As you can see, I have added advertising to my blog. I signed up for Commission Junction shortly after I started blogging, and took time to go through their extensive list of advertisers. I picked advertisers for both this blog and my other blog at

Since I strive to be halfway organized, I made copies of the advertiser’s main page, as well as the advertisers “detail” page. I then inserted them into a plastic sheet protector and placed them in my three ring binder.

I thought I had picked out great advertisers for my sites. Then, I decided to research the advertisers further, so I would know what my readers would see if they searched these advertiser’s sites. Since I had picked a few of the new advertisers, I wasn’t familiar with what they sold, so I searched their site to see a list of their products. Thankfully, I had done this, as one of the advertisers sites was definitely not suitable for my targeted readers. I have since dropped that advertiser.

Hint: When you pick your advertisers, search their site and make sure their products are a good match to how you want to project your blog. One misplaced advertiser could result in lost traffic.

SBI! is the perfect AdSense host.

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