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Today I have something for everyone.

First, to recap the week,

1) On Monday we talked about our online presence. That is, how do others “see” us. As witnessed in the comment section, our words hold more power than even a picture could.

2) Sunil, and his blog “Blogger’s Lab” was introduced on Tuesday.

3) On Wednesday I shared a sampling of favorite posts which are currently buried in the archives of some of the BWAB bloggers.

4) Yesterday we banned together to help Chase March who is struggling to build his blog. The ideas and suggestions shared in the comment section prove to be great ways for anyone to build their readership.

Joanna Young of Confident Writing showcased a free ebook written by Chris Brogan. It’s titled: “Personal Branding for the Business Professional”. Having read it (it’s 15 pages), I found it’s not only helpful to business people, but for bloggers as well. It’s a great read and would certainly add value to your library of blogging books.

Now for the Monthly Mini Meme (MMM). Remember this one? I share one random thing about myself and you’re invited to do the same. It’s my way of sharing a little more about me, and us learning more about you, too.

My random fact is: I’ve lived in six states. Of those, I lived in two, twice. They are: Michigan, Illinois, California (x2), Alaska (x2), Washington, and Oregon.

Today’s Assignment

1) Share a random fact about yourself


2) Share your answer to my question:

Do you use Twitter? If so, what are the pros and cons?

The floor is yours. You know the rules.

Questions, comments and concerns are welcome.

Have Fun!

Keep it Clean!

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Photo Credit: Visited State Map (interactive)

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