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A lot of bloggers consider themselves to be private people. In fact, for various reasons, many don’t even publish a photo of themselves online let alone their real name.

However, with blogs and social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, our privacy could easily be invaded.

Today’s Lesson

It seems like everyone has access to a digital camera and with the ease of their use, snapshots and videos are being taken at an alarming rate.

We see them on Twitpics, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and on blogs; often with a description of who is in the photo.

These days it appears anyone is fair game for having their picture published online.

But, what happens if someone shares photos or videos of us without our permission? Is that an invasion of our privacy?

Although there are laws which are suppose to protect that which is published, it makes me wonder, due to the internet and all of the social networking sites, are we losing what we once held so sacred?

I’m thinking “maybe so”.

What say you?

Today’s Assignment

How would you feel if someone posted photos or videos of you online without your permission?

Would you feel your privacy was invaded?

Would you ask them to remove them?

Or is this even a concern for you?

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