In 2008 I set up the Blog Registry to help bloggers get found.

As of today, there are 235 entries.

Some of the blogs are now nonexistent, some of the authors are on hiatus, but others are going strong.

As I was reviewing the entries I saw many familiar bloggers and although I don’t know how much traffic an entry in the Blog Registry gets you, my hope is it helps.

My visit to the Blog Registry got me thinking.

Today’s Lesson

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy hearing why others started their blogs and learning why they named it what they did?

Was it a light bulb moment, or did they carefully choose each word? Did they pick a name knowing it would help with search engine optimization (SEO) or did they just take a stab in the dark?

For myself, the name “Blogging Without A Blog” happened quite by accident. In my “About” page I share how it came about:

When I’m learning anything new, I document the facts in a notebook (much like blogging). That’s what I was doing when I began to learn the blogging process prior to setting up my first blog. After reading and journaling about the blogging/writing process, learning the blogging terminology and what took place behind the scenes, I stared down at the dozens of pages of notes I had in front of me and penned, “here I am, blogging without a blog”. Hence, the name was born.

Although it sounds like a silly name, it appears to be memorable.

As mentioned above, I enjoy hearing why bloggers name their blogs what they do. Will you share your story with me?

Today’s Assignment

What inspired you to name your blog(s) what you did?

What do you hope others will find when they visit you?

signature for blog post.

P.S. If you haven’t added your name to the Blog Registry, please feel free to do so.

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  1. FaroukNo Gravatar says:

    i have chosen this name 2knowmyself to help people understand themselves more 🙂
    .-= Check out Farouk´s awesome post: If you register your site for free at =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Farouk,

      The name you picked is perfect. It describes exactly what your readers can expect when they land your blog. Great choice.

  2. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    When I lived in Houston, I saw daily the smog, fog, steam being belched out of the chemical plants and was amazed that any of us could breathe. I then took early retirement and moved to the piney woods of East Texas and I could then see the stars, breathe much easier and the colors of nature were more vibrant. Hmmmm, it is time to educate thus the name “Forced Green”.
    .-= Check out Linda´s awesome post: The Cooling Effects Of The Solar Tree =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Linda,

      I didn’t realize you had taken an early retirement, instead I thought you had lost your job and were thrown into retirement (hence, “forced”). I like how you’re educating others how to live a greener life by showcasing what others are doing as well as simple tricks we can do, too. Go Green!

  3. Kelvin KaoNo Gravatar says:

    My blog is Puppet Kaos. Yep, it’s about puppetry. Kaos can have two meanings: it can mean “chaos” and also “Kao” is my last name. I didn’t really come up with it on my own. I basically surveyed my friends on my old blog and one of them came up with the name. Back then, I probably didn’t know much about SEO, but my memory is a lil foggy on that now.
    .-= Check out Kelvin Kao´s awesome post: Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010 =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Kelvin,

      I didn’t know that – that Kaos means “chaos”, but now that you mention it, I see it. Combining your last name with what your blog is about is a superb idea. It tells us you’re a trained puppeteer. I like that.

  4. Dearest Barbara,
    I will be honest…i thought of a blog name out of nowhere. I knew the theme would be positive thinking and all things personal development….but the name just off hand popped in my head. I was very sure the word “positive” had to be there…but “positive Provocations” just somehow made its way in my silly little head….
    You know its only after the blog took off…and now that i know about SEO etc…i thought lets check if there are any other blogs or websites by the same name…and what do you know…NONE! How cool is that. There is and hopefully there will be only One “Positive Provocations” 🙂
    So that my silly little story into naming my blog 🙂
    Much Love,
    .-= Check out Zeenat{Positive Provocations}´s awesome post: Do More… =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Zeenat,

      That is cool there are no other blogs by the same name as yours. And, even if someone decided to start one with the same name and looked at yours. they’d probably be so intimidated by how successful you are, they would find a different name instead.

      You’ve got a real winner. 🙂

      • heheh….such wonderful compliments from my blogging teach means I must be doing something right 🙂 Am honored you think this way….honored and humbled. Thank you for being my darling Blogging Teacher! Lots of love ….

        • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

          You’re welcome Zeenat,

          Yes, you are doing something right. You’re being true to yourself and your beliefs and it shines through in all of the words you leave online. You’re such a sweetheart. 🙂

  5. CharleneNo Gravatar says:

    The original intent of the blog was to provide bits and pieces of interesting information – a bit of history, a bit of trivia, a bit of useless information – so naming it Burke’s Bits made sense to me. Then, after a few months I realized that it was becoming more and more about my life as an info pro, so I added a tag line to help define it. Even as I’m moving forward with changes to my business, the names still fits. And, I’m going to be refining my approach to the posts because no one seems to want to read what I’ve written to this point.LOL And considering that I do want it to be a part of my business marketing efforts, I think it would be a good idea to have it be read. I do have a few more blogs that get more attention, but this one needs my attention.

  6. Chase MarchNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    It’s funny but I was blogging without a blog too. I had a coil notebook where I wrote down all my observations about life. I was a teenager and was sure that I had everything figured out (you know how teenagers are)

    I searched for a title for that book that fit with who I was and what I was trying to do with my writing. I did a dictionary search and came upon a word that really intrigued me “cacophony.” It meant a loud, discordant sound.

    Right away I thought of the oxymoron, “Silent Cacophony” and it completely fit. Through my writing, which technically is silent, I can scream and be heard. I can make noise and express myself and it doesn’t matter if anyone agrees with it or finds it harsh. I can express my truth.

    It also fit because I felt a little invisible and thus “silent” in where I was in life at that point.

    When I started blogging, I knew I needed to bring the spirit of that long lost notebook with me into this new platform. Thus “Silent Cacophony” predated my blog and it’s a term that I has defined me for half of my life.

    That’s my story. Thanks for letting me share it here.
    .-= Check out Chase March´s awesome post: Please Think Before You Tweet =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Chase,

      The oxymoron you chose is perfect. And for you to have been in the position of wanting to be heard, what great timing it was for you to start a blog and put your truth “out there”. Aren’t you glad you did? And look at you now, you’re also getting to include your love of hip-hop. Isn’t blogging the greatest?

  7. Mike GoadNo Gravatar says:

    The name for my blog comes from Interstate 40 exit 78 in Arkansas. For most of my time at my last job, I crossed the exit 78 overpass on my way to and from work. With no entrance or exit ramps on the east side of the exit, I used an access road rather than the interstate.

    In the last few years before I retired, there had been quite a bit of road construction in the state including a reconstruction of exit 78 with a new overpass and entrance and exit ramps in both directions. The construction also resulted in a new spectacular view of the lake at the highest point of the exit. In the weeks prior to the creation of the blog, I had been trying to come up with an original name for it. I wanted a simple name that would be easy to remember. I didn’t want it to be something that was too corny or that would immediately place it in a category that isn’t intended.

    And so was born Exit78.
    .-= Check out Mike Goad´s awesome post: Update: Arizona State Parks to Close =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Mike,

      I love your story. Who would have thought an exit along a highway would be the inspiration for the name of a blog. Then to have the construction result in the spectacular view of the lake; that’s like the icing on the cake. Yours is a perfect name for your niche. Way to go, Mike.

  8. Hi Barbara – What a great reminder of how your name came to be! Pete is the one who thought up PassingThru. We knew we wanted it to be about travel, and he actually had a list of about 30 names to check if available. We circled the ones we liked best and this one was the clear favorite. We liked how it covered journeys of all kinds, not just the ones that require actual travel. We had no idea whether it was SEO friendly or not, and still don’t for that matter. Thanks.
    .-= Check out Betsy Wuebker´s awesome post: When Your Inner Critic is on Steroids =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Betsy,

      You’re right. Passing Thru encompasses all journeys in life, whether we stay for awhile or are somewhere temporarily. I remember what really caught my attention when I landed on your blog was you had posts about Michigan and Alaska – two states that hold great memories for me. SEO friendly or not, your title is spot on.

  9. Jim GaudetNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Barbara,

    I didn’t comment on your last post, but I will now. I named my blog and my domain after myself. To be honest it is all about SEO, but for a different reason. I want to own my name when you search for me on Google or any other search engine. I have a musician and baseball player with my name, so they are on the front page too, but I control most of that space.

