For me, having two WordPress blogs, has proven to be very helpful. Being in the process of learning HTML code, and adding advertising to my blogs, I spend a lot of time in the “presentation” section of my blogs.

Last night, I was on a quest to add my blog stats, i.e. number of blogs for each item in my “Category” and “Archives” sections. I thought I had found the perfect plugin for this purpose, however, after I activated it, I couldn’t get it to work. (In fact, I did something wrong, and ended up with a syntax error-not good. But, I got that taken care of.)

In my blog, the WordPress theme automatically shows the stats. Well, I knew the code had to be written on one of the pages, but wasn’t sure which page that would be. I carefully searched the pages in the “presentation” section, and found it in the “sidebar” page. I had both of my blogs open in my browser, so I toggled between the two blogs, and copied and pasted the code from one to the other. When I “updated”, the numbers showed up, just as I had wanted them to.

So, with that being said, having two blogs may mean twice the work, however, it has now proven to be a real asset.

Who would have thought?

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