Have you ever felt like this?

This photo is a perfect representation of me and my life at this moment. I’ve got too much on my plate and not enough hours in the day.

For that reason, there’ll be no lesson or assignment for today.

Feel free to dig through the archives, or better yet, check out the blogs of those who regularly comment here on Blogging Without A Blog.

I’ll be back on Friday with Open Mic where you can leave your blogging questions and concerns. Plus, I’ll have a question or two for all of you.

See you then.


Photo Credit: exfordy’s photostream
Signature Credit: My Live Signature.com, with special thanks to Annie Anderson for directing me to this site.

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  1. Linda AbbitNo Gravatar says:

    I feel your pain, Barbara!

    How come with all of our time-saving devices we always seem behind?

    No worries — I will be patient until Friday. I’ve jotted down a few Q’s for Open Mic time myself. I always have questions! 🙂

    Like your signature addition, too. Is it hard to add?

  2. J.D. MeierNo Gravatar says:

    I know how that goes …

    Sometimes it helps to just let stuff slough off … and claim amnesia 😉

    If you’re feeling squashed by your backlog, try this … instead of thinking about backlog burndown … think in terms of value up. It works. Rather than feeling burdened, your mind switches to opportunity. You can cherry pick the most valuable things to do.

    You might want to try out my simple, but effective Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection pattern (http://blogs.msdn.com/jmeier/archive/2007/02/04/my-personal-approach-for-daily-results.aspx )

    J.D. Meier’s last blog post..Use Stress to Be Your Best

  3. RobinNo Gravatar says:

    Oh dear – I hope you aren’t quite as uncomfortable as the doggie looks. – see you soon – Robin

    Robin’s last blog post..Insects Versus Mother Theresa

  4. Ulla HennigNo Gravatar says:

    I am definitely looking forward to Friday!

  5. Chase MarchNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I know exactly how you feel. There is so much stuff to do at the start of a new school year for a teacher. I feel overwhelmed at times.

    So it is a good idea to relax, slow down, and put first things first.

    I hope you have a good day.

    Chase March’s last blog post..I Hate Itunes

  6. @Barbara: I know what you’re going through. I’ve recently backed off from posting every day to instead posting about 4 times a week. If you can’t enjoy the writing than everyone will suffer. Not enough time often translates into lower quality and/or less passion.

    Enjoy your break and we all look forward to seeing you back on Friday. 🙂

    “Motivate Thyself”‘s last blog post..M2A! September (Comfort Zone) Week 3: The Progress

  7. Cath LawsonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara – I know the feeling. Hope you get caught up. That pic is excellent tho. You will have to teach us how to add a sig. Yours is cool. I like the way you do the curves on the b going to the right.

  8. I feel like that all of the time. There are not enough hours in the day. Being an adult is overrated. Assuming I get 8 hours of sleep (I don’t) that gives me 16 hours to get everything done – work, play with kids, be a good spouse, get all my work done, sell some houses, exercise, eat right, relax a little bit. I miss being a kid when the days were longer and I actually had time to be bored.

  9. At least you recognize these feelings and don’t try to do everything. Good luck knocking it all out.

  10. Pink InkNo Gravatar says:

    What a funny dog photo! 🙂

    And yes, I can empathize. I have a much smaller readership than you, and already I feel overwhelmed trying to write quality posts, replying to comments, commenting on others’ blogs. (I think it’s the last one that takes up a lot of my blogging time)

    I write novels, too, and blogging is my new passion, and my dilemma is trying to balance both. Throw in making time for family in the mix…

    Enjoy this breather!

  11. Scott McIntyreNo Gravatar says:

    Indeed, like everyone else, I can totally empathize with the busy feeling, Barbara.

    I guess it’s a real balancing act dealing with all the tasks involved in managing a blog as well as those in the offline world.

  12. RitaNo Gravatar says:


    And here I thought that you had found the 25th hour! Ironically, I’m so backed-up today that I put up one of my first blogs – a fave of mine (total comments when first posted = 0).

    It took a lot of thought on “how do I tell people I’m too busy to blog?” without looking desperate? Now I find that I’m in EXCELLENT company.



  13. LucasNo Gravatar says:

    Oh yes, I know that feeling. 🙂 Well, I’m off to check your archives now!

