Linking to a “page” in my blog, has been a mystery to me for over a week now. I tried using the URL, but ended up getting pings. I tried something else (who knows what I did), and ended up getting “comments” from myself. I searched WordPress, but couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I tried not using, and using, permalinks, but couldn’t get it work right. I kept getting a 404 error.

I took it step by step, and realized that if I used permalinks, it would work. But…the permalinks had to match the category value I had set up in my Options > Permalinks panel. That makes sense. Dah!

Therefore, for me to link to a “page” in my blog, I must use <a href=”/index.php/(page slug)”>(page name)</a>.

Now, I’m going to take this a step farther. I’m going to link to a page in my other blog. In my “code” page of this post, I typed <a href=””>Sidebar Shopping Site</a> . Now, click on the following link, and see where it takes you. Sidebar Shopping Site
Okay, now I have that figured out, so it’s time to move onto my next challenge. Stay tuned.

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