I never know how or where I’ll find the next blog to showcase on Wednesdays.

Sometimes it’s someone who commented here, a link left in the Blog Registry, a recommendation from another blogger, or someone who has been blogging for awhile and I feel they need more recognition.

The blog I’m showcasing today started from a tweet – on Twitter.

The tweet said,

Chk out my new post “My Top Five Favorite Pranks to Play on People I Love.”

Curiousity got the best of me so I clicked on the link.

As I read this author’s favorite pranks, I laughed out loud. Then I watched the video and even now, as I think about it, I still laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it?

As I was preparing this post, I started to dig deeper into his archives. What a pleasant surprise.

You see, based on his online “handle”, the name of his blog and the post I had read, I assumed most of his blog was humor.

I was wrong.

When he detailed a conversation he had with a young gal on a bus, I found his words to be so captivating, I felt I was on the same bus ride.  Here’s a sampling from the post titled, Time Interrupted: The Girl On The Bus

Neither of us has to say anything about how it feels to wake up to the truth: the agonizing disappointment and emptiness; the heart racing to keep ahead of the fear that stalks it; the aching aloneness that squeezes the chest and grips the throat, threatening to stop the breath.

I won’t ruin it for you and say what the article is about, but it is a fabulous read.

Mixed throughout his blog are samplings of his humor. In his post titled Five Benefits Of Mononucleosis he starts out by saying,

First the Acute Phase, which feels like

1. You just finished drinking battery acid during a hallucinogenic funk
2. Your head is being forced through the birth canal of a tse-tse fly
3. Every muscle fiber has been flattened like a pancake under a Mack truck then loaded up with valium, minus any pain-relieving benefits
4. You have no stomach.

What an imagination and command of descriptions.

Another post worth mentioning is named, My Son, My Hero. In this post he shares a lesson his young son taught him.

Then there’s his Twitter profile where he describes himself as,

Average Joe just trying to enjoy life’s simple moments. Self-therapy thru a nutty blog. Hoping to help raise funds for autism, mental health & cancer research.

I could go on talking about this author, but since we don’t have time for that, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Chris of Numb Nuggets.

Welcome to the Blogging Without A Blog community, Chris.

Enjoy your reign. Enjoy your blogging journey.

signature for blog post.

As a footnote, I suggest all women as well as guys who have women in their lives, read the series titled, Momma’s Littlest Angel – How A Baby Girl Saved Her Mother’s Life – Part 1, Part II, and Part III.

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  1. Blogger DadNo Gravatar says:

    Great choice, Barbara!
    I’m a recent convert to Chris’s blog and must say, I expected a lot of goofy stuff when I saw his blog’s name. While I write humor, most of the blogs I read are not funny. Funny done badly is painful to read. However, Chris’s site is not only at times howlingly funny, but it is also powerful. He is a talented guy with a lot of depth.

  2. TumblemooseNo Gravatar says:

    Geez, are we ever on the same page. I recently discovered Chris and his tweets are a hoot! That lead me to his blog today top read about the pranks and it just cracked me up!

    I asked Chris for hi email tonight so I could send him the pranks that I used to pull while working as a paramedic for LAFD…

    Good choice, Barbara
    .-= Tumblemoose´s last blog ..What It Takes to Make It Writing Children’s Books =-.

  3. always enjoy chris’s posts!.. thanks and keep up the good work

  4. Jay SchryerNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent choice! Chris is a good friend, and a great storyteller. His story, “Momma’s Littlest Angel”, is just about the most perfect thing ever written. I challenge anyone to read that and NOT get all weepy. It really is *that* good.

    Congratulations, Chris!!
    .-= Jay Schryer´s last blog ..Lazy Summer Days =-.

  5. Hi Barbara – Starting the day with a laugh! That prank video with the wooden spoons is hilarious. And yes, Chris, you got me to click on the funniest prank video, too. Off to read the rest of the blog. Thanks for a great pick.
    .-= Betsy Wuebker´s last blog ..FROM THE ROAD: ON THE WAY BACK INTO ALBERTA =-.