    The slogan of my blog is exactly me, “An IT guy relaxing in Costa Rica” You will find things that are about me and what I like; Costa Rica – SEO – Web Design; so what would I like them to find on my blog? I hope they find some good tips on SEO and Web Design plus some of my experiences in Costa Rica.

    I have been a follower of your blog for a while, but I don’t comment too much. Sorry for that 🙂
    .-= Check out Jim Gaudet´s awesome post: Minify your CSS and Speed Up WordPress =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      No need to apologize Jim, I appreciate you following my blog whether you comment or not.

      What a great idea – to use your own name, especially since it’s also held by a musician and a baseball player. Chances are, you probably pick up a few readers, even if by accident.

      Your slogan does say it all. “…Relaxing in Costa Rica”. That sounds like a dream location. Lucky you!

  10. HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara .. I struggled to find a blog I wanted to write about – then realised I loved the letters I was writing out to family and friends re my sick mother, who was likely to live a while (35 months so far). They were informative interesting snippets and a friend, who owned a Care Home, said they were so positive and so interesting .. hence positive letters was born.

    It’s not an easy blog to extrapulate out from .. though the asset value of each post is there – I now need to find another name to build a business from ..

    Ezine articles don’t like letters; stories – they’re really not; so – the thinking cap is working (or will be shortly.. it’s brooding at the moment!). The inspirational stories was added to spread positive letters out to a broader audience.

    I did want a 2 word .com domain so P L is alright there; now for a catchy something else. I agree I should .com my own name.

    Interesting to hear how we all started .. and your Blog Registry was a great idea .. how do I get on?

    Bye – Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
    .-= Check out Hilary´s awesome post: Turning a team of oxen – any idea how? =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Hilary,

      What a great story. I love how your blog started from little snippets which were positive. From there you’ve built a blog that contains wonderful stories that are not only informational, but educational. And the pictures you choose are perfect.

      I see a “teacher” in you and have no doubt wherever you head next, it will also be a success.

  11. HilaryNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara .. this Inquiring mind – can’t read!! Thanks – I’ve done the Blog Register .. H
    .-= Check out Hilary´s awesome post: Turning a team of oxen – any idea how? =-.

  12. Lori HoeckNo Gravatar says:

    My latest blog came from my e-book “Think Like A Black Belt.” As a third degree black belt and from many years of teaching self defense to the public, I realized skills in awareness, vigilance, intuition, body language, and emotional self defense could be taught to all. You might not have time to train and be a black belt, but you can learn to think more like one.

    Thank you for asking, Barbara!
    .-= Check out Lori Hoeck´s awesome post: You have the right to defend your inner self, too =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Lori,

      How fortunate we are to have someone like you who has taken the knowledge you have learned from being a third degree black belt (+ self defense knowledge) and turned it into such a value based blog. Not only do you motivate some to learn karate, but you’re teaching your readers how they can stay safe and/or avoid being hurt.

      P.S. Your free ebook kicks butt, too. 🙂 Go Lori!

  13. Hi Barbara,

    The name of my blog came as a result of combining two things (happiness and spirituality) that I had spent many years searching for in various ways. Happy because I have always been fascinated with the concept of happiness and attaining it.

    As for Lotus, it is a flower that grows in the mud and it is a symbol in Eastern thought for the journey of life. We all have to go through mud in order to gain wisdom and with that wisdom we arise above the mud and blossom.

    My original intention for the blog was to share information about health and wellness. I planned to write rarely on spirituality and happiness. Ironically, my readers liked the happiness and spiritual posts more so I switched. I am so grateful that I did because that began a wonderful journey which led to and is leading to a new career and new project which are both dreams come true! 🙂
    .-= Check out Nadia – Happy Lotus´s awesome post: Reflections on Past Choices =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Nadia,

      I’m learning so much. I did not know a lotus grows in the mud. How smart of you to tie the lotus and it’s symbolism to your journey/search for happiness.

      You’ve also brought up a good point. Often we start a blog thinking we’ll head in a specific direction with it, and our readers nudge us into another direction. Like you, I’m grateful that happened to you as I truly enjoy reading about your journey.

      P.S. After reading your comment, I now have a much greater appreciation and love for the lotus flower. It is truly a beauty.

