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Don’t you love getting comments on your blog? I know I do.

Unfortunately when I last checked, my spam comments outnumbered my real comments by almost three to one (Akismet has caught 14,628 spam comments thus far)

Today’s Lesson

When I first started blogging, I would have welcomed some of these comments.

Here’s a sampling of what Akismet recently caught. They actually sound promising, don’t they?

Thanks for allowing me to comment. I normally don\’t leave them, but I really like what you had to say. This is important stuff!

I didnt find the subscribe button….where can i subscribe? 🙂 🙂

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This commenter went on to share links to their X rated posts. No thanks!

Some spammy sites are misleading. I recently had one that was a one page blog. At the bottom of the post was a sentence that said something like, “For serious marketers, click here for additional information”. It was a link to a full page ad. THAT was the extent of the site.

If a comment adds value to a post, I will often approve it even though it links to an “advertising” site. For those, it’s on a case by case basis.

When editing comments, remember, it’s YOUR blog, it’s YOUR call. Delete those you don’t want to be affiliated with.

Today’s Assignment

How are you handling comments that link to advertising or spammy looking sites?

Have you noticed how spammers are getting more creative?

Photo Credit: buggolo’s photostream

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