  6. I read the post about the girl on the bus with carnations. So beautifully put.

    And remind me never to get mono!

    Great pick, Barbara. And welcome Chris to NBOTW.
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..10 Great Mysteries of the Universe =-.

  7. Chris is awesome! Great blog to pick this week! 🙂
    .-= Positively Present´s last blog ..3 simple steps for conquering unhappiness =-.

  8. Writer DadNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent choice, Barbara. Chris is all aces. A great writer and wonderful human being.
    .-= Writer Dad´s last blog ..Writing With Purpose =-.

  9. TracyNo Gravatar says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations Chris!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Men’s Pocky =-.

  10. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    It’s a great reminder of the power of headlines.

    Congrats Chris and good pick Barbara.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Information x Focus = Personal Reality =-.

  11. What a great recommendation. Really enjoying what I see.

    Thanks, Barbara and congratulations, Chris!
    .-= Mary Anne Fisher´s last blog ..15 Paradigm Shifts That Pack a Powerful Punch =-.

  12. I truly enjoy his blog – and the fact that he seemed saddened that I was on hiatus, as we discovered each other about the same time.

    His posts are funny, inspiring and just great reads!

    I think he is a good pick!
    .-= RC – Rambling Along…´s last blog ..Celebrating today =-.

  13. TriciaNo Gravatar says:

    I’m looking forward to clicking over. The name of his blog, although really funny, probably wouldn’t have attracted me as I find myself looking for more serious conversations lately, but having you profile some of the depth to be found in Numb Nuggets, I’m excited to take a look. Thanks.
    .-= Tricia´s last blog ..Wondering on Wednesday…Your Sanity Saving Tips? =-.

  14. I have to say the same…he is beyond funny. I have just recently bumped into him on Twitter. I too clicked out of curiosity.

    Lovely person that can really pick up your day.
    .-= Cricket-Tammy´s last blog ..In Hiding…that’s all =-.

  15. LisisNo Gravatar says:

    YAY!!!! What a great call… I just LOVE Chris, and his blog, and his tweets, and I really love the post Jay mentioned above (sheer perfection, I tell ya!).

    Congratulations, Chris!!!!

    .-= Lisis´s last blog ..How to Relax in 3 Easy Steps =-.

  16. Lori HoeckNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara & Congrats Chris!

    We’ve crossed paths on Twitter, Chris, but now I will check out your blog!
    .-= Lori Hoeck´s last blog ..Intuition — first self defense weapon of choice =-.

  17. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and the support of Chris at Numb Nuggets.

    I was looking at the 90 bloggers I’ve showcased thus far and you all remain behind me when each week I introduce another one. I know your Google readers or inboxes are probably overflowing with blogs to read, but each week you welcome another blogger, and find room for one more.

    Just as we were all new bloggers once, you all have empathy for others who are new, as well. It’s people like you who keep me inspired to continue to do what I do. For that, I am forever grateful.

    Thank you all, so very much.

  18. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara. I’ve just subscribed to a new blog thanks to this. I read The Girl on the Bus post and enjoyed it very much — “…the heart racing to keep ahead of the fear that stalks it”… what an amazing analogy. You really have a knack for finding some pretty awesome blogs Barbara. Welcome Chris!
    .-= Check out Davina´s awesome post: 365 Days & Still Blogging =-.

  19. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  20. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    wow another great pick Barbara – I am going back for more reading and some laughing! Thank you
    Maybe when I get on Twitter – really plugged in – I can find these folks too?

  21. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    @BloggerDad Wow, thank you – humor and depth. It is exactly my heart’s intention. Very gratified you enjoy my work.

