Getting inbound links to your blog from highly ranked sites can be difficult. Creating outbound links is much easier. You can link to another blog, link to a story you want to share, or link to a shopping affiliate.

I have a few inbound links to my blog, but what I’m doing now, is linking internally to other posts in my blog. You know, you have those early posts that are buried in your archives, and they aren’t getting any hits. In blogosphere, you’ll hear this technique called, “deep linking”. You could also deep link to comments you’ve received on a post. Deep linking will also give you more topics to write about.

Just today on my OM blog, I did an article. Well, let’s link to it. Easy Office Filing System. Since I have a category on “office” ,”organizing” and “product reviews”, just to mention a few, I have written a post that includes four of my previous posts.

To include that many links, did take a little creativity, but with a little bit of imagination, I was able to create a post that makes sense, and has valuable information.

Currently I have approximately 60 posts in my archives, and of those, about 10-15 are getting the majority of the hits. By deep linking, I’ll be able to bring some of those old posts back up to the surface, and at the same time concentrate more on keyword density.

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