The more I blog, the more I realize it’s not just brand new bloggers who want and/or need additional traffic to get found. So as a “extension” to the New Blog Of The Week (NBOTW) series, I’ll also be showcasing blogs that are more than four months old.

I wasn’t sure how to do this and not overwhelm you with too many at a time. Thus, I’ll start with three.

The blogs will be listed in no particular order.

Dot at Deeper Issues started her blog in 2003 and blogged for three months, Then in 2007, she tried it again for another three months. With the third time being the charm, she has now been blogging for five months.

Being a “mature” blogger myself, the truth is in this humorous post of hers made me laugh. It’s titled:25 Good Things About Getting Old in which she writes, in part,

2. You’ve had a long time to learn to just be yourself.

3. You know that one gray hair is no big deal.

4. You don’t have to care what other people think about you.

Thanks Vered (of MomGrind) for the heads up on Dot’s blog.

The second blog I’ve picked is named Exit 78. This blog is authored by Mike Goad. To share his tagline, it reads,

Sharing some of my photos, vintage images I’ve discovered, and — occasionally — commentary and thoughts from retired life.

This is a light hearted, easy to follow blog in which Mike writes short crisp posts and shares his awesome photographs complete with camera settings.

The last blog for today is named Ribeezie. Ricardo Bruno is the author. Although he specializes in social media, he also includes articles on blogging. In a recent post titled: 5 Things That Ruin Your Blog he wrote,

You attack other people; other bloggers. It’s ok if you disagree with another person’s opinion. But attack ideas, NOT people. To flat out say “hey, you suck!” is NOT cool! Bloggers are a tight-knit bunch, attack one and you attack the entire community.

I couldn’t agree more. Blogging communities are definitely known for their loyalty to the blog author.

So there you have it. This week’s picks for the not so new blogs of the week. I guess I should call this NSNBOTW. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

So my dear readers, what do you think? Is it a good idea for me to showcase not so new blogs, too?

I’m anxious to hear your answer.


P.S. Did you remember to get your blog listed in my Blog Registry? It’s free and easy. Just leave a comment and introduce yourself.


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  1. Congratulations to “Deeper Issues” “Exit 78” and “Ribeezie”

    I think it’s fine to include blogs that are older than 4 months for the simple fact that, as you say – they too could use the boost.

    Bamboo Forest´s last blog post..Top 7 Fun U.S. Presidential Names

  2. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara. You are having a busy week Barbara. Before you know it, you’ll need another holiday! 🙂

    I’ve been popping by all three of these blogs off and on over the last while. They’re all great choices. Congrats Dot, Ribeezie and Exit 78!

    Davina´s last blog post..25 Words That Connect Us — Frosty Sunrise

  3. Scott McIntyreNo Gravatar says:

    This is a very generous gesture on your part, Barbara- one that I’m sure all your readers will appreciate.

    With so many blogs out there, it’s all too easy to miss some gems.

    I’m looking forward to seeing those ‘golden oldies’ that you add over time 😉

  4. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara, thank you so much for doing what you do.

    As you can tell from my last post, I personally have just found a new perspective on what it is we bloggers are about. Yeah, I’m new, but I’m growing along with the community. I think it’s folks like you, though, that let the new neighbors (myself included) feel welcome into your neighborhoods, and into your “homes.” Posting “not so new” blogs is also your way of showing “the old neighbors” around to the new neighbors, inviting the into our “homes” which I see as nothing but healthy.

    Your definitely doing your part to cause the blogosphere to strive, nourish, and grow!

    We thank you!
    -Scott Carver

    Scott´s last blog post..This Just Makes It More Interesting

  5. BetsyNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t know what made a new blog or a not-so-new blog. I think this is a great idea, Barbara.

    I would think a blog is transitioning into not-so-new at around the six month mark, but maybe that’s just me. If blogging isn’t your day job in the beginning, it often takes several weeks or a couple of months to tweak/change your theme, get comfortable with WordPress or whatever you’re using, settle into a niche, decide on posting frequency, and warm up your voice.

    Too often we focus on those who seem to get immediate traction, without discovering there is other real treasure out there.

    Betsy´s last blog post..PROCEEDS

  6. I think this is a great idea, Barbara and yes, partly why I am saying that is I am no longer NEW and I’ve never been showcased on your blog. But self interest aside, I read Ribeezie and Mike’s blogs and they both deserve some plugging and a chance for a new audience. And though I run into Dot around the blogasphere I don’t currently subscribe to her blog, so I appreciate a reminder that there is someone I should check out. Off to do that now.


