Stumble Upon is a new (to me) way to surf the internet. After you register, you check boxes for the types of sites you like to view. The categories are limitless.

After you add the Stumble Upon toolbar, you can click the “Stumble” button and see websites that fit your profile. You can rate the websites with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, send the website to a friend, add a site to your Stumble Upon Favorites, etc… Now I’m seeing websites and blogs I’ve never seen before compared to when I was doing a normal Google search. I think it’ll be a great alternative to searching the web.

As time permits, I plan to surf on Stumble Upon and see if I can find other blogs that are helpful or similar to mine, rate them, and become a frequent visitor to theirs as well.

Hint: I believe in order to install Stumble Upon, you first need to install the Mozilla Firefox program and toolbar. Mozilla Firefox is pretty easy to navigate, plus I like the fact you can have multiple windows open at once. You can also customize the look of it.

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  1. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    I appreciate this post Barbara so much and Cath rated some too. I am going to work on taking the stumble upon tutorial as I am still not able to get it to work on my site or use it properly.

    My techie is on the computer 10 hours a day, now in school again about 14 hours a day so refuses to help me with social media sites other than to put on the icon!

    I am no better at twitter? I think I would sum up October as a month of frustration and anger at myself.

    I will try again – today

    Patricia┬┤s last blog post..Halloween: A Celebration of Spooky