  14. Silly GirlNo Gravatar says:

    NotesFromtheVoices comes from something my husband and my best friend used to tell others about me. They felt at times I live a little too much in my head listening to those voices.

    I created my blog has a way to share my struggles with my eating disorder while trying to find a reporting job. It was a way to give myself a voice. Since its creation, I have found a job but I am still struggling with my eating disorder. Connecting with others on the blog has helped me immensely.

    Thanks for asking!
    .-= Check out Silly Girl´s awesome post: Fridays are the best =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Silly Girl,

      *smiles*. I’m guessing a lot of us have those voices we listen to. Picking “Notes From the Voices” was a brilliant move.

      I like what you said how having a blog and connecting with others has helped you with your eating disorder. I must say, your posts have also helped me. Eating disorders is a topic I had heard about but I didn’t understand what a person with an eating disorder went through. Thank you for shedding light on this subject and helping me to comprehend what all it entails. I appreciate that.

  15. Great story about how you named your blog, Barbara. My name comes from the story of a man who took some big risks and undertook a huge transition in order to live a more meaningful life. I’ve always been moved by his story. Throughout the years my husband and I have performed it as part of a reader’s theatre piece, and to this day this man’s words still resonate:

    “I want to have it matter that I lived. I want to get up in the morning and know that what I’m going to do that day is what I want to do. I want to enjoy the now, as opposed to when I retire, when I get older. Well, WHY NOT START NOW?”

    I hope those visiting my blog will find a place of community, creativity, and meaning, as well as a lively conversation about what it means to start now.

    Again, thank you so much for asking!
    .-= Check out Patty – Why Not Start Now?´s awesome post: Meaning Mondays: The Mask Edition =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Patty,

      How true. “Why not start now?” Off the top of my head I could come up with dozens of excuses not to do this or that, but with a title like yours, it makes a person stop in their tracks. You’re right, there is no better time to start “whatever” than NOW.

      I like how your title and blog remind all of us, life is short and making excuses for not doing something only keep us chained to the past. You’re doing a beautiful job of paying it forward.

  16. JeanneNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, gee, Barbara — why “Dream a Happy Life”? I’ve had a lifetime of daydreaming, and having dreams come true, and journaling about it all to keep memories alive. I wrote a little book about my dreaming and got a pretty strong response from some readers.

    That’s when I decided to enter blogland with my thoughts, hoping to show the wonderfulness of life that belongs to all of us. I hope my visitors will find kinship and connection and inspiration. And the occasional lighter side!

    Oh, yeah, it’s not blogland, it’s blogosphere. Right?
    .-= Check out Jeanne´s awesome post: The Four-Trunk Tree =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      Blogland? Blogosphere? It doesn’t matter. It’s the “land” of no rules. 🙂

      You do that so well – showing all of us how magical life can be and how we can have our dreams come true. Just as you did and continue to do as you explore this country on your current road trip. Dreams don’t have to wait, do they?

      Thank you for the reminder to dream a happy life.

  17. suzenNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara! I had written several pages of names I thought of and kept looking to see if they were original enough by googling them. I didn’t know diddly about search engines – still don’t, haha – but I wanted to write blogs that would be uplifting, encouraging, motivating, that much I knew. I’d spent years telling people there was no such thing as being bored – indecisive maybe, fearful maybe – but if you have a pulse DO something with it – Erase the Bored – permanently and forever – soooooo Erasingthebored popped off the page and I went with it! Tadah, the end.
    Which is also the beginning.
    .-= Check out suzen´s awesome post: Some Thoughts on Thoughts =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Suzen,

      I love your play on words. And I’m with you, there is no need to be bored. Not with all life has to offer.

      You’re definitely meeting your goal Suzen, as your posts are truly uplifting, encouraging and motivating. Now instead of telling just the people in your real world, you get to share your words of wisdom globally. WooHoo!

  18. George AngusNo Gravatar says:

    I first chose Tumblemoose because it was unique and there was nothing else quite like it out there. I became Tumblemoose thusly:

    About a decade ago I was talking with someone from the western US and they commented about having to dodge tumbleweeds on the highway. Me of quick wit and repertoire responded with something along the lines of being in Alaska and dodging tumblemoose. Well, the name just kinda stuck and so here we are.

