don’t forget to take time off from blogging, and reconnect with friends and family.

In life, that’s what really matters.

I’m off until Monday, …..except for answering comments…………, and maybe visiting a blog, or two…..and maybe I’ll start a post…… 🙄

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  1. I’m finding that I have to fight pretty hard to resist the temptation to check my stats excessively, and from what I hear that’s not uncommon. I try to restrict stat checking to Fridays only, and I’m getting better at doing that. Here it is past 9:00 AM on a Friday, and I haven’t checked my stats yet!

  2. Ian DennyNo Gravatar says:

    Very true! I think it ticked pretty much every box.

    A timely reminder to take time out (oops, commenting in work time – must get back to it…).

  3. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hunter,

    Stat checking becomes a favorite activity for new bloggers. As time passes, the need to check stats so often does decrease. However, stats also tell us a lot about our blogs, so it’s not always a bad thing.

    Hi Ian,

    It is difficult not to check in on blogosphere, when others duties await our attention.

    To both of you….have a great weekend!

  4. CatherineLNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara – that is so funny. You really had me there when I saw the title. But, so much suing goes on these days that it wouldn’t have surprised me.

    I don’t know that I do too many of those things, but I do try to blog every day. And I do try to check my comments as I don’t like people thinking I’m ignoring them.

    I’m not really a stats checker – although I do like to see what keywords people have been using to find me.

    Blogging is time consuming though and these are really good points. I bet there are many who would be found guilty and sent to the gallows.

  5. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Yes, blogging is time consuming. I try to post 4-5 times a week, but usually take weekends off (except for checking comments & recording stat information that I’m tracking). I find I need to give me brain a rest, and concentrate on other aspects of my life, however, if I think of a good topic, I will jot it down.

  6. NicoleNo Gravatar says:

    I can say yes to quite a few things, but I have 14 hours a day all to myself (well, except for the dogs which from time to time scratch my leg or bump my arm 😉 )
    If hubby’s home, I spend the time with him – or we are both checking our Computers 😉

  7. BarbaraNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Nicole,

    With 14 hours a day, a person could do a whole lot on the internet. Sometimes I wish my job didn’t take up so much time, as I am usually looking forward to blogging,……..but then again, that does motivate me to work faster 😀

    You must be using some of that time of yours to take those awesome photos. Keep up the great work!

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