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A lot of bloggers consider themselves to be private people. In fact, for various reasons, many don’t even publish a photo of themselves online let alone their real name.

However, with blogs and social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, our privacy could easily be invaded.

Today’s Lesson

It seems like everyone has access to a digital camera and with the ease of their use, snapshots and videos are being taken at an alarming rate.

We see them on Twitpics, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and on blogs; often with a description of who is in the photo.

These days it appears anyone is fair game for having their picture published online.

But, what happens if someone shares photos or videos of us without our permission? Is that an invasion of our privacy?

Although there are laws which are suppose to protect that which is published, it makes me wonder, due to the internet and all of the social networking sites, are we losing what we once held so sacred?

I’m thinking “maybe so”.

What say you?

Today’s Assignment

How would you feel if someone posted photos or videos of you online without your permission?

Would you feel your privacy was invaded?

Would you ask them to remove them?

Or is this even a concern for you?

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In recent weeks, news of the (2009) “Christmas Day Bomber” has been in the forefront.

In fact, it’s come to light the alleged suspect had been sending out warning signs for years by posting his feelings online.

In a report by Rueters

Abdulmutallab’s Internet postings on Facebook and Islamist chatrooms while he was at school in Togo and at university show a lonely youth struggling between extreme Islamic views and liberalism, according to the Washington Post.

Unfortunately it wasn’t until AFTER the incident on Flight 253 his writings were analyzed.

But, this isn’t uncommon.

Remember the shooting at Ft. Hood? The alleged suspect in that case had also allegedly published writings online.

Undoubtedly there have been many other cases of published warnings others ignored only to have some say, “If only….”

With blogs, chatrooms, forums, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace plus other social networking sites being so easy to access and publish on, many individuals who have “issues” are sharing warning signs. However, those warning signs are being missed.

Today’s Lesson

As bloggers we’re all over the internet. We have cyber friends all over the world, we follow links from comments and read dozens of articles as we’re researching. In fact, we never know what we may find or where our next click will take us.

But what happens if we land on a site that gives us a reason to question what’s written?

Should we quickly click off? Or, dig deeper?

If we feel the author of the words needs help or might harm someone, what responsibility do we have?

Or, do we have a responsibility?

Many of us will choose to mind our own business and not get involved, but by doing so, are we allowing others to harm themselves? Or, to hurt others?

Thus far I haven’t landed on a site where I questioned what was written, but I know it could happen.

What to do?

Today’s Assignment

If we land on a site or see a conversation in a chat room or on a forum that’s upsetting or suspicious, should we report it?

Or, is it best to turn a blind eye and just mosey on?

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