WordPress.com Stats is a great plugin for checking your stats. The WordPress Stats plugin, does not count the visits you make to your site(s).

Like Akismet, with the WordPress.com Stats plugin, you need an API key. Once the API key is entered, the rest is automatic. You will then find “Blog Stats” on your WordPress Dashboard.

The WordPress Stats plugin, shows your most popular posts, the number of daily views, what key phrases readers used to find your site, what they clicked on while visiting your site, plus other useful information.

If you have more than one blog, you can toggle between the stats for each blog. The WordPress.com Stats plugin, also allows you to check your stats as often as you wish, by clicking on the “Switch” key.

The WordPress Stats plugin, provides graphs for your traffic, by daily, weekly or monthly. You can also check to see which were your most popular posts, for the last week, or the last month.

For such an easy installation (no coding), this is a great plugin for stat checking.

This is another free plugin. It can be obtained at WordPress.org.

Many thanks to the author of WordPress.com Stats, Andy Skelton.

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