Most people have heard of the law of attraction (LOA). It was written about extensively in The Secret.

I credit reading “The Secret” to me launching my blogs.

The Law of Attraction claims, that which we think about most, we draw to ourselves.

Think positively and more positive (things) will come to you, think negative and you’ll get more of the same.

Today’s Lesson

Over the past few weeks I have consistently been writing in my “gratitude journal”. I write at least ten things I’m thankful for each day.

It can be as simple as the new blue jay that showed up at our bird feeder, or something more major like good health.

Recently I’ve been including how grateful I am when I find a new blog.

Ironically, coincidently, or is it the law of attraction, that same day, or the next, I find another great blog/blogger, or they find me (by commenting).

In the past week, I have added 12 new blogs to my reader.

I can’t confirm that it’s the law of attraction in action, but some type of “energy” has kicked in.

I remember in the past how I complained all I was finding were poor quality, nearly content free blogs. The more I complained and thought about it, the more of them I found.

Now, the reverse is happening.

Whatever it is, I’m keeping my thought process focused on the positive.

The results are much better.

Today’s Assignment

Have you seen the law of attraction in action with your blog(s)?

If you start being more optimistic, do more things go your way?

Do you think the law of attraction exists or is it just a myth?

Did you know you can now buy The Secret Gratitude Book?

I like the look of the Secret Gratitude Book, however, not wanting to be wasteful, I am using the journals I have on hand.

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  1. “Gratitude Attitude.” Our way of thinking definitely changes our perception of the world and how we act in it.

    I don’t have too many commentators on my blog, so I don’t really see much “action” to begin with LOL.

    I think things either go my way or don’t, but when I’m optimistic I notice them better when they do.

    Is it a myth or not? I dunno, sorry – bad grade there.

    John Hoff – eVentureBizs last blog post..Gas Prices and Product Costs vs. Service Costs

  2. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi John,

    I think it’s interesting how even when something isn’t going exactly as we want/expect it to, if we see the “lesson” in it, we can turn what may have been a negative to a positive.

    Maybe…..if you write in your gratitude journal (you have one, right?) how you’re thankful for a few loyal commenters (I’m one), you’ll get more. You think? 🙂 Try it and let me know if it’s working.

    Oh never mind, I’ll see your gratitude in action when I come and visit. 😆

  3. JayNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve definitely noticed this happening, in my own life and in others’ lives. I have two friends in particular who have so much bad stuff happening to them that there has to be something going on. It’s just one thing after another! Now you could say with all that going on, they’re bound to develop a cynical or pessimistic attitude to life, but it does seem as if they call it down on themselves.

    Me? Since the Depp Effect took hold, I do notice more good stuff happening than bad, for sure!

  4. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jay,

    That story reminds me of a friend. She admits she loves chaos in her life…..and boy does she have it. It’s become like a “signature” for her.

    Hmmmmm, maybe blogging gives us peace. I’m all for that.

  5. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    I think you get what you focus on and you see what you point your camera at — or put it another way, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you aren’t going to see it.

    I had an experimental blog for a while where I tested the law of attraction. I found one of my posts:

    “My oh my, so many ways to test the law of attraction, but where to start? For my first experiment, I took a trip to the casino. What better way to test the law of attraction than see if lady luck would smile my way. Well, she did. I won $2,600. What does it prove about the law of attraction? Well, so far nothing, but it sure was amusing. At each slot machine I said to myself, OK, law of attraction, show me your stuff. And it did!”

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Personal Memory House or Landscape

  6. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi J.D.

    That’s an interesting (and profitable) way to use the LOA.

    While that worked for you, I feel it’s my duty to remind anyone reading this “Gambling is to be used for entertainment only, and is not to be used for investment purposes. If you think you have a gambling addiction call the National Council on Problem Gambling’s confidential hotline at 1-800-522-4700” (that’s a real number)

    So, what happened to the blog?

  7. JayNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara – some people do enjoy the chaos, but more are trapped in a vicious circle they can’t get out of, I think. Blogging is certainly therapeutic. It’s a bit like keeping a diary, but it makes you think more about what is happening, because other people are reading it.

    JD – reminds me of a bumper sticker I found once. It said ‘It you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it’. Neat!

  8. Dear Law Of Attraction Friends,

    I have studied the attitude of gratitude in relation to The Law Of Attraction, as a psychic, and I have found out some interesting things about gratefulness.