    I’ve since switched monikers and now just go by my name. Some short term losses perhaps, but hopefully for long term gains.

    .-= Check out George Angus´s awesome post: Smashwords Means Ebooks Galore! =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi George,

      I wondered how you came up with Tumblemoose, but knowing you lived in Alaska figured it had a special meaning. Now I know “the rest of the story”. 🙂

      Even though you’re currently going by “George Angus”, for me, Tumblemoose will always be synonymous with your name. Can you change your name to George Tumblemoose Angus? Kidding….. 😆

  19. Comments were fun to read!

    “What inspired you to name your blog(s) what you did?”

    From my About page…

    I named my blog MomGrind® because I wanted to help moms deal with the daily grind of motherhood. To all the men who find this site after searching for “hot moms” or “grind moms,” my sincere apologies. I can only imagine how disappointed you must be when you find yourself here .


    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Vered,

      You not only help moms deal with the daily grind via your posts, but what you write is fascinating to the general population, as well.

      I had to laugh at your apology. The search terms that lead readers to your blog are truly amusing.

      P.S. I agree. The comments on this post make for a fun read.

  20. DavinaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara. I love hearing these stories. Kind of like those “How did you two meet?” stories. My blog was named in relation to Crimson Compass, my life coaching practice. Shades of Crimson is where the different shades or voices, if you will, of personal development come into play. Crimson has to do with aliveness, emotion and energy. Not trying so hard you go red in the face though 😉
    .-= Check out Davina´s awesome post: The Ride of Your Life =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Davina,

      I often wondered how you picked your name, but when you explain how we have shades of “voices” in our personal development, that makes sense. And yes, crimson (and red) are the colors of aliveness. Just like your blog.

      So I’m guessing when you do life coaching, you’re able to help your clients come alive by addressing those voices. That has to be an awesome process to witness (and to go through).

  21. Hi Barbara,
    Welll how fun reading everyone’s stories! I’ve been called bold, gutsy etc. my entire life. Friends and clients always have admired me for this trait. I think it comes from being one of 10 kids and when you wanted something you had better go after it…including snacks, the front seat, standing in line for the bathroom! If you didn’t you were guaranteed to be at the end of the line or left out completely! I don’t think I ever quit going for it!
    That’s the story;)
    .-= Check out Tess The Bold Life´s awesome post: Why I Love To Blog =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Tess,

      So…that’s how you become so bold. And now, you’re passing on those life lessons and teaching us to be bold, too. 🙂

      I like how you said your friends and clients admire you for being so gutsy. That’s a wonderful compliment and a great trait to have.

  22. Alien GhostNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Growing in isolation the first seven years of my life and then spending lots of time trying to learn how to fit is the base of the name in my blog: Alien Ghost

    Alien because it is about looking at the world with a different perspective and Ghost because it is from someone who is observing without being seen; it just seemed appropriate to me.

    What people can find in this blog? My hope is to provide an alternative vision to the same situation; sort of different opinion that people might have not thought of.

    After two months in the blogging “arena” I am still learning the in and outs of blogs, writings (English is my second language) and all the technical stuff that goes with having a little remote island in the middle of nowhere in the internet ocean, but so far I discovered that blogging is a fun way to communicate both ways with people, so still very enthusiastic to keep going.

    .-= Check out Alien Ghost´s awesome post: The Lost Moments =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Raul,

      The story of how you picked your name fascinates me.

      That’s a great ides to show your readers an alternative viewpoint. It helps to get others thinking outside of the box and reminds them there’s usually more than one solution or side which are wonderful life lessons.

      I also admire your command of the English language. I’ve been told it’s very difficult to learn. You’re doing marvelously.

  23. katinkaNo Gravatar says:

    I wanted a name that would allow me to blog about any spiritual topic I could think of. I ended up with ‘allconsidering’. Seems to be memorable enough.
    .-= Check out katinka´s awesome post: Free will, culture and responsibility =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Katinka,

      That’s a perfect name – “All Considering”. It encompasses anything you could possibly dream up to blog about. And you’re right, it’s very memorable. Good pick!

