In my previous article, I wrote about AWStats. Keep in mind, the progress of your blog can be seen in your AWStats.

As a new blogger, I have decided to have some fun and have made a copy of my awstats for my first 16 days. I’ve reached over 100 “unique visitors” (111 to be exact) and have had 313 “visits”, giving me a daily average of 20 visits. These numbers may seem small if you compare them to the pro bloggers (who get tens of thousands of visits a day), however, they had to start at the bottom, too. I’ve included my awstats copies in my “blogging binder”, and as I progress, will be able to look back and see where I came from. Granted, I will see hills and valleys in my awstats, however, my goal is to see an overall increase in my traffic numbers.

Since my goal is to average one post per day, I will hopefully build up a good clientèle of visitors. I realize my blog isn’t for everyone, as the information I post would be quite elementary for those who are knowledgeable in the computer language. However, with blogging getting more popular, everyone has to start somewhere. My hope is that new bloggers will be able to gain knowledge from what I’ve written, and find that it makes it easier for them to understand different terminology and procedures. I also want to alert new bloggers of problems I’ve encountered, and hopefully they can avoid repeating my mistakes.

Try this for yourself, and let me know how you’re doing. Are you having fun yet? I am.

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