I recently watched a video named “Owned and Operated” on the Crackin Films site.

In a nutshell, it’s a movie about how the world is changing and not necessarily for the better. The film goes on to show how we, as citizens can make a difference if we choose to.

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On a recent episode of “Celebrity Apprentice”, the task was to create a slogan and a display for Donald Trump’s new cologne, “Success”.

Each team did a good job, however the team which lost had a poor slogan and failed to provide a “take-away” for the cologne campaign.

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If you spend time in the blogosphere, you’ll find many talented writers.

Some bloggers are great word smiths. Some write posts which read like a book you can’t put down. Whereas others write so concise no word is wasted.

Sadly, sometimes words are wasted.

Wasted because some of our readers don’t understand […] Continue Reading…

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