Get a link! I’ve read some articles, where it’s written that bloggers, need to “get a life” Maybe so, but links are great for all of us bloggers. Do you want a link? Read on…..

While learning how to blog, I’ve read many “how to” articles on succeeding with blogging. One item on many lists is, “visit other blogs and leave comments”.

With blogging being a “part-time hobby(?)”for me, visiting other blogs and taking the time to leave comments was the one thing that eluded me. I had been spending so much time in the learning process, and micromanaging my two blogs, I had little time left to thoroughly read others posts, let alone, write a worthwhile comment.

Today, I decided I was going to “make time”. I got posts published on both of my blogs, and in between the numerous interruptions of my full time (home office) job, I persevered.

I visited the blogs of people who had commented on mine, commented on some new blogs I found, and even bookmarked a few new ones.

I found the process of visiting and commenting on other blogs, even more rewarding than blogging. I knew I was one more “visitor” for those sites (great for stats). But, most importantly, I knew by leaving a comment, it might help the author stay motivated, knowing what they wrote was important to someone else. How do I know this? Because I’m a blogger.

This process has inspired me to start a new “page”. It’ll be called, “Blogging Buddies”. I will list the name of the site, plus the description of the site, and include a link to every site (blog) that has posted a comment on either this site, or my Observation Mountain blog—positive and negative. However, I will not tolerate spam comments, and I will visit your site, before adding you to my “Blogging Buddies” list. I will not post any sites that contain adult “content”, nudity, or foul language. At this time I’m not setting a limit to the number of sites I’ll list, however, the sites will be listed in chronological order.

Since I got such a joy from reading and commenting on other blogs, I’m encouraging all fellow bloggers to do the same (if you don’t already). Find blogs that inspire you, leave a comment, and maybe start a “Blogging Buddies” category of your own.

BTW: I will only leave positive comments on other people’s blogs. I was raised that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. Bloggers, especially new ones, need encouragement, not criticism. If you visit a blog and aren’t “moved” to leave a comment, know that at least you were an additional “visitor” for them.

Check out my “Blogging Buddies” page (in the sidebar, under “Navigation”)

See you in blogosphere!

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