Bloggers' Rights at EFFSensationalism sells.

Outrageous headlines. Unbelievable claims. Photoshopped pictures. All published in hopes of gaining attention, making money and/or other.

And it works.

Today’s Lesson

Sensationalism can silence people, too.

Look at these headlines:

  1. Student Photojournalists Arrested; What Are Their Rights?
  2. Governments Increasingly Targeting Twitter Users for Expressing Their Opinion
  3. Marine Facing Discharge for Criticizing Obama on Facebook Says He’s Only Guilty of ‘Being an American’
  4. Oregon Church Sues Ex-Members Over Online Criticism
    Julie continues to blog about her experience.
  5. Andrew Breitbart Dead: Conservative Blogger Dies Suddenly At 43
    He is quoted as saying, “I do what I do because the mainstream media chooses not to do it.” (His blog/website lives on.)

Some might see these titles, read the articles and say to themselves, “They have more guts than I do.”

But, is it lack of guts?

Or is it fear that stops us?

Even though we know we can exercise freedom of speech: our first amendment right, if we hear of or experience an injustice, many don’t.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Instead of practicing freedom of speech, some wait for others speak up. Carry the torch, so to speak.

After all, WE certainly don’t want to be labeled as a radical thinker, an activist, whistle blower or end up with OUR name on some list.

Instead, we just shut up and silently complain how “that’s just not right”, or believe one lone voice cannot make a difference.

When that happens, the bad guys win.

Just as they had planned.

All because they knew they could instill fear in (most of) us.

Today’s Assignment

Do you fear posting your viewpoints online, especially if they could be viewed as controversial?

Or do you speak freely, not worrying about what others think? Not concerned about the consequences or the backlash?

Care to share?

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  1. MicahNo Gravatar says:

    A very thought provoking post.

    Personally if I have something to say I’m going to say it. I made a conscious decision long ago not to live in fear, and I live by that commitment every day of my life.

    I think it’s pretty messed up that people are getting in trouble for expressing their thoughts, ideas and opinions.

    Here’s the thing people don’t understand about our freedoms. If you ignore them, they will eventually go away.

    We need to start standing up for the truth.. More than that we need to stand up for our rights.

    Freedom of speech is not a PRIVILEGE it is a RIGHT!

    It can not be taken away us unless we let them.

    From my cold dead fingers.
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    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Micah,

      I’m happy to hear you don’t live in fear. 🙂

      Like you, I have a hard time understanding why some people are getting into trouble because they’re exercising their first amendment rights. When others see that, it could make them fearful, however if the masses are all saying the same thing, it would be pretty hard to arrest us all.

  2. EthelNo Gravatar says:

    I apologize if I’m sounding a bit esoteric or overly academic here–but it is true if you think about it–we give way too much power to words. And when it comes to human relationships, we invest way, WAY too much emotion and energy into what those around us are saying and what we are saying in response.
    Check out Ethel’s awesome post.Puppy and dog training onlineMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Ethel,

      Yes, we do give words power, however those in authority can use that power against us, as well.

      Although it shouldn’t matter what someone’s opinion is, I find it fascinating how, like you said, it creates emotion and often, repercussions.

  3. Nowadays I don’t really know what to follow. Is it the human rights that helps people to be protected from the mass media from content, or the freedom of the press or media to express thoughts and opinion. Laws are sometimes contradicting and they are very thought-altering. People are confused with what to do, who to follow, where to go and why they should do things.
    Check out Kristine@Elevation Group’s awesome post.Web Hosting Provider-Are They All Good?My Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Kristine,

      You’re right. It does get confusing. What I find works for me is to follow the money. Mainstream media is owned by those with lots of money, hence I think the news we see on TV is somewhat skewed. Alternative news sites appear more honest in what’s reported, however I’ve read some of those sites are owned by the same parties as main stream media, so it’s up to us to discern what’s true and what’s not.