  7. Writer DadNo Gravatar says:

    I think this is a tremendous idea, Barbara. I’m with Davina, I’ve been popping by all three of these blogs on and off, but I should probably be more on than off. Dot is awesome. She always says what she’s thinking.

    Writer Dad´s last blog post..The Perfection of Pixar

  8. Hi Barbara,

    I have started to review the work of other bloggers. (WD was my first victim). So I think this is a great idea as long as you bring good content. It is not old if I don’t know about it and with thousands of new blogs every day I just can’t know them all.

    Miguel de Luis´s last blog post..Mecanografía: una habilidad básica

  9. I think this is a fantastic idea, Barbara! I’d been following Ricardo already (he gets way more personality into his posts than the average blogging blogger), but the others are new to me. And I love that we get more blogs this week!

    Sara at On Simplicity´s last blog post..Weekly Links: Stinky Couch Edition

  10. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations to all three blogs and Barbara, great gesture on your part for sharing them. There is so many to pick from but you have managed to find ’em!

    Linda´s last blog post..Wood Recycling

  11. Did you say “VINTAGE” images?? I’d better get over there! Ribeezie is always a breath of fresh, positive, exuberance . . . we can all use a little of that, no? I’m not familiar with Dot’s blog, but I’m very familiar with getting older . . . thanks Barbara!

    Vintage Mommy´s last blog post..Another Lap, Another Milestone

  12. Cath LawsonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – you’ve picked three bloggers this week – good idea, because you seem to have no shortage of blogs to introduce.

    I haven’t read Dot’s blog before but I’ll be checking it out. At least she got there eventually. I suppose it’s about finding a topic you really enjoy blogging on.

    I’ve been reading Mike’s blogs for quite a long time. He takes some awesome pics. I like Ricardo’s blog too and I remember that post. I have to say, I have seen bloggers putting videos on their blogs totally slating other bloggers.

    Readers do that too. I’ve seen folk slag off bloggers in the comments section of a similar blog. It’s childish and unfair to both bloggers. The most recent time I’ve seen it happen was on Leo’s Zen Habits – some of his commenters started slagging offf Steve Pavlina.

    Some folk make snide comments without mentioning the blogger they’re talking about too – but they try to make sure other folk realise who they mean. I think that’s even worse and I’ve had it happen on my own blog.

    Well, I’m off to read Dot’s blog now. Thanks Barbara.

    Cath Lawson´s last blog post..YOU Have Never Been More Powerful

  13. Ari KoinumaNo Gravatar says:

    No, never! My RSS reader … is….already …. above… capacity….



    Ari Koinuma´s last blog post..What I Force My Children to Learn, or Not (Digest)

  14. DotNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thanks to Vered for repeatedly promoting my blog and Writer Dad for his kind words.

    I’ve never read Ribeezie before, so that’s something new for me to visit. I discovered Route 78 a while ago and have been enjoying it.

    I would definitely recommend SHE-Power for a future feature. Kelly blogs from Down Under and has a fresh, unique view full of energy and enthusiasm.

    Thanks again, from one “mature” blogger to another. 🙂

    Dot´s last blog post..Weird Tip Tuesday – Smelly Feet

  15. I think it IS a great idea. I also think you picked great blogs. I’ve visited all three of them. They are excellent.

    Vered – MomGrind´s last blog post..Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

  16. chrisNo Gravatar says:

    Great! I’m already a fan of Deeper Issues and Exit 78. Now I’m off to check out Ribeezie.

    chris´s last blog post..Opportunity Amidst Economic Distress

  17. Hi Barbara,

    You’re awesome! Thanks for showcasing Deeper Issues, MomGrind and I. We’re ever so thankful! (I’ve had a chance to get to know Vered; she’s a great gal).

    Do I think it’s ok that you continue to showcase not-so-new blogs? Why of course it is…it shows that you care about the members who frequently visit you here. And that’s a great thing!

    Thanks again for the mention Barbara 🙂

    Ricardo Bueno (a.k.a. Ribeezie)´s last blog post..Social Media Starter Steps for Real Estate

  18. John EdwardsNo Gravatar says:

    This is a really cool idea. There are some really great ones that are 4 to 6 months old that have really flown under the radar. I look forward to see what other blogs are out there.

    John Edwards´s last blog post..Woodbine Real Estate

  19. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Bamboo – Thanks for the heads up on this. I know when I think back to my early blogging days, it was almost month 10 before I started seeing more “activity”.

