Setting up a blog can be time consuming, however, I find that micromanaging my blogs is even more time consuming.

Since starting my blogs, I have changed the theme, added advertising, familiarized myself with WordPress, Bluehost (my hosting company), and started to learn a lot of new computer language. I’m currently researching how to make my blog easier to navigate, plus I want to link articles together.

Finding, or rather, making the time to do all of this, can be overwhelming. I’ve been trying to discipline myself to spend a certain amount of time each day to direct my attention to this process. Since I have two blogs, more of my time is required, however, to be successful, I feel it’s a small price to pay.

Hint: If you’re feeling overwhelmed as a novice blogger, I think it helps to continue to work with what you know, and when you feel ready to increase your knowledge about the process, add only one element at a time. Then, move forward only after you’re comfortable with what you’ve learned.

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