  24. WalterNo Gravatar says:

    I named my blog Lionslinger because I want to awaken the Lion in each of us. We all have the capacity for a Lions share, but we are too ignorant to realize this capacity. Hence, it is my mission to awaken the Lion in us all. 🙂

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Walter,

      I like that. And that’s so true. We all have a lion in us, but we often forget to awaken it. That’s a great mission you’ve put yourself on. Hear me roarrrrr! 🙂

  25. I’ve ran several blogs, my most succesful one Sabiduría y Vida (Wisdom and Life) came from the title of a course in the seminay named Faith & Life, which is about the aplication of Christian Faith to Everyday life. I decided to open up the scope, so providing a link between deep thought and a down-to-earth approach.

    “That’s Swell”, which is about the fictional adventures of a newsboy, as you know, came from an expression I’ve first heard watching very old b/w movies in the lips of children.
    .-= Check out Miguel de Luis´s awesome post: 2 =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Miguel,

      Yes. I am very aware of “That’s Swell” – your blog, turned game. I think that’s a fabulous idea. One day soon I need to come by and play it.

      That was a brilliant idea to take a phrase from the movies and turn it into a blog title. Not only does it sound like a fun place to visit, it’s a name we soon won’t forget.

  26. We spend so much of our waking hours working that I decided that all work really ought to be amusing, attractive, captivating, clever, engaging, enjoyable, fascinating, gratifying, luscious and thrilling or.. in a word delightful!

    When others visit I hope they find the inspiration to make their work delightful. Life is too short to work anything less than a true calling.
    .-= Check out Tom Volkar / Delightful Work´s awesome post: Live Big or Die Small =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Tom,

      That’s so true. If we love our jobs, life is so much better. And just hearing the word “delightful” makes me smile.

      I like what you do, not only with your blog, but with Big Link Rally. You’re showing others how you did it and how they can too. A man following his passion. That’s awesome!

  27. Dennis EdellNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve been in direct sales in one form or another all my life; yep starting with the lemonade stand. The one thing that always stuck out and seemed never ending was the total lack of support/training/customer service knowledge most if not all of the companies had for their reps.

    When they decided to take things online and hand out cookie-cutter websites like they were candy treats, it’s just got worse…exponentially. Forums, the biggest networking sites around then, were FILLED with cries for help. was born.

    Now that I’ve at least semi-established my name through my avatar-logo and using my real name EVERYWHERE, I’ve decided to give myself the ultimate branding move and move everything to… everything a more personal coaching style. 🙂
    .-= Check out Dennis Edell´s awesome post: Blog Move Is Immanent! I’m Looking For Launch Partners… =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Dennis,

      You did what many miss – you listened to what people were saying they wanted and are now filling that need.

      I love your idea of establishing yourself as an expert in direct sales web marketing and building your site/business around that. Although I know it has been tons of work, soon you WILL BE the “go to” guy in your niche. WooHoo, and I can say “I know him”. 🙂

  28. I totally lucked into my personal branding with my blog’s name, an off-shoot from my band The Funsters who performed comedic songs we wrote. Just a silly idea at the time, but Jannie Funster has stuck.

    And I hope someone who lands on my blog will find something to make them smile, and occasionally even crack a chuckle.
    .-= Check out Jannie Funster´s awesome post: Am I The Only One…? =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jannie,

      You’re right. You were in the right place at the right time and landed the perfect name for your blog. You put the fun in “funster” and the genuine into “Jannie”.

      And now you have the funnest (is that a word?) blog in blogosphere. Have no fear, you DO give us smiles and chuckles, always in the Funster way. 🙂

  29. roseanneNo Gravatar says:

    I started my blog, “it’s all yoga, baby,” after the yoga magazine that I was editing closed and I was unemployed. The main line on our final cover was “It’s All Yoga,” and I took that as my blog name as a homage to the magazine. I added the “baby” because it had been a running joke around the office during our final weeks, and because it added a touch of irreverence and lightness (which I also wanted to convey through my blog). The blog has been a way for me to maintain the contacts I had grained through working at the magazine, and to keep connected to the greater yoga community. It’s also been a place where I can exercise my voice and writing skills.

    Fun exercise! And it’s so great to hear other blog name stories!

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you Roseanne,

      And, thank you for sharing your story. Although I haven’t visited your blog before, just the description is enough to entice me to click through.