    Hi Davina – Holiday? Sure, I’ll take another one. 🙂

    Hi Scott McIntyre – Hey, I like that, “golden oldies”.

    Hi Scott Carver – Welcome to the BWAB community. Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel if we all do just a little, we can jointly keep blogosphere a positive place to be. I’m happy you like my “home” and I know you’ll love the “neighbors” as well.

    Hi Betsy – When I set the “time frame” for a new blog it was based on my reading that new blogs often fail, and the authors get discouraged in the first few months. Now I’m seeing more and more bloggers who have blogged much longer than that, still struggling. If we can all help each other to stay motivated, in the end there will be thousands of great blogs hitting the front page of Google (in different niches, of course).

    H Kelly – I take that as a “self nomination”. Trust me, I hear you. Stay tuned, my dear. 🙂

    Hi Writer Dad – Thank you for the heads up.

    Hi Miguel – You’re right, “It is not old if I don’t know about it” I never looked at it that way. Thanks for opening my eyes to the concept.

    Hi Sara – I have a list “a mile long”, but didn’t want to overwhelm anyone, so I’ll stick to no more than three at a time.

    Hi Linda – Yup! I keep finding more. And they’re all so good, it’s hard not to showcase them.

    Hi Vintage Mommy – No, not “vintage”, it’s “mature”. Doesn’t that make us sound more “worldly ” than “old”? 😆

    Hi Catherine – I agree – it’s childish when bloggers slam others. I’m guessing it’s jealousy. When I see comments like that, I make a mental note and stay clear of those that are demeaning others.

    Hi Ari – Oh come on, I’m sure you have room for just three more blogs in your reader. P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

    Hi Dot – You’re very welcome, my fellow mature blogger. 🙂 I hear you about Kelly. Her blog is always a joy to read.

    Hi Vered – I knew you knew about these blogs as I see you on them, too.

    Hi Chris – You’ll enjoy Ribeeze, too. Just like Dot and Mike, Ricardo has fabulous posts, too.

    Hi John Edwards – Thanks for the confirmation. I love knowing I’m getting a thumbs up on this.

  20. Hi Barbara!

    See what I mean about you being so naturally giving…

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂 That particular post was inspired through an actual experience…someone was bashing a colleague of mine in the blog-o-sphere and well, “hey dummy, it’s not cool!” Next thing you know the whole blog-o-sphere was blogging about the incident in protest!

    Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to meet Dot at Deeper Issues…yet! But I will. And I’ve met Vered over at MomGrind (she’s a great gal)!

    Thanks again Barbara!

    PS. If this comment shows up twice, it’s because I wasn’t sure if my last comment posted (it didn’t appear to).

    Ricardo Bueno´s last blog post..Social Media Starter Steps for Real Estate

  21. Barbara –

    This is a great idea! It’s always fun to find new blogs to read no matter how long they’ve been blogging.

    And you’ve chosen 3 great ones this week. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Annie

    Annie Anderson´s last blog post..We all need mentors

  22. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Ricardo – You’re welcome. Good to see you here. Your comment went into moderation so that’s why you didn’t see it. I sure liked that post of yours. It was a good reminder how blogosphere is actually quite small.

    Hi Annie – You’re welcome. I agree, it’s always a joy to find a new face in cyberspace.

  23. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara another great idea and good reading for me today – nice choices to check in on and read all the words and see all the pictures…
    Thank you for the introductions

    Patricia´s last blog post..Look Boss! De Wall! De Wall!

  24. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara, I thought you’d never ask 🙂

    In the case of my site, for instance, while I may have started it in 2007, I only got serious in posting at the beginning of this year. Then, it was a few months into it, that I began to realize that I need to promote my site and not just be spending time writing content.

    So all this while, until very recently, I was trying to figure out how to generate traffic. So do I need more traffic or help? Oh boy…yes!

    I’ve already been reading Dot’s posts for some time and love them for her authenticity. I’d be heading over to the rest of your recommendations!

    Evelyn Lim´s last blog post..Can You Read My Mind?

  25. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Patricia – I hope you’re feeling better. I hope you enjoy the not so new blogs I’ve showcased. I know I do.

    Hi Evelyn – I didn’t realize you had a traffic problem. I’m glad you mentioned it. I’ll see what I can do to help you out. 🙂

  26. RobinNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – to be honest, I always felt a bit left out of the NBOTW thing – but then I’m just an emotional type of person heh heh. (I can understand why you would not want to promote my blog because of the content – and you have been very supportive).