  4. EileenNo Gravatar says:

    Sadly, I am guilty of being afraid to air my thoughts online. Let’s just say that there is a thin line between the Freedom of speech and the responsibility of saying wrong things.
    Check out Eileen’s awesome post.six flags discountsMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Eileen,

      You’re not alone. There’s a lot of people who don’t air their thoughts. Freedom of speech states we’re protected, however as you mentioned, being responsible for what we share comes into play, too.

  5. Ricky StrodeNo Gravatar says:

    Hello, first I would like to say thank you for the great post. I would also like to think you for actually going through with this post. I am probably on a list somewhere as we speak. However, that is the least of my issues. People seem to not really understand of even seem to care about some of the things that are occurring right now. I know part of it maybe fear, it maybe the thought that one voice does not make a difference and so many other reasons one could possibly convince themselves with.

    However, we are all here and this effects everyone. This will affect our children. Things usually do not change for the better by themselves. We all have a unique voice for a reason. History ha shown us that all it takes is one things to change everything and if anything needed to be changed, then now is just as important as any other time in history. I think of today being almost the equivalent of the war for independence. The government realized we had enough freedom to literally hurt them and their business. They do not want that.
    Check out Ricky Strode’s awesome post.Ultimate Hypnosis NLP Tips To Increase PersuasivenessMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Ricky,

      I agree. One person can make a difference, even if it’s by writing a blog post or sharing a link on a social networking site. With the internet, we have that power and the ability to use it to spread stories of interest, including stories of deceit.

      Yes. The government knows we have a lot of freedom, especially with the internet. All the more reason to speak up now before laws are signed which could remove or restrict our opinions and/or ability to share facts.

  6. I do NOT speak freely, in real life or online. In our highly litigious society, I don’t believe true freedom of speech exists anymore.
    Check out vered | Blogger for Hire’s awesome post.Missing GrandmaMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Vered,

      Sadly our society has changed and people do fear being sued, however I believe even if we don’t state our opinions, we can share information which mirrors our beliefs.

  7. It’s an interesting dynamic. I think bloggers absolutely have the right to post their opinions online, whatever that may be. However, bloggers abuse this. Too many writers without facts, without understanding, and without class ASSUME too much, and have the belief that their opinions are not just worth sharing, but are worth forcing on other people. There is too much entitlement in blogging, I believe (though much good as well). The internet is about sharing information, there should be no limits on it, but we should have some decorum about it.

    • Sorry, just re-reading this, I meant to put “Too many writers write without facts.”

      • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

        Hi Robert,

        I hear you. It’s one thing to share our opinions, but trying to force them on others and/or saying an opposing opinion is incorrect, takes away from what freedom of speech is.

        And yes…fact checking is important, as well.

  8. We live in a society which prohibits freedom of speech. Everybody is scared of saying the wrong thing. You only have to take comedy for instance, what used to be funny non hateful banter is considered offensive. The sad thing is it seems that the fun has been sucked out of everthing by governments and exteme left wing groups. Surely we the people can decide what is and what isn’t offensive and for once let common sense prevail.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Ash,

      I know what you’re saying. Now a days people dissect each and every word which is spoken or written and then label it as right, wrong, discriminatory or other. It’s no wonder some people have stopped expressing their thoughts and have stopped fighting for what they feel is right.

  9. John ErnestNo Gravatar says:

    I am not afraid to tell other people what I think about a certain topic. I live in a free country. I have my own views. I learn from my own experiences. And I want people to know how I think, what I think, and what led me to think that way. I may not convince them of my viewpoints and join my side, but it feels good to make people understand you.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi John,

      That’s a good feeling, isn’t it? To be able to voice your opinions, whether people agree or not. It’s important to be heard.

  10. jenniferNo Gravatar says:

    For me, speaking and sharing with personal thoughts doesn’t matter to effect with some one else for the reason that each of us has there own freedom to speak and no matter what happens we need to respect it…
    Check out jennifer’s awesome post.voip cheapMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Yes. Respect is key considering the fact none of us think or feel exactly the same as the next person.