    Unfortunately, you can not force yourself to be grateful! I am sorry to say so, but it would be of no good to do so. If you pretend to be Grateful, but underneath the surface feel angry, misunderstood, envy or exploited for example, it would not be to your advantage.

    There are ways, however, to develop true gratefulness. When you have done so, a positive whirl will blow your life into situations you could never imagine! The Law Of Attraction will work your way! I explain how, on my web site.

    Love and Blessings

    Spiritual Life Coach and Psychic Healer Lily On Earths last blog post..Jun 4, Law Of Attraction Links

  9. Dr.CasonNo Gravatar says:

    I think the law of attraction definitely works. When you think positive, people just rise to it.

    Lately I have been trying to focus on the positive of Guam and wanting to meet like people. Last night I got my wish.

    We just spent the night in the hospital and while it was tough time for my family, I met an interesting nurse from Colorado. She just joined the navy and WANTED to go to Guam. She liked the idea of travel and serving her country. I smiled because I knew what she meant. That wasn’t the best thing though …she also is a middle child.

    My husband and I have recently decided that we are going to stop with our three kids and not have a fourth. Yes that means we have a middle child. Well everyone points out how this is unfair but I have decided to focus on the positive. I say that Bree brings balance to our family and she is an integral part!!

    So this nurse says she’s the middle of three and I implored – And?? How was it? Did you feel left out? She replied very quickly while smiling and said “No! My mom always said I was the Peanut Butter. And I believed her.”

    How beautiful is that? I got tears in my eyes. I felt such relief. My sweet Bree is the peanut butter.

    Dr.Casons last blog post..Just home from the Hospital- Again

  10. NaturalNo Gravatar says:

    well i do think it’s better to stay positive and be careful of the thoughts we put into our mind…not sure i buy into the “law of attraction” thing. people with cancer and other diseases stay positive, but still die, i don’t think they were thinking negatively to deserve cancer. some things are just out of our control…i’m sure this is excluded from the LOA, right? i think it’s more of you reap what you sow when it comes to what we bring into our lives. if we make good decisions and choices in life, i think our life will reflect that, we will have a positive outlook..however if we make bad decisions in life, no matter how “positive” we feel, we just cannot outsmart our stupidity.

    Naturals last blog post..What My Clothes Reveal About Me

  11. MarelisaNo Gravatar says:

    I definitely think that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. That’s why if you want things to change, you have to start with yourself. I think the internet can actually hasten the Law of Attraction since it’s so easy to reach so many different types of people and have access to so much information. I’ve been coming across a lot of good blogs lately and the people who visit mine seem to be very positive and life-affirming, so I think I’m on the right track.

  12. SaraNo Gravatar says:

    I’m actually in the camp that’s very much against the Law of Attraction. Still, I think there are a lot of times where we find what we seek, and that having a positive outlook is more likely to bring about positive results. Like Marelisa said, our outer world is many times a reflection of our inner world.

    Either way, I’m very glad you’re finding what you’re looking for, Barbara!

    Saras last blog post..Dishing the Dirt, On Simplicity Style

  13. I’m usually very aware of how much I have to be grateful for, but lately – due to a family crisis – I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself. I don’t have a gratitude journal, but this post has reminded me that I need to reconnect with all the good in my life and remember just how lucky I am!

  14. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Barbara

    I took the blog offline because I realized I hadn’t done enough research to figure out how to really test, measure, and analyze results. Because it was an experiment blog, I wanted to either do it right or put it on hold. Also, my posts just ended up silly. Here’s another example about orange muffins:

    “I had orange muffins for breakfast. No big deal, except that it’s been a couple years since I’ve had them. Then low and behold what do I find at work? Orange muffins. Another team had spare orange muffins. Wow, from orange muffin famine to feast!

    I don’t think I did anything special to attract orange muffins. I do know that if I didn’t have orange muffins on the brain, I wouldn’t have noticed orange muffins in the kitchen. Maybe there’s a lot more around me that I’m not paying attention to ….”

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Personal Memory House or Landscape

  15. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    I should add that during the time I tested the law of attraction and actually tracked it in my blog, I did have a pretty amazing string of “coincidences.”

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Personal Memory House or Landscape

  16. Thanks for writing this, Barbara!

    Recently I’ve found many bloggers renounce the law of attraction — it has become a way of showing their “intelligence” I guess. And the more they think “The law of attraction does NOT work. Good things do NOT come around by thinking good things.”, of course the the law brings exactly that — no manifestation of good things in their lives. Sad.