  14. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    I love that picture! We’ve all felt like that at times I think. Hang in there Barbara…

    Lance’s last blog post..Cheerful Wins!

  15. NaturalNo Gravatar says:

    okay i’m going through this same thing right here, just blogged about this and read your comment. i have too much stuff on my plate. the very IMPORTANT stuff in my life is being crowded out. i’m all over the map, trying to maintain, late for everything…wake up at 5, still late for work. my planning and preparation sucks and i can’t function like this.

    i feel your “pain” and understand. that’s why i’m going to center myself again, put the important stuff back in my life and place a few distrations around myself (for pleasure) one at a time.

    i’ve been working on my new schedule and to do list this week

  16. Right there with you! Are the moons aligned in some chaotic manner? *smile*

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Birth of a panther

  17. Tammy WarrenNo Gravatar says:

    Oh this is so making me laugh. I try not to make it a habit to “rush” around in traffic while dropping off the children. This morning was a little different. I got stuck at every red light. I found myself “wasting gas” and flooring the car as I took off. I can only imagine that those in the back seat must have felt like this as I was driving.

    Slow down….life always keeps going and you can get right back on track.

  18. SpaceAgeSageNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Barbara —

    I think Urban Panther has it right – IT IS THE MOON — or some such cosmic alignment. Both my husband and I, my mom, and one of our cats is feeling in one way or another like that dog in the photo. Not just busy, but more strongly pressured than normal. Time to breathe deep, seek peace.

    SpaceAgeSage’s last blog post..What kind of mark do you make on the world?

  19. Writer DadNo Gravatar says:

    I’m with you, Barbara. I’ve felt that way for a couple weeks. I’ll think good thoughts for you. See you tomorrow.

  20. chrisNo Gravatar says:

    Great picture Teach…I’m in the same boat as you are and I consider my blog as my escape from all the grind. My only problem is that I don’t have the time to moderate my comments.

  21. Avani-MehtaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey … I relate with this completely. My last month was such. I slowed down posting frequency and stopped all blogging activities apart from that. Still trying to find a pace which I can manage for now.

    Loved the signature you added.

    Avani-Mehta’s last blog post..New Blog Of The Week

  22. HarmonyNo Gravatar says:


    You are wonderful. What a great example. I need to do this more often too…if I am just too pressed to at least leave a note to readers. Thanks. See you tomorrow then. 🙂

    Harmony’s last blog post..ECONOMIC "MELTDOWN"

  23. MizFitNo Gravatar says:

    take care of YOU—-we’ll happily wait.

    its the ole airline thing of putting on your oxygen mask first and then you can assist others.


  24. HarmonyNo Gravatar says:

    PS…thanks for the siggy! I went and tried it out. The interent is a playground! 🙂 No wonder we are too busy! 🙂

  25. Good to know I am not the only one….

    Theresa Zagnoli’s last blog post..Words To Live By: Suffer For Beauty

  26. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    That pic is great and yes! the moon is the culprit! Hang in there, cyberspace will be here when you get back! 🙂

  27. Debbie YostNo Gravatar says:

    Too funny! I’m in exactly the same boat and said essentially the same thing on my blog today. I hope you get caught up soon.

  28. PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words…this one is right on!!

  29. MayaNo Gravatar says:

    I discovered you very recently, through a post on the JungleOfLife (Lance). You had an impact on me when I read about how you had an impact on him:) …
    See …you really do not have to post in order to make an impact 🙂
    Seems like you have earned your break!

  30. See you on Friday. 🙂

  31. Evelyn LimNo Gravatar says:

    Oh dear, Barbara! I hope you feel more energized soon.It’s great that you recognize that you need a break and have some space for rejuvenation.

    Rest well!

  32. Yay Barbara! Take some time off from micromanaging life and feel LIFE! At times like this I sit down and make a “To Do” list and relish in all the things that I can cross off. Sometimes I end up crossing everything off and just canceling my day altogether.

    The blogosphere has felt very chaotic lately.

  33. You’re not alone! thanks for setting a good example of when to say when!

  34. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Linda – I address the ability to add a signature in Friday’s post. It’s really quite easy.

    Hi J.D. – I agree, it’s great to claim amnesia. I haven’t had time to check out the link you provided, but I like the sound of switching burdens to opportunities.