  11. Unfortunately it is true – Most people when they hear of the possibility to experience injustice, many wont stand up for their own rights, Or they will be quick to not follow through.
    Check out Anton Koekemoer’s awesome post.Online reputation management starts with your websiteMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Anton,

      That’s true. When some people hear or read what happened to someone who exercised their rights, it can instill enough fear to remain silent.

  12. OktoNo Gravatar says:

    This is my concern too. Sad but true it’s hard for to speak totaly free, whether online or offline.

    But in my blog, I like to discuss controversial issues, it’s attractive to reader right?. So, usually when I talk about controversy I don’t mention directly on a name of person, product or a brand. I just talk about my opinion on that and why.

    Check out Okto’s awesome post.9 Reasons You are Making Spam Comment UnconsciouslyMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Okto,

      That’s a great way to handle controversy – to set up your opinions by discussing why you feel the way you do. Although others may not feel the same, chances are they’ll respect you for sharing what formed your beliefs.

  13. HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara .. I agree with Vered – I don’t voice my opinion as I’ll never have all the facts and certainly wouldn’t put it in writing or social media of any sort. I’m not scared, but I prefer a valid discussion in person …

    Cheers Hilary
    Check out Hilary’s awesome post.Uppingham-by-the-Sea: How to move a school lock, stock and barrel …My Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Hilary,

      That’s a good point. If we don’t feel we have all of the facts, it’s difficult to start a discussion in defense of what we believe to be true.

  14. susanNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,
    To many I really AM a radical thinker, an activist and all that “stuff”, those labels we assign to anyone/everyone who speaks up. I do speak up. Constantly. And if I were to “disappear” on line, like a friend of mine who is being sued by none other than the frikin FDA, it will come as no surprise to my readers. I’ve tempered down a bit lately but not out of fear as much as it is just presenting some healthful topics on a more positive note. But rest assured, I have absolutely NO love for the AMA, FDA, Big Pharma and the CAFO’s, GMO’s and food manufacturers in general. This is born out of copious research and a clear understanding of how today it is VESTED interest, not public interest, that is being crammed down our throats and minds.

    Great topic, girl!

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you SuZen,

      I thought of you when I was writing this post and admire how you’re not afraid to “tell it like it is”. As we know, it’s usually all about the mighty dollar and the ABC agencies and large corporations are more concerned about their bottom line or lining their pockets, than the welfare of the people. Sad!

      ((hugs)) to you, too.

  15. I hate posting my opinions online, especially if they are controversial! If I’m going to have an argument with someone, I would much rather it be face-to-face. Strangely though, I really like reading other people’s opinions online. I think if they are well-thought out and not just the automatic gainsaying of the other person’s opinion, then they are worth reading and learning from.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Paul,

      Like you, I also enjoy reading some of the arguments we see online. I find they are not only interesting to read, but some of the comments make me think about an aspect of a situation I hadn’t considered.

  16. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    Given that everything I post is an opinion of something, I think about this all the time. I actually find that people are more likely to share my content if I say good things about something as opposed to bad. Does this change what I say? I would like to think that it hasn’t, but who can say at a subconscious level.

    Check out Steve’s awesome post.Review: Rittenhouse Rye WhiskeyMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Steve,

      That’s interesting – how people will share your content if it’s positive, but not if it’s negative. Granted, we don’t want to be the bearer of “bad news”, but in reality, not everything is perfect either.

  17. tinafreysdNo Gravatar says:

    . There are no silent goat breeds, however, and even the quiet ones can become loud if they are scared or excited.
    Check out tinafreysd’s awesome post.Tips on Treating Acne BreakoutsMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Tina,

      I LOVE your quote. It’s filled with so much truth. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  18. Barbara,
    This ain’t the case with websites/blogs alone. Majority of the TV channels and tabloids these days are airing ‘headlines’ and ‘breaking news’ that one would be ashamed to read or raise blood pressure while reading.

    My take on this topic is that, there are ‘controlled’ ways of airing the same view without provoking people too much. Basically, these people are trying to create over excitement even before the situation is analyzed. I am totally against it. I mean, I would not be afraid to speak my stand on controversial topics, but would do in a way that wouldn’t make people very angry.