    Yes, I know the law works. I’ve always got around the tough corners of life with it, and now it is a way of life for me. So the time when I notice it “working” is more like when I slip momentarily and let negative things happen, like the plagiarism I found yesterday. Last week, I was talking with another blogger about the importance of respecting copyright. . .

  17. Hi Barbara,

    I enjoy all the Law of Attraction stuff, and I believe that what you focus on you get more of. The only problem I have with it, is that it causes confusion. It can make good normal people feel like they’ve attracted “bad” things and wonder what they did wrong. On the one hand, I’ve had unbelievable moments where something I think about suddenly manifests out of thin air – like an old friend suddenly calling, etc. But on the other hand, how can I know if I “attract” every single thing that happens to me? I have no proof of that and neither does anybody else.

    Mark – Creative Journey Cafes last blog post..How to Conquer Your Fear of Creating, Part 2

  18. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    I’m totally a fan of the Laws of Attraction and have seen the DVD version of the “The Secret.” While it is true that there are certain things that we cannot control, like diseases and calamaties, there are definitely plenty of things that we can attract through positive thinking.

    Let’s look at it this way. There are bad things that happened that we can’t control and there’ll be bad things that will happed that we can control. Why not turn those bad things that we can control in to positive things like our attitude, our success with our chosen career, financial, emotional, and physical health.

    Here’s a tangible example the non-believer can marinate on, I’m happy because of my positive attitude towards my life, family, and career. I still go through plenty of obstacles with regards to these things but I continue to affect the final outcomes of these obstacles in a positive manner because of my positive attitude.

    Chriss last blog post..Prom Night

  19. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jay,

    Blogging has definitely made me focus, and like you said, knowing others are reading it does make us think twice before hitting that publish button.

    Love the bumper sticker…so true.

    Hi Lily On Earth,

    Welcome to the BWAB community.

    You bring up a great point, and I do agree with what you say about gratefulness. We have to feel it in our heart.

    Your site looks fascinating. You’ll be seeing me soon.

    Hi Dr. Cason,

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    I like that “peanut butter”.

    I hope all is well with your family.

    Hi Natural,

    Agree, we do reap what we sow. Can we put a name on it? Some may call it faith, some call it LOA, and others use different terminology.

    I do like how you put it, “if we make bad decisions in life, no matter how “positive” we feel, we just cannot outsmart our stupidity”. 🙂

    Hi Marelisa,

    Blogs do attract like minded people. And I can see how that happens. If I land on a blog, I can usually tell within the first few seconds if it’s one I feel I want to subscribe to. It’s like they give off a “vibe”.

    Hi Sara,

    The Law of Attraction is often debunked as “snake oil” or hokus pokus, and I don’t know if that’s because people haven’t seen it in action, or if they just doubt it because they can’t “see” it.

    I think we all have instances where we say “what a coincidence”, and brush it off as that, but I’m of the belief sometimes it’s more than just a coincidence.

    Hi Ann,

    I’m sorry to hear about your family crisis.

    Remembering (and being grateful for) that which is good in our lives often helps to take us through hard times.

    Hi J.D.

    Thanks for coming back and telling us the rest of the story.

    If you ever are in a position to continue your quest on the law of attraction (and blog about it), please let me know as it sounds like it would be a fascinating read.

    Orange muffins? I don’t think I’ve ever had any of those.

    Hi Akemi,

    I, too, have seen a few of those blogs.

    That’s interesting that it’s now a “way of life” for you. When “something” continues to get us through the tough times, we begin to rely on it. What we name it, is up to us.

    Hi Mark,

    Those calls from old friends can almost be eerie. Sometimes I’ll be thinking of an old friend, and they’ll call. Years past, people called that ESP (Extrasensory Perception – a sixth sense).

    I’ve read excerpts from books that claim our thoughts are a lot more powerful than we could ever imagine. For me, it’s a subject worth pursuing.

    The hardest thing is that it’s not something tangible, so it’s hard to wrap our brain around the idea.

  20. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have the DVD too. You just reminded me, I’ll have to watch it again. 🙂

    Well put, “I continue to affect the final outcomes of these obstacles in a positive manner because of my positive attitude.”

    It’s all about choice, isn’t it?

  21. Barbara – I don’t have a journal. I’ve tried in the past but it’s just something I never get into. I do, however, thank the Lord for everything I have, including commentators. 😉

    John Hoff – eVentureBizs last blog post..Gas Prices and Product Costs vs. Service Costs

  22. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Like you John, I also (verbally/mentally) thank the Lord for my blessings, but for some reason combining that with written words seems to solidify things.

