Six weeks ago, I was banging my head against the wall while I was trying to load and learn WordPress. I was so green to blogging, the terminology, HTML,posts, web-hosts, RSS readers, social book-marking, etc…the list was long.

Now, here I am, about 35 posts later, a little less green, and absolutely loving learning and blogging with WordPress.

The newest feature I’ve been taking advantage of is post dating my posts. I find that I have days where I can write all day long, however, with a full time job and other commitments, that’s not always possible, nor am I always that motivated.

Now, what I do, is go to “Post Timestamp”, check the “edit timestamp” box, and enter the date and time I want the post to “publish”. I don’t know for sure it’s better to post daily, or to post everything at one time, but I like to have my blog pinged as often as possible, so I strive for almost daily posts.

Is there a best time and day to publish your post? Lorelle, whom I’ve nicknamed, the “Queen of WordPress”, has written an excellent article about this subject. You can read it at When is the Best Time and Day To Post On Your Blog Having read the article, it appears there isn’t a definite answer to that question.

With that being said, I’ll continue to post often, use the post date feature, and strive to have good content and valuable information in my blog.

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