    Best regards,
    Check out Ajith Edassery@Blogging Tips’s awesome post.CTR Theme Review: Crazy AdSense Click Through RatesMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Ajith,

      I’m glad you brought that up – it’s not just blogs/websites. We see in it all forms of media.

      Like you, I believe some of these headlines are written to (try to) create fear in the public. And just like writing catchy titles for our blog posts, some of them do the same – knowing (some of) those is the public will re/act to the headline(s) alone (and not check the facts).

  19. what to say on all this all are marketing stuff people know how to play with other feeling well so for this topic no comment.
    well another thing for you Barbara on 25 jan i comment on your 1 post about did you pick blogging or blogging picked you that as being photographer i am not in photo-blogging but now its time come when i can share my work give my best on my field, why i am tell you all this because in that comment you only if in future i start photo-blogging do tell you as you might be interested in seeing my work 🙂
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    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Rohit,

      Yes, it is a play on peoples’ feelings and they know it can work.

      I checked out your blog. I like the originality of your work and wish you well on your endeavors. 🙂

  20. Yes, I speak freely. But I guess it’s not that hard in my case because I am not a radical thinker nor do I stand for some highly controversial ideas. However, I don’t think it would be different if I were.
    Check out Mina@Brain Supplements’s awesome post.Brain Supplements – Remember Better, Think Clearer, and Focus FasterMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Mina,

      That’s great to hear you speak freely. Even though most of us are not radical thinkers, it helps to know we’re free to state our beliefs.

  21. I don’t think there should be any fear in sharing your opinion on your blog. HOWEVER, if you find yourself having an opinion that you know will incite anger or confusion or whatever other kind of negative response, I think you have a responsibly to clarify yourself, and present your opinion in such a way as to not upset or alienate people who see things differently from you.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Scott,

      That’s true. If we know our way of thinking might incite negative responses, it’d be better to edit our opinion via well chosen words.

  22. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve struggled at times with speaking freely on my blog. During those times I have to remind myself that I’m a writer and what’s the point of laboring to fill up the page (or the computer screen) if there’s no truth in it. As long as it’s fact-filled and tactful it should be stated.
    Check out Tracy’s awesome post.Are You Rigid? Unrealistic?My Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Tracy,

      You’re right. If we feel we can’t tell the truth or state our honest opinion on a topic, writing blog posts could end up being more of a chore that something we enjoy doing.

  23. EdwardNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with you .. i also speak freely .. Its hard to find people whom you can talk to without any hesitation now a days . but at my work place i have some people who have same opinion ..
    Check out Edward’s awesome post.Component Video Cable: Choosing the Right Component Video Cable for Your NeedsMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Edward,

      I know what you’re saying. Some topics can confuse others or even drive them away, so when we find others who think similar to us, it’s fun to converse and not feel we’re being judged.

  24. RichardNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    You said “After all, WE certainly don’t want to be labeled as a radical thinker, an activist, whistle blower or end up with OUR name on some list.”

    I don’t think any of the above should be scary enough to stop someone speaking out about something they know is wrong or unjust, whether it’s been done to them or someone else.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Richard,

      I don’t think we should be scared to speak up about injustices either, however when we read stories of whistle blowers who go missing or have died under suspicious circumstances, I think it’s enough to scare some people silent.

  25. Gary TrotterNo Gravatar says:

    Alot of this depends on the nature of your blog and why your readers come to your blog doesn’t it? I run our company blog and I certainly wouldn’t want to go airing my personal views on there or create anything too contraversial. However if you run a political blog or blog about a topic that can have very different subjective views then you will need to be on one side or the other otherwise it is going to be a pretty boring read!
    Check out Gary Trotter’s awesome post.Blue Wedding Invitations | Wedding Stationery By ColourMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Gary,

      That’s true. Controversy doesn’t belong on a company blog, however as you noted, political blogs are something different. Like you, I think it’s important for the author to take a stand and be willing and able to handle the differences of opinions which will undoubtedly come their way.