    Hi Robin – I’m back 🙂

    Hi Ulla – See you on Friday.

    Hi Chase – Although I didn’t really relax, I did get to check a few things off of my list.

    Hi Eric – I’m contemplating reducing my posting schedule, too.

    Hi Catherine – Isn’t the picture great? It’s from Flickr.

    Hi Marc – I see you got your avatar working. I’m afraid even if I had more hours in a day, I’d still be back logged. Yikes!

    Hi Karl – Yup – I KNOW I can’t do it all. Hence, the break from blogging.

    Hi Pink Ink – Yes, it is finding that balance that’s difficult.

    Hi Scott – It is a real balancing act. Sometimes we need to stop and catch out breath. Whew!!!!

    Hi Rita – No, I never did find that 25th hour. If you do, let me know. I’ll even take the 26th, 27th….. 🙂

    Hi Lucas – I hope you found something of interest in the archives.

    Hi Lance – I laughed when I found the photo. I knew I had to do a post one day and use it. It’s perfect, isn’t it?

    Hi Natural – When I read your post, I could “feel your pain”.

    Hi Urban Panther – It could be the moon. Didn’t we just have a full one?

    Hi Tammy – I’m laughing at your driving story. Whiplash? 🙂

    Hi SpaceAgeSage – I agree, it’s time for all of us to take a deep breath.

    Hi Writer Dad – Thank you. I’m back and feeling less overwhelmed.

    Hi Chris – Our blogs can be a great escape, but I think I was escaping to it a little too much and other stuff was sliding.

    Hi Avani – I remember reading how you were also feeling overwhelmed. It’s tough to find time to do it all.

    Hi Harmony – Thank you. Since my posting schedule is Monday through Friday, I felt it best to let you all know what was going on.

    Hi MizFit – I like that – “put on the oxygen mask first…” Perfect!

    Hi Harmony – You’re welcome. I’ll check your blog later and see if you’re using a signature now.

    Hi Theresa – Yep! We’re in the same boat. 🙂

    Hi Linda – So, it IS the moon that’s causing this?

    Hi Debbie – I’ll check out your blog post and see how you’re addressing the lack of time issue.

    Hi Patricia – It is a good picture, isn’t it?

    Hi Maya – Welcome to the BWAB community. Thank you for the sweet words. I’m happy to hear I’ve made an impact on you. I’ll be over to visit your blog soon.

    Hi Vered – See you Friday, too.

    Hi Dr. Nicole – I love the idea of canceling the whole day. How fun would that be?

    Hi Ann – Yes, sometimes we need to say “when”.

  35. […] feeling pretty stretched and many of my friends are too. Barbara Swafford has been saying that she feels dog tired. And Valerie Morrison is just cream crackered from rushing about and she feels like she’s […]

  36. DessertsNo Gravatar says:

    I always have too much on my plate and not enough hours in a day. I definitely feel you on that. I actually do not even remember the last time I sat down to watch television. Working full-time and going to college full-time is not an easy combination at all!

  37. Hey Barbara –

    Thanks for the link! That’s so kind of you to mention that you learned of livesignature from me. 😉 And you’re absolutely welcome. I’m so glad you found it useful.

    Yes, I agree – sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. Especially with 4 kids! LOL And now that school has started again, it’s even more true.

    Hope everything is ok!

    ~ Annie

  38. Barbara SwaffordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Desserts – Welcome to the BWAB community. It sounds like you have a full plate with full time work and college.

    Question – I noticed you linked to BHG. Do you work there?

    Hi Annie – You’re welcome. I don’t know how you moms and dads do it all, AND blog. Fortunately our kids are grown, and all I’m left with is one “big” kid. (hubby). 😆

  39. Barbara –

    Yeah, sometimes I feel like I have 5 children. 😉 LOL

    I often blog and stuff like that in the evenings after everyone’s gone to bed although I’ve been so tired since school started (and getting up at 5 am to help the Teenager get ready for school) that I’ve been doing it in the afternoons when the kids get home school and are having their snack or on the weekends when my husband is home.

    Hopefully I find a balance soon because I am not a morning person in the fist place and this whole school schedule thing has thrown everything all out of whack for me.

    ~ Annie

  40. im feeling alot like that dog right now lol