Researching whether or not to open a link in a new browser window, or not, has given me both answers. Yes and No.

Some say, to have the link open in the same window is better, therefore you’re not forcing your readers to remain on your site, when they may want to “move on:. Others say, yes, open a new browser window, so that the readers always come back to your site. What’s right?

For me, I was having my links open in the same browser. But, having played around with my own blog, and with other sites, I actually prefer that a new browser window opens, as a lot of times I want to go back to the original site and read another article, or do more research. Granted, I could open the site manually and toggle between them, but if I don’t have to do that, I would rather not.

So, if you want to have your link open in a new browser window, just add the code: target=”_blank” to the end of the “<a href=…………….just before the “>”.

I have read that this could create a problem, as is might be considered as a pop up, but with all of the experimenting I’ve done on my own, I haven’t run into that problem.

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