  26. We’ve been under such subliminal influence for so many years that we have learned to be afraid. All the people who “caught on” and were incited to speak up seem to be gone.

    A very courageous and well produced movie has been made called “Thrive”. This speaks to all the evidence I’ve been discovering over the past 3 years. The first half hour is “scientific”, but the facts explaining how we have been subliminally conditioned and controlled are substantiated in the final 3/4 of the movie.

    I believe I owe it to those coming into the world to be informed and to say “enough”.
    Check out Amy@souldipper’s awesome post.The Dreaded Writer’s BlockMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you for sharing the link to “Thrive”. I’ve watched the movie and thoroughly enjoyed “the message”.

      From reading your comment, I assume you’re “awake” to what’s happening in the world. Myself, I’m getting there, too.

      Although many people don’t or won’t speak up, like you, I feel it’s important to do my part and hopefully leave this world a better place.


  27. It’s a tough call, Barbara. A person can’t determine the consequences from anything they say, even when they don’t believe it to be controversial. The problem with online conversation is that it’s one-sided; not in real time. It’s easy for what is written to be taken personally. That’s when problems arise.

    If something can be discussed with the idea of just sharing opinions, that would be awesome, but when personal feelings come into the mix, it gets messy; becomes more about being right.

    Over the years, I’ve learned that most times it’s not worth the energy to get caught up in something, so I don’t speak as freely as I would like. That doesn’t mean I suffer in silence; I just figure things out for myself. It’s a choice how far to go, I suppose, just as it’s a choice how a person chooses to take something they read.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Davina,

      It is a tough call. As you mentioned, we’re having one way, delayed conversations when we’re online and we don’t know how others will interpret our words.

      With it being so easy for words to be misconstrued, I think it comes down to not what we say, but how we say it. That’s easier said than done, but does give us a way to share our beliefs without stepping on the toes of others.

  28. Noone should be afraid to post their opinion online. It is free and open to everyone and noone can police you about it. Just make sure the audience you are targetting is suitable for your ideas.
    Check out Rashmi Sinha @ TechInitio’s awesome post.Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon- World’s Lightest UltrabookMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Rashmi,

      You’re right. We shouldn’t be afraid to post our opinions however when we see what happens when some people do, the situation can instill fear in others.

  29. Barbara,

    As far as the subject matter of my blog, which is business, I do not find myself afraid to post my opinions or experience on those topics.

    However, in other areas, I do tend to keep my views to myself. Most notably in the realm of politics. It seems that blogs or articles posted on that topic get people who are not using reason but come from a hardened ideological stance, and generally treat purveyors of alternative views abusively.

    My sense is there is nothing to be gained in those types of situations by stating a view or an opinion anyway.
    Check out david k waltz’s awesome post.You’re Not Diversified Enough for a ReasonMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi David,

      I’m with you. Politics can bring out strong opinions in some people, and with this being an election year, it only gets worse.

      In an ideal world we’d all have our blinders off and see all sides of a topic or candidate, however as you mentioned, some people don’t use reason, but that’s their right, too. 8)

  30. KarenNo Gravatar says:

    While I am very vocal about my opinions (both a blessing and a curse, according to close friends), I do understand where people who choose to stay quiet are coming from. Other people can be needlessly cruel when you express how you really feel about a certain topic – especially if they disagree with you.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Karen,

      You’re right. If someone has an opposing viewpoint but doesn’t choose to handle disagreements, it’s better to keep their opinions to themselves and avoid the confrontation.

  31. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting post for me because I always am ready to give an opinion – maybe too much so. I don’t think people should be afraid to speak out. It may not come naturally for some people, but it is an important exercise.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi John,

      It is like an exercise, isn’t it? And just like physical exercise programs, starting slow might be the way to go.