    @Tumblemoose Yes, and those pranks are hilarious! Thank you. I feel like the world just needs to hear some of them, though… 🙂

    @Gas Safety London I must confess I was going to write @GasMan (reference to Dumb and Dumber, one of THE greatest films of all time), but I didn’t want to offend. I sure appreciate your words of encouragement!

    @Jay You know how I feel about you and your work, Jay. To have you say such good things about the story of my wife and our little girl really means a lot. Thank you!

    @Betsy You are the first one to admit you clicked on that prank video! LOL…I’m almost afraid I could have posted that one video and been done, it was that good. Thank you for reading and commenting!

    @Jannie Thank you very much for your words. I am very honored by Barbara having picked me to showcase. Very glad to be hear.

    @Dani Thank you so much! All I want to do is add a little bit to life each day.

    @WriterDad I have admired your work since I stumbled onto your blog several months ago. So, right back at you, buddy. Thank you.

    @Tracy You rock, always! Thanks!

    @J.D. Yes, it is. I’m not good at making up headlines (just look at some of my posts that tanked my stats). But, I consider myself very blessed to have sparked Barbara’s curiosity! Thank you for reading and commenting.

    @Mary Anne While I was popping in and out of Twitter and unable to do my diligence for all of Barbara’s work in showcasing me, I met you and your blog. It means more today than it did two days ago do read “Really enjoying what I see.” Thank you!

    @RC Yes, I enjoy your tweets and your blog. Thank you! My trouble now is keeping up with it all!
    .-= Check out Chris´s awesome post: Incredible Sports Moments Even Non-Sports Lovers Will Like =-.

  22. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    @Tricia So very glad you discovered my blog! I owe a huge debt of thanks to Barbara for that. As happens with some blogs, mine has morphed from the days I wrote for myself and nobody read it. I have begun to discover it’s purpose, strengths and weaknesses.

    @Cricket Do you have any idea how cool I think it is that we connected up? Thank you!

    @Lisis I find your blog to always be soothing and informative (though, that’s to clinical of a word to describe what you write). And you, yourself, are just wonderful. Thank you for the congrats and compliments (big smiles)

    @Lori Very glad to have you check out my blog. A world apart from yours (which I enjoy, immensely, btw). Thank you for visiting and I hope I can provide incentive for you come back often!

    @Barbara You are a JEWEL! Being knew to blogging, I am still finding my way through all the early questions. To have written enough interesting “stuff” to be selected by you is a huge honor. Thank you so very much!

    @Davina I am honored. Thank you. What’s even better is I discovered you and your blog. Barbara rocks!

    @LDS Please visit often. I hope you continue enjoying what you see. If not, smack me upside the head and say “Concentrate!” 🙂

    @Patricia You and I have corresponded since Barbara posted this. I have enjoyed it very much and look forward to continuing!

    Thanks to Barbara for her contributions to not just the blogging world, but to humanity. What she does here isn’t just blogging, it is putting people in touch with people and helping to build a better world.

    Thank you everyone for reading. I am honored and hope I can continue providing enough incentive for you all to continue visiting my strange little blog.


  23. janiceNo Gravatar says:

    Welcome, Chris! Thanks, Barbara. This is a great feature! I’m not quite there with Twitter yet, so I miss out on a lot.
    .-= Check out janice´s awesome post: Take Time to Treasure What’s Important =-.

  24. Chania GirlNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations on this, Chris! Well done you!
    .-= Check out Chania Girl´s awesome post: You’re Beautiful =-.

  25. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    @janice Thank you very much! Re. twitter: I have to be very careful it doesn’t supercede my blog reading/writing time. Very easy to get pulled into the twitter current! 🙂

    If you do get on, I’d love to follow you!

    @Chania Girl You are always so gracious. Thank you!
    .-= Check out Chris´s awesome post: The Evidence of Childhood =-.

  26. alexNo Gravatar says:

    chris is too funny, which makes it kinda embarrassing when you’re reading [him] in a public library, or cafe, or plane and start laughing like a maniac. :-]

    alex alaska p