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In our construction business, my husband asks the employees to refrain from using curse words when they’re in the company of clients.

Especially women and children.

Because it is “the client” who creates work for all of us and ultimately provides an income from which we can pay the bills, he wants our employees to act respectful while on a job site.

Now, when they leave the job, that’s another story. Swearing and profanity on blogs and social networking sites

The employees are free to say what they want, how they want.

Today’s Lesson

Online we have freedom of speech.

We may not have clients who “pay the bills”, nor do we HAVE TO show respect.

We can say whatever we want, however we want.

And because of that, some will use profanity to bully others, get a point across, or to show off.

Others will write like they talk, which often includes the use of curse words.

And in some cultures, what some readers may see as offensive, isn’t offensive at all.

Personally, I don’t incorporate swear words into my writings, nor do I mind seeing a few curse words online. However, if a blog post is littered with offensive language or images, I click off.

Those types of posts are not my preferred reading material.

That said, with the world wide web being so large, I’m sure there’s an audience for that, too.

What say you?

Today’s Assignment

How do you feel about profanity in blogs and on social networking sites?

Do you use it?

Or are you offended by it?

Care to share?

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Last week we discussed how many of us are blogoholics and spend massive amounts of time blogging. Although blogging is a great hobby, it can interfere with our daily lives.

Decreasing the amount of time we spend blogging can not only improve our real life social skills, but can free up more time to spend on other goals.

Today’s Lesson

Like many of you, I need to become efficient in my blogging activities. Listed below are five tips I’ve come up with for streamlining our blogging routines.

Set a timer when visiting blogs in your reader

Although I don’t do this each time I visit the blogs in my reader, when I do, it makes me realize how fast an hour passes when I’m reading other blogs and commenting.

Answer your comments less often

If you’re receiving a steady stream of comments, let them build up before joining in. Often commenters will “feed” off each other and an interesting discussion can ensue.

Pick one or two favorite social networking sites

Each time we add another social networking site to our list, it eats into our blogging time. Use the ones you enjoy the most and discard the rest.

Write when creativity strikes

Bloggers often have spurts of creativity followed by dry spells. When creative juices are flowing, write several posts at once. When the dry spells hit, we have something to fall back on.

Post date your articles

For those using WordPress, we can take advantage of the post date feature on our WordPress blog. In WordPress 2.5.1, the option is under “Edit” of your “write” screen.

Today’s Assignment

How do you streamline your blogging time?

Can you add other suggestions to the list?

Feel free to join in the conversation, share your time saving tips, or let us know how ideas posted by others will help you.


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Yesterday, as I was working, I overheard the TV in the other room. The subject for the Oprah show (it was a rerun), were people who lost massive amounts of weight.

The first guest’s story intrigued me, so I got up to watch the segment.

Nancy had weighed over 700 pounds, but she was now looking quite stunning.

Oprah asked her how she did it. Pills? Lapband? Gastric bypass?


She did it with the help of a computer she received (as a present) from her sister.

Not being very mobile having the excess weight to tote around, she started spending time on the internet. She enjoyed political sites. She soon joined chat rooms, and shortly thereafter, began email friendships with the people she had met online.

Something about that online communication began to “fill her”, not with food, but with a sense of belonging. A sense of value.

Being able to “hide” behind a computer screen, no one could judge her. Like us bloggers, she was accepted for her words.

As if it were magic, something in her clicked, and she began losing weight.

She proceeded to lose over 530 pounds.

Today’s Lesson

Nancy’s story moved me.

It made me think of how we react to comments and emails. At times they could be so easy to dismiss.

Realizing that some people may be at home “crying” for help and reaching out to total strangers on the internet, made me realize how, as bloggers, by paying just a little bit of attention, we may be saving someone’s life. We may be their life line to the outside world. We may be the motivation they need to make a difference in their own life.

Our words can “fill” someone and give them a sense of value.

By “listening” to them, we may help them find hope.

Nancy’s story make me realize, blogging gives us more power than we can ever imagine.

How are you using yours?

Today’s Assignment

Make time to read the story of her weight loss, at Nancy Makin.com. It’s guaranteed to move you to think of how we treat others who visit our blogs, email us, or join us on social networking sites.

Nancy’s life was changed by the internet, has yours? How?

Since you started blogging, have you found more value in your own life?

Does blogging “fill you up?”

Photo Credit: tommy pariah’s photostream

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