  32. Belinda StromingNo Gravatar says:

    I most certainly prefer to read a blog run by someone who is open to say what he or she wants rather than a puppet who only repeats what other people has said already. Voicing your own opinion is a must for every blogger!
    Check out Belinda Stroming’s awesome post.perfumeMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Belinda,

      That’s what makes a blog original, isn’t it – when the blog author voices their beliefs? As you said, if we continually repeat what others say/write, we end up sounding like a puppet instead of a blogger with a mind of our own.

  33. Who isn’t afraid to share their thoughts online? Once you disapprove of something and share it online via social networking sites, just wait and see how much your “friends” bash you because you own a different view of things.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Glen,

      Although we might have a different viewpoint than our online “friends”, I think we also have to remember they’re probably not “friends”. Real friends might disagree, but they will respect our differences.

  34. VidalNo Gravatar says:

    We just have to be careful what we put or publish into our blogs or websites. Sometimes people misunderstand and tend to attack you in ways you never expect. They just react differently and we cannot avoid these situations.
    Check out Vidal’s awesome post.Outdoor discounted chaise lounge chairsMy Profile

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Vidal,

      That’s true – we can be attacked on our blogs due to misunderstandings, however as you said, these situations can’t be avoided. I think if we know we could be attacked, we’re more apt to be prepared with a rebuttal.

  35. Yes, i do feel afraid of what I post online. it’s when you start to think aloud (and post to social networks) and people sometimes just don’t love what you post or don’t agree with it–it creates friction, a gap. Because of that, I deactivated my account. Did the bad guys win? Yes, but there will be other smartass out there who’d be more willing to speak and go against the current.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi again Glen,

      Deactivating our online accounts is one way to avoid confrontation, however as you mentioned, there are many others who will speak up, no matter what the response.

  36. Exercising free speech is critical in this society and I think that the internet has provided a great safeguard for individual expression in the United States. Having said that though, it’s still important to realize that free speech carries social costs, though not necessarily legal thanks to the Constitution. What we need more than preservation of free speech is social tolerance of a variety of ideas.

  37. Will SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Totally agree with this reply that is given by a user “I think bloggers absolutely have the right to post their opinions online, whatever that may be. However, bloggers abuse this. Too many writers without facts, without understanding, and without class ASSUME too much, and have the belief that their opinions are not just worth sharing, but are worth forcing on other people”. No body have rights to stop bloggers to write what they want to write. This is there own rights to do what they want to do..
    Check out Will Smith’s awesome post.Red DawnMy Profile

  38. Ade LewisNo Gravatar says:

    Nice post dear, well said people should think what they are speaking or writing different people can have view points on similar topics.

  39. JohnNo Gravatar says:

    I apologize if I’m sounding a bit esoteric or overly academic here–but it is true if you think about it–we give way too much power to words. And when it comes to human relationships, we invest way, WAY too much emotion and energy into what those around us are saying and what we are saying in response.

  40. I think fear stops people from moving forward. Some people are natural risk takers. Where as others are not willing to take risks, even though they could gain allot from doing so.
    Unfortunatly im not a risk taker.

  41. SEOaprenticeNo Gravatar says:

    i don’t express myself totally online or in the real world some call fear to this but the true is there are limits to expressing yourself thinking otherwise would be a mistake.
    Check out SEOaprentice’s awesome post.Impossible to Please-joke timeMy Profile

  42. GadgetbowlNo Gravatar says:

    From reading your comment, I assume you’re “awake” to what’s happening in the world. Myself, I’m getting there, too.
    Check out Gadgetbowl’s awesome post.Scared SilentMy Profile

  43. Sadly, I am guilty of being afraid to air my thoughts online. Let’s just say that there is a thin line between the Freedom of speech and the responsibility of saying wrong things.
    Check out how to take a screenshot’s awesome post.How to take a screenshot on a iphoneMy Profile

  44. SebastianNo Gravatar says:

    That’s crazy. I can’t imagine not being able to say whatever I feel like. I feel the need to be honest with the way I feel about things. That’s the whole point of my blog.
    Check out Sebastian’s awesome post.Are You Butt Hurt?My Profile