      I like you idea of adding “baby” to your title. As you said, it makes it sound like a fun place to hang out. And I’m guessing with all the press of how actresses use yoga to maintain their shapes, you’re in a popular niche.

      As soon as I finish writing this, I’m coming to visit. 🙂

  30. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    I found myself always looking to and drawing from sources of insight. I thought it would be cool to build a practice blog around the idea of sharing the wisdom of the ages and modern day sages … and focus on books, people, and quotes … to help people stand on the shoulders of giants.

    I figured my practice blog would help with my real blog. I noticed over time though that people in the hall could easily remember “sources of insight.” Gradually, I lost interest in starting my real blog.
    .-= Check out J.D. Meier´s awesome post: 10 Ways to Improve How You Manage Information =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi J.D.,

      What a perfect name for what you write about. I like how you take what you learn and pass it onto your readers. It definitely is sources of insight that is always a joy to read.

  31. DotNo Gravatar says:

    My blog had several starts and a false start. In its current incarnation, I named it Deeper issues because I wanted to get beyond just the surface of things and take a look at some of the psychological causes for the way we respond to life. However, I noticed that the readers (and I) didn’t want such serious fare on a constant basis, so I added things to lighten it up. Plus, I was getting sick so often that I began to write about my frustrations with that. Ultimately, it became just a general purpose, personal blog. I kind of wish I had named it Edna, or something else that had nothing to do wth the content. 😉
    .-= Check out Dot´s awesome post: Comment on Best Laid Plans by Jannie Funster =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Dot,

      A blog named “Edna”? I like that.

      Isn’t that the way it goes? We start a blog thinking we’ll write about a specific topic and soon realize we no longer have an interest in it, or feel our readers don’t either. That’s one good thing about blogs, with no rules, we can always change them in mid-stream.

  32. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    My life became so isolated first with getting my youngest child through school and then even more completely with taking care of my mum 24/7 for her final three years.

    Nothing is more insulting to me than not being listened to or heard. I found myself filling journal page after journal page – but of course no one was there to answer – reply or continue the conversation.

    My oldest daughter suggested I blog, and I felt that this was a good way to re-emerge into conversation. It took me a very long time to be discovered but it has been a good vehicle for me.

    My husband just popped out the name one after noon as we were working on getting set up and I have been told numerous times just how “perfect” it is for me. It is a way to have a conversation, be connected, and assist others in becoming the best they can be. (Plus the name Patricia refers to the GREEK society meaning a woman of wealth and wisdom)

    For my other blog we just chose my partner’s two passions in life and put them in order of joy….like the ingredients on the side of a food can…both names just arrived.
    .-= Check out Patricia´s awesome post: The Centerpiece =-.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I think “Patricia’s Wisdom” is perfect for your blog as you continually share your wise words.

      You’re right. A blog is a great place to interact with others and get a reply. Not only can we get stuff off our chest, but often those who respond open our eyes to other possibilities and before we know it, our options are unlimited. Plus, we make great cyber friends in the process. How cool is that?

  33. Chris EdgarNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara — thanks for this — “Purpose Power Coaching” made sense for me two years ago because the work I was doing was all about career transition and I also liked the alliteration. 🙂 I’ll be changing the blog name shortly to “Work Consciously,” because I think that’s a better description of the work I do now, which is all about getting conscious of the ways we’re relating to our work that don’t serve us and letting them go. Also I’ve decided Purpose Power Coaching sounds a little generic to me.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Chris,

      You’ve raise a good point. Sometimes we outgrow the original name we chose for our blog. I like the name “Work Consciously”. It’s to the point and anyone who lands on your blog will know just by seeing the name what they can expect. Good choice.

  34. Debbie YostNo Gravatar says:

    My blog name was by design and thought out carefully. In fact, I explained it in my very first post “Why Three Weddings” As you know, I recently stopped blogging, I had thought for good, but I’m back again although not as regularly. I write when I have time and have something to say. Blogging has had to take the back burner to parenting, but I hope you will keep me in your register and drop by from time to time to see what is up in the world of Three Weddings!

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Deb,

      I still remember reading the story of “Three Weddings”. It’s a perfect fit for your blog.

