Is it just me, or do you get frustrated with the outdated information search engines are “throwing at you”?

I do a lot of research for my blogs, as well as for my full time job. What I find most frustrating, is that the information at the top of the search engines, is often outdated.

When I do research, it’s vital that the information I receive is current. So, as an added chore to my research, I now must check for the date of an article. It’s not uncommon to find a website at the top of the search engines which has articles that are two to three years old.

I think it’s great that “someone” is getting lots of “clicks” because their site has moved to the top of the search engine, but I also think it’s important that a search produces current information. Hmmmm! Maybe the Google bots, spiders, and crawlers should take that into consideration.

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