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144673635_c6d7b789dc_m.jpgFeed readers are a great way to stay current on our favorite blogs. The blogs are automatically updated, and we can pick and choose which posts we want to read…all in one place.

Today’s Lesson

If we read posts in a feed reader, we don’t “see” the actual blog, nor do we see any ads.

Although you can monetize your feed reader, that’s another subject.

So, the question becomes, “How can I turn my feed reader readers (that’s not a typo) into actual visitors, and possible ad clickers?”

Insert a link.

If a feed reader reader clicks on a link, it will take them off of the reader and onto the linked site.

So….insert a link to a post of your own.

Find an older post that adds value to the current one. Make it enticing for the reader to want to click on the link.

This will bring your RSS feed reader reader directly to your blog.

If you have ads, they may be tempted to click on one or two.

If you want your links to open in a new browser (window), a must read is: How To Create A Link In A New Browser

Today’s Assignment

Do you click on post links in your feed reader?

Do you mind that by clicking the link, it takes you off of the reader?

If you land on a site, do you find yourself exploring the site and reading more than one post, and/or checking out the ads?

Want your links to open in a new browser? Inserting the code, is very easy.

The code that needs to be inserted is { target =”new” }, or. {target =”_blank”}.

This gets inserted immediately before the {>}, which is immediately before the description of the link.

For an example, if I want to create a link to my other blog, I would click on the “code” tab (here on my WordPress blog), clink on “link”, and paste the link to my Observation Mountain.com blog.

My “link” will look like this: <a href=”http://observationmountain.com/”>.

In order to get the link to open in a new window, I will add “target =”new”.

The link will then look like this:

<a href=”http://observationmountain.com/” target =”new”>

After the …..”new”>, I will type in,what I want the link to read.

<a href=”http://observationmountain.com/”>ObservationMountain.com</a>

Remember, the { </a> } closes the link.

So, if I do that on my “code” page, this is what you’ll see: ObservationMountain.com . Sometimes, I create a link that reads OM.

If you forget to add the “code”, or want to change your links so they open in a new browser window, (in WordPress), just go to “Manage” and click on “posts” or “pages”, and find the article you want to edit. Make your changes, and hit “Save”.

Remember to test your newly created links by clicking on them. This process will insure that your readers will be redirected to the page or post, you’re referencing.

Hint: Using the Firefox Split Browser extension, makes for “grabbing” the link, very easy. Read my Blogging Just Got Easier post for more information on creating a split browser.

Blogging is easy, once you have your software program in place. Now, blogging got even easier.

Last night I was reading Lorelle’s site on WordPress., and came upon a post of hers about a nifty feature that Firefox has as an addon. It’s a split brower, or often called, split screen capability.

In her article, Blogging With Split Browser Firefox Extension, Lorelle tells you how to add this feature, plus how to use it.

I added the feature to my Firefox and played around with it. You can not only split your screen in two vertically, you can also split it horizontally. In fact, you can add many browser windows to your screen, just by clicking on the little arrow. Too cool!

For us bloggers with more than one site, or for adding links or quotes from other sites, this is the “ticket”. Such a time saver.

Check out Lorelle’s post, and try it for yourself. This could be the best thing, since sliced bread.

Want to download the Firefox browser now? Just click on this link:

Try it, and tell me what you think.

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