    My blog is actually a little younger than it appears because I had to stop for a while because of hosting problems, and change hosts and recreate it (this was before the name change) – and I backdated the first few posts because they were written at Easter. Now where are the tissues…

    Robin´s last blog post..Emotional Balance

  27. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Robin – I’m apologize if I made you feel left out. That certainly was never my intent to make anyone feel that way. I always thought your blog was older than it is, and trust me, your content has never been an issue (as a reason not to promote your work).

    Now that I know “the rest of the story”, I’ll forewarn you, you will see your name “up in lights”. 🙂

  28. RobinNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Barbara (now I’m a little bit embarrassed, but I’ll cope – my blog isn’t all THAT much younger than it looks)

    Robin´s last blog post..Emotional Balance

  29. Pink InkNo Gravatar says:

    That is quite a mouthful 🙂

    Congrats to these blogs. I’ve already checked them out some, and I can see why they made the cut. What is interesting are the links I find through these, and so on. The blogworld is amazing.

    I love sites that recommend other blogs. Very generous of you.

    Pink Ink´s last blog post..Who Is This Man?

  30. EmmaBNo Gravatar says:

    I think that this is a brilliant idea! We always see new blogs getting showcased, so its about time someone started showcasing older blogs that are less known.

    EmmaB´s last blog post..Entrecard Deleted My Blogs

  31. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Robin – You’re welcome.

    Hi Pink Ink – That is a mouthful, isn’t it “NSNBOTW”. 🙂 I’m happy to hear you like the picks for this week. Stay tuned for more in the near future.

    Hi EmmaB – Welcome to the BWAB community. Thank you for the heads up. My hope is to showcase blogs of all ages so as to show others what great “stuff” is out there.

    P.S. I love your avatar “EmmaB Was Here”. Very original.

  32. Jeremy DayNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I would have to say yes. We all would love to hear about that “diamond in the rough” site before it gets big. I think it would be a small source of pride to say you interviewed someone before they got big.


    Jeremy Day´s last blog post..How to Overcome Our 3 Biggest Enemies in Life

  33. Tammy WarrenNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Barbara! Old blogs and new blogs I just love coming here and finding them. This has allowed so many bloggers to connect with each other. What a wonderful place to hang out at 1:24 in the morning. hahaha…shhhh

    Tammy Warren´s last blog post..

  34. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    I love this idea Barbara – and you’ve picked some winners to start this off! I’ve been following Ricardo’s blog for some time, but the others are pretty new to me. So, new stuff to check out!

    Lance´s last blog post..Life Balance: A Very Personal Pyramid

  35. Mike GoadNo Gravatar says:

    Barbara – Let’s see…, I think the question was: Do we think you should showcase not-so-new-blogs, too?

    Gee, I don’t know. That doesn’t quite fit the new-blog-of-the-week theme, now, does it? Won’t including not-so-new-blogs just dilute the pool of blogs being featured and — oh, wait a minute — I just went back and saw which three blogs that you were featuring.

    Well, of course you should feature not-so-new-blogs on occasion and, just let me say, I think that your picks for this new direction that you are taking your blog are superb.

    All kidding aside, thanks so much Barbara for being so gracious as to include my blog in this group. I also appreciate your description of my blog, though I do, on occasion try to get away from light-hearted.

    I also do very much like the other two blogs that you picked and am honored to be included with them.

    Sorry it took me so long to get to this. We just returned from camping trip to a “state park that moved” — 96+ hours away away from the internet and away from the keyboards, even though we had the laptops along. I’ll be posting a little on our trip along with some pictures in a day or so.

    Again, thanks so very much for mentioning my Exit78 blog

    Mike Goad´s last blog post..Overflow

  36. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jeremy – Welcome to the BWAB community. I agree, there are many diamonds in the rough. Hopefully I can showcase them before they made it big. How cool will that be, to say, “remember when”?

    Hi Tammy – I’m laughing as it’s 1:17 a.m. and I’m answering your comment. 🙂

    Hi Lance – Thanks for the heads up. Stay tuned as I have lots to choose from.

    Hi Mike – LOL. I’m happy to hear you approve. 🙂 I like your blog and the pictures you show are always so colorful. Plus, you travel in my old neck of the woods a lot, so it’s great to see what you’re taking pictures of.

    96+ hours away from the internet? That much have been torture. Or, maybe not…..