  23. I am so glad I came to your blog today. I have completely forgotten about the gratitude journal. You are right, in a world that appears to be full of the negative it is so easy to abandon the positive. Thank you for reminding and inspiring me to dust of my notebooks. I think I will get my children to do the same 🙂

    A Voice From the Battlefields last blog post..How Do You Love a Black Woman

  24. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Zenobia,

    It’s great to see you here again,

    I’m happy this post reminded you to dust off your notebooks. I like that you have your children writing in theirs, too.

    BTW: I checked out your brother’s site. It is awesome.

  25. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    In addition to the “you get what you focus on,” I think another rule that starts to play out is “opposites attract, but similarities bind.” So if you’re a positive person, you get more positive around you and you reject the negative.

    I’m not a Pollyanna positivity fan, but I do like turning everything into a lesson and making lemonade out of lemons where possible. It’s just how I roll …

    J.D. Meiers last blog post..Personal Memory House or Landscape

  26. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi J.D.

    That’s interesting how you put that, “opposites attract, but similarities bind…. and you reject the negative”.

    I like homemade lemonade too. 😆

  27. Pat RNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara – it’s true – what we think and feel and believe shows up more in our lives. I like your use of gratitude for your blogs. I’m thinking this is what I want to do for my blog.

    Lily on Earth above put it so beautifully, “There are ways, however, to develop true gratefulness. When you have done so, a positive whirl will blow your life into situations you could never imagine!”


  28. Wow! A lot about LOA. One thing I’ve learned from this law is that instead of sending negative vibes to our subconscious mind, if we ask,”So, what do I want now?” our mind responds positively and that eventually brings a positive result.


    Shilpan | successsoul.coms last blog post..The Real Key to a Healthy Life

  29. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Pat,

    That is beautiful how Lily on Earth worded it, isn’t it?

    Hi Shilpan,

    That’s a fabulous idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

  30. I def. believe in attracting what you seek. I mean very seriously – it shows up in my life time and time again and it encourages me to practice NOTICING and APPRECIATING all the greatthings in life. I think its so wonderful you keep a journal like that. I was thinking of doing it and well – why not?

    I believe that when you have that kind of gratitude and that willingness to give the best of yourself.. your positive energy to the world, it really does come back

    I’ve seen it on my blog, I’ve seen it with people – it always amazes me how a smile seems to surprise random people

    And finding quality reads is ALWAYS awesome -thanks for making that happen for us by sharing the NBOTW Barb

    btw- looks like people are loving ya! look at these comments rise! I can easily see why!

    JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, Yous last blog post..Your Q&A: Getting to Know Yourself

  31. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi JEMi,

    Girl, you always say the nicest things, and you do know I am grateful for having found your blog too. It’s always a joy to read.

    I read (somewhere) if we’re not grateful for what we have, we’re not making room to receive more. When I think about it, that makes sense.

    And for you, keep flashing that pretty smile. You’re undoubtedly making the day for those random people. I always get to see your smile when you comment, and that makes me smile. 🙂

  32. JenniferNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara. I discovered The Secret several years ago. I bought the movie and I have been reading the book. I also get bulletins from some of the contributors of the book. I DO believe in the LOA and try my best to incorporate it into my life. I grew up with a lot of negativity, so it is tough to re-program. And as you know, being a fellow Virgo, the worrier in me has moments of stress, that’s when The Secret helps!

    Happy Thursday!

    Jennifer´s last blog post..Those Nasty Pet Peeves

  33. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jennifer – Isn’t “The Secret” great? Although some may dispute it, I believe there’s truth to it.

    I’m noticing your pretty avatar and your last post is showing in CommentLuv. Yipee! 🙂

  34. GigiNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, the law of attraction is true and present just like the law of gravity.
    The main with people is that they concentrate too much on things they don’t want.
    The brain doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no”.
    If you tell yourself not to think about pink elephants, what will happen?
    You’ll think about pink elephants. That’s because the brain needs to know what not to think about and therefore you’re constantly projecting the negative images in your mind (negative in the meaning of not wanting those images in your mind).

    Instead on focusing on phrases like: I don’t want a crappy job etc, try focusing on positive thoughts like: I have a great job which I love, with a 100K+ annual salary.

    I hope this helped 🙂

    Gigi´s last blog post..Manicure tables or wholesale manicure tables?

  35. HIPHOPNo Gravatar says:




    HIPHOP´s last blog post..HIPHOP