Blogging can drive us crazy if we let it.

We get one visitor, then we want two.

One comment, sale or ad click leads to wanting more.

Soon, more is never enough.

Today’s Lesson

There’s a lot of talk in the blogosphere about visitor counts, page rank, subscriber counts, followers, blog revenues, SERPS (search […] Continue Reading…

Growing up, our parents taught my siblings and I the value of money.

If we wanted candy or toys, we were taught we had to work for them, so we babysat, helped friends and relatives in their hay fields or gardens and little by little saved up for what […] Continue Reading…

Sensationalism sells.

Outrageous headlines. Unbelievable claims. Photoshopped pictures. All published in hopes of gaining attention, making money and/or other.

And it works.

Today’s Lesson

Sensationalism can silence people, too.

Look at these headlines:

Student Photojournalists Arrested; What Are Their Rights?
Governments Increasingly Targeting Twitter Users for Expressing Their Opinion
Marine […] Continue Reading…

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