      I’m happy to hear you’re back to posting, even if it’s not on a regular basis. Have no fear, as long as you’re around, I’ll be visiting and subscribed to your blog.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story, Debbie. You’ve reminded me to come by and catch up on your three “brides”. 🙂

  35. I have long envisioned an Art Barn, with huge windows — little panes — all long the north and south walls, gardens beyond. A fireplace in the northwest corner, with three-four cozy leather club chairs. A wet bar on the west wall, with freshy-ground and brewed European roast coffee always available. Real cream for those who want it. Nibblies of some sort.

    Outlets for laptops, and wireless Internet access, for the writers among us.

    And a long work table in the center, for those who want to work on their projects, whatever their art medium.

    I love people, busy people, people who are excited about life and learning and possibilities, and who want to share with others. People who have purpose and enjoy the company of like-minded others.

    When I want to see a friend, I ask her to meet me at a coffee shop, or invite her to my home. We talk, over coffee.

    My blog is about having some of all of this, online, over coffee. What better name could I give it? Conversation Over Coffee, maybe.

    A great post, Barbara. Thanks.


    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      You’re welcome Barb,

      “Over Coffee”. That’s a fabulous name for a blog as it conjures up those memorable experiences when we can meet our real life friends over coffee, chatting the hours away.

      And the way you described your Art Barn/coffee shop. Mmmmm. That sounds lovely. Your words took me there and I could see myself sipping a cup of that European roast, nibbling on one of your home made goodies (I see you baking, too 🙂 ) sitting in front of my laptop thinking I should be blogging, but instead I’m enjoying the scenery both inside and out and making new friends in the process.

      When did you say your grand opening is?

  36. My blog Dream, Act, Plan, Believe came into being after a couple months of blogging under another blog name (at an old domain). It came from a quote by Anatole France: “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

    I described the reason for the name in one of the posts on my blog. In it I described that the purpose of my blog is…

    * To inspire others who are traveling down the road of recovery.
    * To inspire others to reach for the best within themselves.
    * To inspire others to dream.
    * To inspire others to take action and act upon those dreams.
    * To inspire others to plan a way to achieve a dream lifestyle.
    * To inspire others to believe in themselves and their abilities.

    As we journey together I hope it will inspire some to Dream ~ Act ~ Plan and Believe.
    .-= Check out Leisa Watkins´s awesome post: Dan Caro Lives Life Without Limits =-.

  37. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Leisa,

    That’s beautiful.

    Having checked out your blog, your inspiring stories are definitely keeping you on the mark.

    And we are all on this journey together, aren’t we?

  38. I started my blog as a way to get some things off my chest. And along the way it has developed into a pretty cool blog if I do say so myself. It is pretty interesting to read the comments about how and why people started their blogs.

    • Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Garrett,

      Yes. You blog has developed into something cool. And I agree, it’s great hearing why others started blogging.

      Thank you for sharing your story.

  39. Hello there, this seems a good place for me to “snoop” around and see how others run their blogs and learn.

    For me blogging started the afternoon of April 2nd, 2009.
    I had left a marketing seminar with the advice ” no matter what your business, you should start a blog”. That’s exactly what I did. So today it’s been a year and 2 days since I started and I am not going to stop.

    This blog started to showcase my part of the world. And since I am in the inn-keeping business, you can imagine that there are a slew of stories to tell. Not so much about guest, yes some are about guests but also the neighborhood where we frequent shops, restaurants and other venues.

    I post whatever comes to mind mostly for my guests, lots of pictures of the area and interesting happenings and links. I blog about my baking and cooking – I blog about my life, which when put in black and white is not quite as mundane as I first thought it was.
    oops, sorry to be so wordy… come and check it out and see what you think.

    I don’t know when I crossed the line between wanting to drum up business to having fun writing. It must have been after this entry

    Thank you, Barbara, for the opportunity…

    Happy Easter,

  40. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    You’re welcome Iris,

    Happy One Year Blog Birthday!

    I like your idea of having the blog for your guests to read. Not only does that give them a glimpse into what happens at the inn and/or in your life on a daily basis, but it also shows potential guests what they can expect.

    Thank you for the Easter wishes. I hope you had a great one, too.