My research recently took me to an interesting plugin named Clean Archives. It can be found and downloaded at

The Clean Archives plugin will list all of your posts by month and date, creating a neat and orderly list. They can be listed either in your sidebar, or on a separate page. I chose to use a separate page, as I believe this will help my readers navigate my site easier. I downloaded it and have created a “page” named “Articles”. It’s in the upper right hand corner of this page. Check it out.

When I downloaded the Clean Archives plugin, I couldn’t get it to activate on a “page” ( I could get it to work in the sidebar) , so I continued my research, and figured out that I also needed to download another plugin, named “runPHP”. I found the runPHP plugin at I downloaded the runPHP plugin and followed the detailed instructions that were provided. After I made all of the changes in WordPress that were suggested, the Clean Archives plugin worked great.

I like the way this these two plugins work together to make my posts easy to access. My readers are just a click away from reading any post.

These are two great plugins. Thank you to all who have made them possible.

UPDATE: Soon after I published this post, I received a comment from (see comments). He has updated Clean Archives to version 3.0, which eliminates the need to add the runPHP plugin. How cool is that?

Thanks Sean, for notifying me of the update. I greatly appreciate it. Many thanks also, for making life easier for us novice bloggers, by helping us produce blogs that are easy for our readers to navigate.

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  1. SeanNo Gravatar says:

    You must have downloaded version 2.2 of the plugin because as of this morning I released version 3.0 which makes things a lot easier and you can now create a dedicated page without having to use the runPHP plugin.

    I’ve also added an admin section to control some added features, so be sure to check out the latest release and if needed, upgrade your current version.

    Thank you for the mention by the way 🙂