In my last post, I wrote about what can cause spikes in your visitor counts.

By studying what caused these spikes, you may be able to convert some of that “spikey” traffic, to regular readers.

Today’s Lesson

First of all, remember, spikey traffic, can be fickle traffic. Some of those visitors may never return to your blog. They came for one post, and one post only.

Applying what you learn from spikes in your visitor counts, may increase the overall traffic to your blog.

1) If your traffic increases when you leave comments on other blogs, take time to analyze the comment(s) that you left.

Did you write a “traffic building comment”. Did your comment contain a “hook” to lure others to your site?

Did your comment increase the value of the original post?

If so, apply these techniques to future comments.

In order for this to work, you will need to dedicate time to visit other sites, on a regular basis. Networking is the key.

2) Did you write a post that received a lot of traffic?

Research how visitors found that post. What keywords or keyword phrases did they use to discover it.

Can you expand on that post, without creating duplicate content.

Can you reuse those keywords again, to create another post on a similar topic?

3) If your spikes in traffic were caused by submissions to social bookmarking sites, a blog carnival, Ezine article, or a guest post on another person’s blog, using these techniques, may help to generate more loyal readers to your site.

Blog traffic can come from many sources, however, encouraging loyal readership, can only be done by providing quality content.

And lastly, once on your site, can a reader tell, at a glance, what your site is about? Is it easy to navigate?

Today’s Assignment

Do you see spikes in your traffic statistics?

Have you determined what caused those increases in visitor counts?

What methods do you find work to gain more traffic?

Does your blog encourage readers to return?

Is your content providing value?

Is your site easy to navigate?

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