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As witnessed in the comments of the Is Blogging Fulfilling Your Objective” post, many bloggers want to either do “something” with their blog or have their blog lead them “somewhere”.

Whether that something or somewhere is to have our blog produce an income, get us a book deal, grow our business or get us some other type of recognition, if we play our cards right, blogging could change our lives.

If we look at someone like Darren Rowse (Problogger), when he started blogging in 1992, he had no idea blogging would take him to the heights it has. In fact, he is now known world wide as one of the blogging pioneers.

When I interviewed Darren, one question I asked him was how he deals with comments. He admitted this is an issue he wrestles with. Since he doesn’t have the time to answer them, he relies on his readers to help each other out.

When that aspect of blogging got to be too much for him to handle, he chose to step back from it.*

As you can imagine, Darren’s life has changed immensely since the day he penned his first post.

Today’s Lesson

It’s possible.

Like Darren, we could all become very popular in blogosphere. Our name could become synonymous to our niche and we, too, could become “rich and famous” (whatever that means).

So, if that were to happen, how would our life change? How would our blogging change?

When I think about what happened to Darren, I can’t help but think about how life would change for me.

For example, would I still be blogging regularly? Or, would I rely more on guest posts?

How would I handle a large influx of emails, tweets and other requests on my time?

Would I need to hire an assistant?

Would I continue to operate my blog under my own name or should I incorporate?

Would there be any legal ramifications I should anticipate?

How does my online resume look? Have I blogged responsibly?

What about comments on my blogs? Would I stop answering them, too?

Although it may seem silly to think of these things when our blogs are still babies, anyone who has ever owned a business knows planning for the future, as well as the unexpected, is part of succeeding.

I don’t know about you, but I hope I’m ready.

Today’s Assignment

Would you be ready if success came knocking on your door?

If not, what needs attention?

Care to share?

signature for blog post.

P.S. In real life it happened to Susan Boyle. Although the notoriety caused a few bumps in the road for her, she appears to be back on her feet.

P.S.S. In May of 2009 we played the game of “What If” (we became famous) on this blog. Some of you played along. Some of you weren’t blogging yet. If you have time, check out the comments on that post. They’re a fun read.

*Darren occasionally shows up in the comment section of Problogger.

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